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posted by dxarmy423
Perfection sejak Cage 9

I am perfection
I am perfection
So take your best shot, give it all anda got, I'll tunjuk anda all!

Some things are exactly what they seem
I will define the things anda dream
Go check the scores again
All mine are perfect 10
They broke the mold when they made me

They saw perfection
They saw perfection
I am perfection

I hold your life here in my hands
Though anda try hard to understand
[?] one lebih time
A few of the rules will break
You'll wake up knowing just who I am

I am perfection
I am perfection
So take your best shot, give it all anda got, bring it on!

I know it isn't fair
posted by Courtney370
 Duncan and Courtney take a walk in the city
Duncan and Courtney take a walk in the city
It was a Tuesday night in Canada and Courtney and Duncan was driveing on the highway trying to Get to the mall. Duncan slow down. berkata Courtney Princess all Im going is 80 miles. berkata Duncan But still slow down before anda hit something. berkata Courtney princess can anda just trust me once in while. berkata Duncan no I can't becouse last time we took a ride for a little drive around the town and end up Getting hit. like last time.... berkata Courtney Courtney has one of her flash Back. Duncan!!!!!!!!! Stop the car before we Get hit sejak that big car. berkata Courtney I can't stop the car becouse it's break...
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posted by Courtney370
hey! my name is courtney370 and im a leshawna peminat a lot same as courtney a peminat too. anyway my peminat fiction is called Mind over Matter because,it about leshawna and courtney as Friends but something happen Linsay is trying to break there friendship. tell me how i did when im done. part 1 the break down hei girlfriend berkata leshawna hei sister berkata courtney so,how your tarikh with duncan? fine, i mean it was ko. leshawna did anda kown there was a new girl at our school? yeah some white girl name linsay. hold on i kown her said,courtney leshawna anda kown tdi,tda we on that tunjuk berkata leshawna i get...
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Courtney:*ding dong* Whooo is?
Bridgette: It's mee...
Courtney: Ok im comiing! (she open the door) Hi Bridgette!
Bridgette: Are anda ready to go out?
Courtney:(she feels dizzy) Yeaah... I'm.. Reaady.. *BUMP* (she faints)
Bridgette: Courtney!
Courtney: (she wake up quickly) What!? What Happen?... OMG! Not again!
Bridgette: Courtney! Are anda alright?
Courtney: No... This isn't the first time... i think i'm getting sick... atau worst! OMG!(she climbs the stairs quickly)
Bridgette: What? Courtney?!
Courtney: (From her bedroom) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!! NOO! (sound like a door)
Bridgette: What's going on!? Courtney!
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A/N: This is about Mike looking in the mirror and seeing some of his alters' reflections. Yes, that really happens to people with Dissociative Identity Disorder (AKA Multiple Personality Disorder). If I got something about the disorder wrong, atau if I offend someone with DID/MPD, then I sincerely apologize. This fanfic is meant only for entertainment. :)


Disclaimer: I don't own Total Drama, Mike, Vito, Svetlana, Chester, atau Manitoba.


I hate looking in the mirror. I usually cover up all the mirrors in the bathroom,...
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chris:: *wearing board short and listin to mp3* IM A Barbie GIRL IN A Barbie WORLD *sees camra*.... this time on total dram simulation

*pent house*

trent: -_- *walks out*

angie: ???


trent: so angies been playing me huh thats okay shes just gonna be set back a few weeks


chris: why hello everyobdy

lia: hi chris

chris: hows breckfest

trent: taste like ketam shell

chris: thats cuse it is

lia: -_-

chris: becuse today is a surfing challange >:)

zack: that dosent sound so bad

chris: think again your surfing at sim yu, ikan jerung beach

lily:sharks yay<3

jordan:O_o your kidding right

lily: no....

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Courtney had telah diberi up on trying to keep track of where Duncan was carrying her. After heading through a series of alleys and open areas behind tenement buildings full of trash and rats, they were in some neighborhood of downtown Chicago that was even lebih poor than the one that Frank lived in. Besides that, Courtney was completely lost. She couldn’t run away now, at all. If she tried, she’d get Lost and maybe end up getting raped sejak some dirt-poor man who was divorced. Courtney silenced a gasp with her palm. Was Duncan going to rape her?

Well he is really hot…

Courtney slapped herself to...
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A few weeks later. Courtney and Duncan are watching a movie in Duncan's house... and It's late. Courtney has a little belly, but, she always is changing her humor, making her pregnancy lebih obvious.

Courtney: AAAAAA! Why we are watching this? I hate terror movies!
Duncan: Here we go again... Courtney, 10 minit lalu anda told me that anda want to see this!
Courtney:*crying* but Duncan, anda don't understand me! this is a difficult moment in my life!!
Duncan: Alright, anda don't need to be so melodramatic! If anda want to see other movie, it's ok. but it's late and the video store it's close. Stop crying,...
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Yeah.. I made a bahagian, atas 5 lest kegemaran couples. But I have nothing better to do so I decided to do this while I have nothing to do with my life. And here's the rules:
1:It has to be canon
2:You can't assume that your kegemaran couples would be on here.
3:You have to respect my opinion as it's.
ok we good now? Good! Let's get started!

5.Bridgette and Geoff
In season one they were great but as the series went on they were a snooze fest. I'm mean what happened anda two used to be the best couple of the series why are anda guys so boring now? Why are anda guys so boring in tda it doesn't make since. In...
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posted by sexybaby9087
Name:Duncan Jr
Parents:the wonderful Gwcan
hobbies:like 2 get in troble,like to have party just like his dad,swimming,loves to shave there pets
Duncan Jr was boin on April 11,2009.His parents are the wonderful Gwcan and his hobbies are to get in troble,likes to have partys,swimming,and Cinta to shave the pets.His kegemaran Makanan is seafood and lives in Hollywood,California.bbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee
posted by TDIlover226
fake friends:Heather,Bryana and her possy.
enemies:Hetaher,Bryana and her possy,calvin.
phrase:so what I'm unda cover, i ain't got nothen betta ta do

Tonya is known as the sneek because she is actully part of JG's possy. She is a spy,undercover, she reveals info to JG and vanita. She often looks nervious for she fears that her cover will be blown. She is very sweet at times. She has a bad side that got her into JG's possy. Appearenlty she has been spying on Bryana for a long time. she has gained Bryana's trust, but when...
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Chris: Welcome to total drama Pokemon! Our contestents already arrived!

Chef: Oh dang! i wanted to watch them arive!

Chris: Who cares chef! They are all at the pokemon Hotel!

*At the pokemon hotel*

*In the lobby*

Jared: This is SO cool!

Ash: I've been here millions of times!

Trent: Ash,Why do anda have to brag?

Ash: Im not bragging.

Dawn: Ash,you sorta are.

Annie: hei guys stop picking on Ash!

Buster: I wonder when chris is gonna get here!

Karen: Shhhhh! Im Membaca my book about dragons!

Jake: Why do anda even like Dragons.

Karen: didnt anda hear me? i berkata SHHHHHHHH!

Jake: Gosh!

Penny: Aw Jake its okay, shes...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Chris - Bradley Cooper
Chef - Djimon Hounsou
Ezikiel - jay Baruchel
Eva - Emily Blunt
Noah - Mark Indelicato
Justin - Taylor Lautner
Katie - Nikki Reed
Tyler - Ben McKenzie
Cody - Michael Cera
Beth - America Ferrera
Sadie - Nikki Blonsky
Courtney - Lacey Chabert
Harold - Rupert Grint
Trent - Elijah Wood
Bridgette - Kate Moss
Lindsay - Anna Faris
DJ - Jamie Foxx
Izzy - Alyson Hannigan
Geoff - Matthew McConaughey
Leshawna - Queen Latifah
Duncan - Joaquin Phoenix
Heather - Satomi Ishihara
Gwen - Amy Lee (she isn't an actress, but what the hell)
Owen - Owen Wilson
posted by 7thGradeGenius
 LUKE!!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!
LUKE!!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!
: : : : : : : CONFESSIONALS : : : : : : :

Brittani: OK, I have HAD it with Duncan! He is just so...UGH!!

Luke: I'm about ready to kill Lianna.

Brittani: And Luke is seriously getting on my nerves. I think i wanna send him home.

: : : : : : : END OF CONFESSIONALS : : : : : : :

Chris: Four left to hunt down. Hehehe.

Back on the western side of the mountain...

Duncan: OK, can anda tuck and roll?

Brittani: Yea, as long as anda dont spend your time checking out my ass.

Duncan: Hehe. Anyway, if anda tuck and roll to that barrier right there we can swerve off to the side of the mountain and climb down.

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posted by Mariolover30
18th. Larpers
17th. Tenis rivals
16th.Mom and daughter
15th.Ice skaters LOL 😆
14th. Daters/ Haters
13th. Adversity twins
12th. Rockers
11th. Bloggers
10th. Geniuses
8th. Dad and son
7th. Stepbrothers
6th. Sisters
5th. Surfer dudes
4th.Police Cadets
3rd.Best friends
posted by RandomFanGirl
The seterusnya day, I ended up going shopping with Courtney and Sierra (who ended up dragging Cody along, against his will.). Courtney wanted me to come with her to do some final baby shopping for her son before he was born; Sierra had just kind of invited herself along with her hostage Cody—he obviously didn’t have any consent in this.

The mall was crowded since Krismas was less than a week away.

Sierra and I were just providing opinions for Courtney while Cody was, well he was just there.

“Ow,” I heard Courtney moan. Both Sierra and I turned around to look at her.

“Are anda all right?”...
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posted by RandomFanGirl
“Courtney? What are anda doing here?” I asked in surprise.

“I’m pregnant,” Courtney snapped. Her stomach was very swollen.


She crossed her arms over her chest, “I guess we’re both knocked up.”

“How far along are you?”

“Seven months with a boy. You?”

“I’m four months with a girl.”

“Maybe we could keep in touch,” She rummaged through her dompet, beg tangan and found a small notebook with a pen attached to it. She wrote something on it, ripping the page out; she handed it to me, “It’s good to know that I’m not the only one in this situation.”

I stuffed the...
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posted by RandomFanGirl
We got to the doctor's office at the hospital without a problem. Alejandro opened the passenger door for me and I got out of his car. He took my hand, leading us into the building. We made our way to the doctor’s office; I signed in and we sat down in a couple of the waiting room seats.

One thing I noticed was that most of the other women there were a lot older than I was. Their stares were disapproving, I could tell. They all thought it: I was a slut, a whore. I knew they thought it. There wasn’t a ring on my finger and I looked my age of eighteen. Their stares dug into me like a knife....
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posted by RandomFanGirl
A bulan passed sejak without much happening. I was finally in the saat trimester—it was about time. Though, with this, my clothes grew tighter, causing for the need to get bigger ones. Luckily, it seemed that my parents had forgotten all about me, not to forget my numerous credit cards, meaning that they still worked. Sierra happily agreed to go shopping for new clothes with me.

“Ew, these are,” I paused to think of a word, “these are just, horrible. Pregnant women wear these?”

We were in a maternity store in a nearby mall.

Sierra looked around the store and pointed to each pregnant woman...
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posted by RandomFanGirl
“Wait—you’re three months pregnant and anda didn’t know until yesterday?” Sierra asked.

“Yep,” I replied.

I never kept track of body changes atau my period atau anything like that; it just never occurred to me to actually pay attention, even when I became sexually active.

“Does Alejandro know about the baby?”

I nodded, “Yeah, he’s being really supportive.”

Sierra squealed, causing me to cover my ears considering the loudness and the extremely high pitch. She continued talking, “You and Alejandro are almost as cute of a couple as me and my Codykins are.”

“How are anda two doing?”...
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