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posted by TDI-Heather
This fanfic is about a mystery TDI girl. It may be obvious who it is though. I try and keep it mysterious. Anyway here is my first chapter!

The teenage girl sat awake in her katil all night long. She occasionally got up to use the restroom atau get a snack. She got herself up and over to the window. She pulled the curtain away only to see the dark of the night. Even the jalan lights had burned out. She sighed and walked to the closet. She grabbed some clothes and took a shower. After she had finished getting ready, she went outside to take a walk. She walked alone that night, just as she did every...
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posted by jcbob12345
"Welcome the three new contestants on total drama." Chris said.
Serenity,Anna-lee,and Joey stepped out of a boat. "So where's the money?" Asked Serenity with her hand out. "Never made any promises." Chris said. "Welcome returning contestants Lindsay,Duncan,Lightning,mike,Zoey,Cameron,Scott,Gwen,Courtney,and Geoff." berkata Chris. "First challenge is to find your cabins first, the other team wait! We need teams!" berkata Chris. Ok team uhh crap is mike,lightning,Scott,Duncan,Lindsay,Gwen, and Zoey. "Crap what kinda of sha-name is that? Asked Lightning. "Team uhh song is Geoff,Cameron,Anna-Lee,Joey,Serenity,Courtney,and...
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Enjoy! :)
DJ said, "Let's go to the train set."

Bridgette said, "Sure DJ. Let's go."

They arrived at the train set from "Get A Clue". They boarded the train.

Bridgette sat down in a booth. "So, why do anda think bintang put everyone on a team and told us to go to different locations on the island?"

DJ sat on the opposite side of Bridgette. "I don't know. Hey, what happened to Chris again?"

Bridgette said, "Who cares."

DJ said, "That's not very nice. He's not that bad."

"You know that's not true, DJ. He...
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posted by NoahxCourtney77
The Total Drama Restrant
Alejandro Burgar Dipped In Heather Sauce
Noah Hot Dog Wennie Dipped In Courtney Sauce (Yes, I Know That Sounds Wrong But It Came Out Of My Mouth Before I Thought About It)
Tyler Fries Salted With Lindsay
Harold Cookie Sprinkeld With LeShawna
Geoff ikan Dipped In Bridgette Sauce
Cody pizza With Sierra On Top

So, What Will anda Have?

Oh Yeah And Add Justin For 5 Cents Only!

But If anda Want Some Trent anda Have To Pay Extra!
Becuz He's Just Awsome!
And Im Random!
Ray: I'll miss you!!!!!
Noah: win for me!
rAY: i WILL!

Sadie: Hi I'm Sadie!
Katie: and i'm Katie!
Sadie and Katie: and this is the TDA aftermath show! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Eva: hei dumbos! where's Geoff????
Sadie: Like oh my gosh. I don't know!
Katie: Billy told us to be the host!
Eva: I will be the host.
Billy: with who?
Eva: where's geoff?
Billy: Crying.
Katie: Like oh my gosh about what?
Billy: I don't know.
Josh: I know!
Sadie: Like oh my gosh! It's Josh from CMH!
Josh: Yes i am.
Eva: I'm anda co-host! anda got it?
Josh: ok!
Billy: so why is he crying?
Josh: have anda seen Total draMA awsomeness??? Bridgette is cheeting...
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Alright, so we're back to the saat part of the finale of...:

The undian have been counted, and 15 peminat-peminat (There's 16 but I chose too so that counts me out xD)
are waiting for the results!

One of anda earned 7% of undian from the fans, the other earned 44%, and the last
person earned 50%.

The person with 7%, meaning that they are leaving is...:


Jamie: *Sigh* Well, at least I made it to third place. *Leaves sadly*
(Jamie38459/Jamie, your prizes are a prop and an invitation to my seterusnya fanfic!)

And finally, the person with 50% is...:

JARED!!! Meaning Fay has 44%!

Jared: OMG!...
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Wel-You know what
that's it. *Destroys Camera #1*
We're down to the final 4 contestants
of Total Drama High School!

Votes are coming in the tunjuk with this link on
who people think should win:

Fay and Jared are neck to neck!

You may all return to your cabins right now.

(AT kabin #1)
Fay: OMG I'm getting votes!!!
Jared: Me too! Weird thing is, the undian keep changing from me to Fay, me to Fay, and so on.
Jamie: I want votes.
Lisa: ME TOO! >w<

Lisa: I can't believe Fay and Jared have votes. WHAT ABOUT MEEEEE?!
Fay: All Lisa...
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posted by PhoenixRoyale
Welcome back to Tot--
GRRR! Nevermind!
Wow, we're already halfway through the show! This is getting
really exciting! So, today's challenge is the GAME. Tell me how
many points anda had before when playing the game, and we'll play
it again now. I'll tell anda to reach a certain number of points, and you'll
earn them if anda don't think about the game in a day. So, whoever doesn't
think about it and lose a point, atau all their points, win! So, how many points
did anda have:
Rayven: 23.
Fay: 14.
Jared: 9.
Penny: 2. xD
Lisa: 17.
Jamie: 15.
Rayven, reach 30 points.
Fay, reach 18 points....
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posted by PhoenixRoyale
Welcome back to Total Drama High School!
Too lazy to type up stuff again -.-, so let's just get to it.
Alright, so I didn't get much undian in the comments
section. It's not like the tunjuk was popular anyway. Pffft.
Rayven: Just hurry up and save your speech. I'm getting
Wow, persuasive much? =P But right now, I'm switching
three people with three others.
Jared, Rayven, Lisa, and Jamie: WHAT?!
That's right! ;D
Anyways, Jamie, Jared, and Lisa, you're all going back
to your cabins. Natalie, Mack, and Rikki are taking your
Jamie, Jared,...
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posted by gothemo123
(at 7:30)

duncan:are anda ready?

trent:i think so

duncan:i take that as a yes (gets stuff to look emo)


(20 mins later)

trent:(wiats at the door)

(door opens)

trent:hey are anda ready?


trent:i think anda are going to like this movie

tak:what is it?

trent:were going to freedy vs jason


(after the movie)

tak:that was great trent

trent: ha hei do anda what to come to my house?


(at trents house)

tak:cool is this your old toys?


tak:cute (soon she gos to sleep)

trent:(kiss her) good night
posted by 123Jordan
rochelle: This is the total drama awards! We are going to have sepasle gusse today. they are Birdgette, eva, Noah, The whole team of Killer Bass, Trent, chris maclain, and more! The first award is for the best Team on season 1 and 2! The nomanes are, Screaming Gaffers, Killer Grips, Killer Bass, and Screaming Gophers. and the winner is...................... Killer bass with 8 votes!!!!!
Duncan: We are so happy we won this award!
Courtney: I think I won it for us.
Duncan: Yeah how do u know that anda won it for us???
Courtney: cause i'm the onlt one on the team with brains.
Bridgette: are anda saying...
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posted by toofu
the first one to come to the island is Mason. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can't believe i'm here!he screams. welcome Mason! Chris says. seterusnya comes Vinnie. awesome! welc Vern. Chris says and where are all these girls at anyway? Just then Kara gets off the bus and Chris starts staring at her, lovingly. oh crapp! vinnie says. Chris does not know who he likes. then all kind of rock and rule Muzik plays and Devan R gets off the bus. 's up man. he says. I think there's a bird. Mason says. Devan stanps on his foot. Crapp, that hurts dude! Abby gets off next. Here comes Twinkykid. Mason whispers. hi...
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kari was polishing her motorcycle when trent ran in her garaj screaming:HELP!FANGIRLS!
(he hid behind kari)
kari was his girlfriend.
sam laughed 'ARE anda HIDING YOUR BOYFRIEND?!
kari looked pissed 'SUE ME!'
sam was her very cousin.
kari let out her pitbulls 'butch and pudgy'.
the fangirls ran.
but trent's biggest peminat was still there and recited the poem 'your hair is black my hati, tengah-tengah is blue, I will stuff anda with rags and sew anda in two!'
kari blocked trent from her
dont make me hurt you!
she cracked her knuckles.
and the girl peed her pants.
trent was parayzled kari...
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its not all of em but only ones i found nd yeah i am 2 lazy to find the rest hehe?? sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah it wont let me post it bkuz its to short sooo ama write Rawak crap

/▌ /▌
/ \ / \ ☻

/ \

♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫ ♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫
♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫ ♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫♥♫
posted by Darksiidee
 The uniform (it's horrible, that's the deal) I know that it seems like, but she's not based on Bridgette!
The uniform (it's horrible, that's the deal) I know that it seems like, but she's not based on Bridgette!
Danielle P.O.V.
I was always very lazy. My sister was who sustent me all this time. I don't have any job, and she does, and is 2 years younger than me. But. when she enter in that stupid cast (none of my family wanted that) i needed to take care the things. when my mom went away to live in another country, my sister and I were very alone. I was the only sustent to my sister. And she was the only that i have. I call her 'Little Shine' (sted shane and, nothing to do with Enikah xD) becouse she was the only shine that give me happiness. now, again, she was the only who help me to get a job. and...
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posted by TDIlover226
Blake, Eva's brother, is a none athletic, child prodigy. He is very short and often gets pick on about it. after many years of getting torchered sejak the school kids, he finnaly found Seiamica. the two became fast friends. seiamica had been Friends with JG. She hadn't been Friends with vanita though, at first blake and JG would aways fight and of corse JG would make fun of him because of how short he was, but after a couple years to two became good friends. JG usually defends him, but sometimes joins in on the taunting. when the the girls gave Blake a swirly JG and Vanita pulled him out of the...
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Chapter One: Life Has To Start Somewhere. Let's Take A Look;

Hey Fanpoppers! Here's my new Mike and Zoey story C: It gets sadder and sadder later on, just warning you. Please read and review! I've recieved over 100 reviews on :D

*Mike At The Age Of 4*

A couple dressed in poor clothes stood outside the Toronto orphanage with their young, 4 tahun old son; Mike. They had to give their son away, because their life had many troubles.

'Mummy, why do anda have to go?' the young Mike asked looking up at his mother with an upset expression. Mike's mum let out a heavy sigh and answered with...
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Rebekah: this challenge was really intense! And Trent helped me when I twisted my ankle?!?!?!?!? Where is this new Trent I haven't seen?!? I think Angie has really changed him into a better person :) I hope their relationship works out well! I should try being nicer to Trent and see if he keeps being like this. OH NO!!! LUKE'S TEAM Lost :'( I reallllly hope he doesn't get voted off. I havent even gotten to tell im how I feel about him...

Claudia: Me and Lucy make a great team! I hope we make it to the finale two.

May: Zams probobly going to get voted off. He's been being a jerk. *sigh*...
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chris: last time on total drama simulation we worked on a farm and cody got the boot yep so um so the episode is gonna be fun

(theme song)

*boys room pantai house*

clay:: we will we will rock anda (stomps)

zack: why do i have to room with you

clay: if it was up to me anda wolud be left on castway island

zack:how dare you

jordan: will anda guys shut up

clay: (turns up music)

jordan: gaah (slams head in pillow)

phoenix (lily): (picks up boombox and throws it out the window) SHUT UP IM TRYING TO SLEEP

clay and zack: .....

jordan: thank you


may: so anda really like me

zam: of coruse (kiss mays cheek)

may: blush*...
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-The baby shower-

"Suprise!!!" Yelled a screaming crowd.

The small api, kebakaran hall was filed with a million people. Many were common friends, family, atau old students from High school. Walls were decorated with colorful blue and merah jambu streamers. A whole meja, jadual was over flowed with presents and gift bags. There was even a big banner up on the dinding that berkata "Congratulations on your two little blessings!" with two rattles printed on the sides.

"Oh my gosh! A baby shower?! For me?" Ally says excitingly.
"So that's why anda made me stay home! Just so anda could surprise me!" She berkata to Mike.

The tanned boy...
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