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*Team Vega, Talia, and Tori in the auditorium, on the stage, 7:30 PM*

Talia: Welcome to the Elimination Ceremony. Team Vega, anda currently have eleven members, but only ten of anda will remain here. If I call your name, anda will receive a Golden Mic. *mutters* Yes, the Golden Mic is made of chocolate. *clears her throat* Anyways, if anda do not receive a Golden Mic, anda must lapor to the Lame-o-sine my Uncle Chris loaned me, and anda will never be allowed to return. EVER! The first three Golden Mics go to... LeShawna, Rene, and Lindsay!
Tori: *tosses them their Golden Mics*
The seterusnya three go to......
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posted by SlimShady34
Her real name isn't Patrick oh no she has got anda fooled!Just pull up a kerusi, tempat duduk and i get anda all even schooled!
*music starts playing*

She says shes 27 oh no but shes 34!She says she is rich but she can't even afford a door!Shes says she 110 ibs but oh no not even close!Shes 139 ibs and even thats not her most!She doesn't brush her teeth no insteed she wears a sphere!She says she clips her toe nails but i'm sorry my good Dear!HEY!

She chooses the same pears of skirts!One size 4 and one size eight so when she wears the bigger pair it'll look like shes Lost weight!HEY!
Patrick:What I need the attention!

anda think thats shes unny and you'll laugh at all her jokes,but look at thes 2 guys with there uglylittle cloaks they've been righting all the jokes all along!It looks like she has bown hair but she surly is naturally blond!HEY
Patrick:Not even gonna!

 me (Penny)
me (Penny)
Ok befor i start the acrtical i just want anda to know that if anda still want to be in these articals but anda havent sighned up yet here is the link.

and if anda are in the articals and anda want something to change atau just want to leave a komen go ahead oh and please don't tell me i am a bad soeller i alread know that.k here we go.

Penny's P.O.V
Me and my Friends just sighned up for TDP.And a weird thing is we all made it, oh well. i am so excited because cheff is going to come and pick me, jake, yuri, austin, and ya'vanti up. Jake is my boy friend, yuri is my best friend,austin is just a...
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TDI My Way Episode 1 part 1


1. Flo (new)
2. Diego (new)
3. Ginger (new)
4. Shane (new)
5. Sierra (new)
6. Alejandro (new)
7. DJ
8. Tyler
9. Katie
10. Sadie
11. Courtney
12. Eva
13. Bridgette
14. Cody
15. Justin
16. Noah
17. Trent
18. Gwen
19. Beth
20. Lindsay
21. Heather
22. Izzy
23. Leshawna
24. Owen
25. Ezekiel
26. Harold
27. Geoff
28. Duncan

Host. Chris, Chef, and Elizabeth

Interns: Addrey, Andrew, Sumer, and Chuck

Chris: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to TDI!
Chef and Elizabeth ; What he said.
Gwen: This is where were staying?! D:
Chef: I told anda in the application...
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The arcade was filled with loud children and a few teenagers, some in private school uniform. It was literally crammed. Courtney was glad she wasn’t claustrophobic.

Duncan whistled lowly near her. “Well, damn, this place is crowded as hell,” he murmured. “I’m going to have to push my way through here sejak force. I hope the little people won’t get hurt.”

Courtney looked at Duncan with wide eyes. Even though the sentence was a bit on the joking side, she heard a bit of concern in his voice. It made Courtney’s hati, tengah-tengah flutter for some reason.

Duncan caught Courtney smiling at him. “What?”...
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Confusion and Hickeys

“Ugh, what's the difference between two-ply regular and a large?” Courtney muttered to herself. “I mean, the regular is small but durable; the large has lebih quality but it breaks easily.”

Courtney just growled and dumped both of the paper towels in the shopping cart. She went to go grocery shopping, because her refrigerator was basically empty. She was with Bridgette, who was currently engrossed in the junk, sarap Makanan section.

“Bridgette, be healthy!” Courtney yelled so Bridgette could hear her. “And be thrifty!”

Bridgette laughed. “Yes, Courtney!” Courtney...
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first this itsn't mine its from angelcandy55 and I think its great so that's way Im posting here

Duncan reach down at my pants trying to tug them down. I struggle but he had pushed me down, what was wrong with him ya he would flirt with me but not this much!

“Courtney we were MENT to be together forever and ever” he berkata licking his lips.

“What is wrong with you!” I cried my hati, tengah-tengah started pounding even faster. Its like he was in a trance.

“Just let me have one bite” he lingered his fangs now menunjukkan his eyes not teal but red.

“No Duncan stop!” I screeched! He smiled

“I am trying...
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posted by kk99aa
Vannessa: seterusnya is brooke!

Brooke: Im dating Duncan!

Vannessa: I see. >:(

Duncan: 8D

Vannessa: Now it's Hollow! anda have a crush on
Duncan right?

Hollow: o____O Fuck anda Vannessa

Vannessa: Dont make me vote anda off!

Hollow: >:(

Vannessa: ...

Chrystal: HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan: hei chrystal :)

Vannessa: anda didnt let me say your name!!!!

Chrstal: So...?

Vannessa: I think i hate you.

*to be continued*

(kinda short sorry but im sick and my head hurts oh yeah and some of your pics didnt muat naik sorry :( )
 ooopps i put the wrong pic...
ooopps i put the wrong pic...
IT'S 1:00am LEAVE US ALONE!!!-Theresa
NO GET UP!!!-Juno
ok Courtney i think anda need another nap-Juno
NO I DONT!!!-Courtney
*kisses Duncan*-Courtney
ok go take a nap okay-Duncan
everyone lapor to the messhall-Juno

(At the mess hall)

ok whats are challenge-Katie
you challenge today is a MURDER CHALLENGE!!!-Juno
ooh who dies-Keira
well thats the thing the bass are the killers and the goffers are the victoms-Juno
goffers anda are gonna try to prevent the murder and...
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
 "She's gone..."
"She's gone..."
"Bridgette, please!" Duncan pleaded to take over.

"NO!" She pushed him away, "You killed my best friend!"

"I didn't mean for it to go this far!!!" sejak now, tears began streaming down Duncan's cheeks.

"If anda didn't mean it, anda wouldn't have done it!" Bridgette started crying.

"She's MY girlfriend, let me take over!"

Bridgette shrugged, having no other option. Duncan kneeled down and picked Courtney up. He took her hand and kissed her forehead. "Baby, please, please stay with me. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for it to go this far, and anda gotta stay with me. Don't leave me here." Duncan started crying,...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Dawn: So can anda remind me why i'm here?
Doctor: Your therapists and other doctors give anda too many pills
Dawn: So I have to stay here for seventeen days like Amy Winehouse?
Doctor: It's different for everybody
Dawn: Whatever. *goes in to group room and sits in chair* Izzy?
Izzy: Too...many...RAHHR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dawn: I missed anda too... HOLY SHIT IS THAT MILEY CYRUS????
Miley: Sssshhh! I don't want any press to know about me!
Group leader: Hello, my name is Sammuel Jackson, but call me Sam. I'm here to lead the group!
Random dude: You're gay.
Sam: Jonothan, we are not allowed to say things like this...
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posted by bubble_babe
Chapter 1 : Hidden Cinta
Heathers P.O.V
I havn't talked to anyone yet, not cause I didn't want to, but none would talk to me. Noone knew that I changed, I know what your thinking 'HA you, change, HA' but I did, I wasn't mean well, I could still be a jalang, perempuan jalang every now and then, but still, I made new Friends that are like me, they messed up once and noone forgave them. I walked up to the girl's cabbin the sun was setting and I wanted to go to sleeep, thats when *click* I quikey took the handle and tryed to open the door. I pulled and pulled but nothing
"Uhh...Leshawna, can u open the door" Then I...
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posted by 789703011
a heatherxnoah story
    (the other hari i was watching tv when i came across zoey 101 well in the ep. a couple where datein but they didn't want any1 2 know so i made a re mix of that and hear it is)
heathers p.o.v
    as i walked down the hall way of my new school that chris had bought just 4 the ppl that went 2 tdi, i hated it onley 1 lunch meja, jadual and 22 seats in every class room i never got away from thes ppl hari after hari after hari i hated them and they hated me but some how i was regrentin it did i relly want EVERY1 2 hate me.i...
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*Gwen's prov*
Ok this isnt your normal romance this is an awakawrd Cinta relationship I never felt this away bout anyone before I mean as soon as Trent got voted off Tdm I had no feelings for him but I did have feelings for another guy he was nice to me on TDI but tht time I didnt have feelings for him but now I do he was coming my way
"Hey Gwen, Duncan told me to give this to you" berkata Cody "Thanks tell him Ill read it soon"said Gwen
*Cody's prov*
The letter was from me but I didnt want to tell Gwen cuz I knew she doesnt like me. When I...
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Here's the senarai of 40 characters:

Group 1
1. Zane Damsworth
2. Dylan Damsworth
3. Seth Damsworth
4. Makayla Jones
5. Maddie Barnes
6. Harper Jameston
7. Kevin McLean (Chris's son! Duh duh duh!)
8. Nathan Peterson
9. Liam Wayne
10. Rosie Robinson

Group 2
11. Isaac "Ike" Johnson
12. Nolan
13. Mackie
14. Bruno
15. Evan
16. Zack
17. Aidan
18. Alex
19. Kate
20. Cade

Group 3
22. Joseph "Joey"/"Joe"
23. Adam
25. Eliza
26. Elliott
27. Allisa
28. Tracy
29. Shane
30. Austin

Group 4
31. Derek
32. Daniel
33. Greta
34. Hannah
35. Will
36. Liam
37. Jackson "Jack"
38. Jeffrey
39. Wyatt
40. Peter

komen on who anda want to see a million dollar richer! And remember, whoever receives the most komen-komen here goes utama first!
Genre: Romance & Drama, some light, dry humor
Rated: T
Warning: Language and slash.


"Hey, Scott?"

"What?" he asks, though he's terribly uninterested.

Duncan takes a deep breath. Then, ice blue eyes downcast, he whispers, "I Cinta you."

Scott pulls back a little from the embrace. They had been lying in bed, talking about nothing for the past half an hour, waiting for the sun to come up. God knows why they're both up at this time of the morning...

The ginger stares at Duncan with something like horror in his eyes. Something like discomfort. "Okay," he says flatly.

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Cole: I'm telling you. We need to vote off Liza.
(Joss over hears conversation)
Rochelle: why?
Amber: She is not focusing on the game ever since her and Joss have been going out.
Lia: anda mean every since yesterday?
Amber: yeah..
Annie: But isn't Liza not focusing on the game good for us. I mean who ever wins gets a big chance if she goes that far.
Layla: I don't think we should take any chances. All who agree to vote off Liza raise hand.
(Amber, Cole, Layla, Chilly, Fawn, Rochelle, Lance, and Annie raise hand)
Layla: Lia?
Lia: I'm good.


Lia: Liza seems like a nice girl. I kind of want her...
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posted by TDIfangirl
This is a small little fic I wrote for Heather, because she's mah girl :3
Contains references to my older fanfics, and some things that might want to break your tetikus in rage.

"How did it feel to get your happily ever after?"

What a pointless thing to say.
Heather was a smart girl; she knew life was no fairy tale. She also knew that life wasn't a clichè high school romance movie, where the girl always gets the guy.
With the heartbreaks and abuse that came with it, she wondered how she even had a Cinta life.

It all started with Noah and Justin. They both appeared to admire Heather, treating her...
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posted by Trent-lover123
 Ranma:help me
Ranma:help me
Roxy:Thanks for Membaca the last revuing of the seterusnya episode. Ranma:oh so your the one who wrought them. Shampoo:HHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIYYYYAAA!(kicks riana down hard)Riana:Owwwwwwww!!!! Starr:owch. Shampoo:stay way from from ranma tramp girl atau me kill you. Riana:DEAL!!!! Shampoo:you call that a Ciuman ha. Riana:you can do better. Shampoo:mmmh... (kinda makes out ranma) Riana:Oh my god..... Ranma:what hell!!! Shampoo:oh ranma. (snuggles ranma) Ranmas dad:come on boy lets practis fighting. Ranma:YEAH LETS DO THAT RIGHT NOW!!! Shampoo:no fight. Ranma:sorry I got to practis hee hee. Christy:wow I...
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posted by TDIlover226
ok, most of the people on my storys are based off of real people that I know. I put the cast on here, with their permittion of corse.

JG:Jenine Schott(me)

Vanita: Vincent Ernst

Seiamica Mal: Brenna Grant

Alie(Alex) Mal:Alex Grant

Juli(Julianna): Juliann Baker

Blake(Arther): Blake Robberts

Shawni: Shauniece Jordan

Bryanna: Bryana Tippsword

Clay: Clay Parks

Calvin: Calvin Michel

Tonya: marina Rosebrock

Stone: Micheal Stone

Stevin: Steven Shnakie (character not yet released)

Sophie: Summer Mariece

John: Jon Estrata