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posted by nocofangirl218
Yep, I'm doing a Mike story! :D

Alright, so, in episode 9, when Mike was battling his other personalities in his mind, at a certain time, anda could see a dark shadow of him appear for a brief saat before it disappears. I thought about it, and, bing bang, this story was born! ((I always had this story for him in the back of my mind though...)) Anyway, here's my story! :D

“Something doesn't feel right.” I think as I gaze into the elimination ceremonies fire.

Despite the crappy parts of having to do whatever Scott berkata so he wouldn't tell Zoey – the now and forever Cinta of my life – that...
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Please don't complain, this is the best I could find..
total drama revenge of the island
anne maria
This story begins on a typical Tuesday night with a young girl with red hair and pale skin. Her name is Zoey. Zoey was a nerd. A nerd who was in Cinta with a guy she lived right seterusnya to. His name was Mike. Mike had MPD......and a girlfriend. Anne Maria. They met when Vito took over his body. Mike eventually gained control back, but now he stuck with her. One night Zoey noticed Mike was on the phone, fighting with someone. MIke hung up and as he did Zoey grabbed a sketch pad and wrote down"are anda ok". Mike walked up to his window with a sketch pad and wrote down"just tired of the drama". Zoey...
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posted by Fangurl1331
Scott: Profile

    Scott is a very insecure, intrusting, and hard individual. Why? Reasons are currently unknown, but an aura Membaca from Dawn reveled that Scott supposedly wasn't “held” enough as a child. This was interpreted sejak many as “Scott needs a hug”. That may be the case, but the Membaca may have been in the metaphorical sense, meaning that Scott simply lacked affection in his childhood. I have visual exhibits here to tunjuk (by body language and facial expressions) Scott's demeanor.

Exhibit A:

    Notice how Lightning and Brick's arms are...
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Scott: Scott is a jerk. He uses and manipulates people. What he did to Mike and what he did to Dawn was just awful. And he fails at being an antagonist and his plans don't even make any sense. I mean I,m going to loose on purpose and eliminate my own team to give the other team a false sense of security. How does that make any sense. I'm honestly surprised he made it as far as he did.

Staci: She was so annoying!! And her character was pointless. I,m glad she got eliminated when she did.

Lightning: I can't believe he made it into the finale two. His personality is horrible.He is stupid, mean,...
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hei guys, me again and am Penulisan this new story after seeing many storys that was all almost the same about mike and zoey :p, i was thinkin about makin one about sam.
So.... enjoy :D thx to all my fans.
It was a busy morning everyone was eating their food, but sam wasn't there to eat.
Sam was runing to the cablin with a video game on his hands. And he slam the door.
'' Oh yes pass level 16 hahaha yes'' Sam berkata loudly.
As he keeps on playing with his eyes on the game.
Camron comes in with a papersheet on his hand.
''hey bro what anda Penulisan down'' Sam said.
'' Just about anda playing your cool video...
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 Commando Mike
Commando Mike
This story was inspired sejak a peminat who sent me art work on my Facebook Page, Zoey Total Drama Revenge of the Island. Check it out if anda have a Facebook. I hope anda like this story. I might me rusty because I haven't written a story in so long, so enjoy. I also want to say about this story that Mike and Zoey are in college, but it's during the summer. Also, It's in short chapters

Chapter 1
It was just another hari at the psychiatrist. Zoey was waiting for Mike to come out through the doors of the office. There...
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posted by emmab13
I just decided to write this because it's almost Halloween. Also in this artikel Mike doesn't have MPD. I'm sorry if anda wanted him to have it, but he doesn't and I think you'll really enjoy this article.
It was a windy, fall day. Halloween was in a couple days. Five teens walked through the halls of the school. Their names were Mike, Zoey, Vito, Svetlana, and Manitoba. Of course these teens had friends, but they had no idea who each other were. They barley paid attention to each other. It was time for lunch, and...
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Tear drops on my balance beam
       Chapter 13

One shot 6: Sick day

It's flu season once again. Everyone was getting sick, one way atau another. Vito had gotten a cold a few days ago,  And Svetlana's friend, Dakota had just gotten over a cold.

Svetlana was mostly immune to colds. She always lived in cold weather, so she always bundled up to make sure she wouldn't get sick, but this time, she caught something.

Achoo! Achoo! Aaaaaaachooooo!

The young girl sneezed repeatedly as she looked at her muffled reflection in the mirror. She groaned and rubbed her red eyes.

Svetlana had woken up feeling...
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These first couple paragraphs was written sejak kitty190123. She also helped with some of the stuff i wrote.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------So, After TDROTI, Mike and Zoey started dating and decided to get married. So, they go and Mike wears a tuxedo and tie and Zoey wears a dress with a big string of pearls in the back. "You look beautiful" says Mike. "You too." says Zoey. Then, they say vows and then for some reason take an intermission. (The best lady Takota wanted to have people take pictures of her). So they all decided to have cake and beverages...
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