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posted by BlondLionEzel
Ep 1: Decpticons vs. angkasa Pirates

(Space, Sector 223, Draco Dwarf Galaxy, DBS Magnum)


Icepick: Will anda stop yelling! Your shaking the whole ship!



Hailstorm: Can anda please stop yelling? I am trying to meditate.

Icepick: Always anda and your meditating, nothing else.

Hailstorm: It keeps your mind in shape, Icepick.

(A Flying technical Pirate Ship attacks the DBS Magnum)

Lugnut: WHAT WAS THAT?!!!

(A figure appears on the screen)

Icepick: Who are you?

Thundertron: My name is Captain Thundertron,...
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posted by Nicki-was-here
Jolt is a young Autobot described as a troublemaker and a bit of a snob but loves to battle Decepticons. He seems to have fondness of Earth's nature and a habit of saving energy explaining why he chose an eco-friendly car as a disguise. He is armed with two electro-whips. Jolt lures his enemies in close to deliver a crippling blow with his electro-whips

He is charging his electro-whips menacingly when the Autobots were confronted sejak Galloway and some soldiers after returning with Optimus Prime's corpse. When The Fallen forces the humans to find Sam Witwicky and turn against the Autobots, Jolt...
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posted by Nicki-was-here
In the live action films Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots. Prime now transforms into a conventional Peterbilt 379 cab, rather than the cab over Rekaan of his original Generation 1 body. Also straying from the G1 design, Prime's vehicle mode is now decorated with red flames painted onto a blue body (à la Rodimus Prime, his Generation 1 successor), often incorrectly rumored to be inspired sejak NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon's current paint scheme at the time. The reason for the change was due to Director Michael Bay's decree that no "mass...
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I have been a peminat of Transformers ever since I was a little boy, and to this day, it's one of my kegemaran franchises, ever...but, that doesn't mean the franchise is perfect. It has its fair share of problems that may perpecahan, berpecah many people. However, if there's anything that both peminat-peminat and non-fans can agree with, is that Michael Bay's Transformers Filem are awful.

I wanted to write down my thoughts on these Filem ever since I saw the trailer for Transformers 5: The Last Knight, I just didn't know what to write.

I think we should start with some history, regarding these movies.
It all started...
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posted by BlondLionEzel

*Somewhere near Davis, California*

Mother Kitsune: *Has black ears and tail, green eyes, and five tails, is running through the rain, carrying her young child*

Young Brianna: *Crying, running with her mother* Mommy, where are anda taking me?!!

Mother Kitsune: Brianna, we're almost there!

Dropkick Drones: *A group of Chevrolet Silverados with different colored paint jobs, chase after the Mother Kitsune and Young Brianna*

Mother Kitsune: *Changes to fox form and shoots fireballs at the Dropkick Drones*

Dropkick Drones: *Dodge and transform*

Mother Kitsune: *Looks at Young Brianna* RUN!

Young Brianna:...
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posted by Nicki-was-here
In the 2007 live action Transformers film, Megatron appears as a Cybertronian jet. He serves as the primary antagonist of the first film and the secondary antagonist in the film sequels (after The Fallen (ROTF) and Shockwave (DOTM)). The apparent explanation for the departure from his gun form is that director Michael bay does not want to include any sort of size changing in the transformations, which the writers described as "cheating".[4] (This significant change in size is known in Transformers peminat communities as "mass shifting" & "mass displacement".) In one of the special features...
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posted by Nicki-was-here
In a USA Today online peminat tinjauan following the release of the 2007 live-action film, Jetfire was one of the 10 Transformers that the peminat-peminat wanted in the sequel, coming in 4th with 11% of the votes.[19]

Jetfire appears in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and transforms into a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.[20] He is portrayed as a Decepticon who becomes an Autobot because he didn't believe in all the destruction and violence the Decepticons brought. Originally serving the Fallen, Jetfire is one of the few Transformers to remain on Earth since the dawn of humanity.

According to the biography and statistics...
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posted by Nicki-was-here
In the 2007 Transformers live action film, Ironhide appears as a modified GMC Topkick C4500 pickup truck, replacing Arcee in the cast list. Peter Cullen, who provided the voices for both Optimus Prime and Ironhide in the original animated series, does not voice Ironhide in the film. In the film, Ironhide is described as being Prime's oldest friend and the weapons specialist of the team. He is a tough soldier who has sustained many injuries. His right eye has a large scar surrounding it. Before arriving on Earth, he sustained a broken ankle. According to the tech specifications of his toy, he...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
+ Angry Guard Dog: Underbite resembles some manner of hyper-stylized mecha-bulldog.

+ The Big Bad Wolf: Steeljaw, who has a lupine-like appearance.

+ Frogs and Toads: Springload, a Decepticon with frog-like features.

+ Giant Enemy Crab: Bisk, a Decepticon with a distinctly crustacean look, including eye stalks and snapping claws. Clampdown, on the other hand, is lebih of a literal example, lacking Bisk's humanoid shape and looking like a straight-up robot crab.

+ Giant Flyer: Filch, a giant mechanical bird Decepticon that is strong enough to lift an RV and two Autobots.

+ Giant Spider: Chop Shop,...
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Hot Shot (Cyberverse Prime Bumblebee repaint)
Chromia (Cyberverse Prime Arcee repaint)
Elita-1 (Cyberverse Prime Arcee repaint)
Salvage (Cyberverse Prime Wheeljack repaint)
Camshaft (Legends ROTF Jolt repaint)
Grindcore (Legends ROTF Sideswipe repaint)
Jetfire (Cyberverse Prime Skyquake repaint)
Strafe (Cyberverse Prime Soundwave repaint)
Scattershot (Cyberverse DOTM Flak repaint)
Lightspeed (Legends Movie Jazz repaint)
Nosecone (Cyberverse DOTM Guzzle repaint)
Afterburner (Cyberverse DOTM Evac repaint)
Red Alert (Cyberverse Prime Prowl repaint)
Pipes (Cyberverse DOTM Mudflap repaint)
Huffer (Cyberverse...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1: Lucy’s Escape

*The Facility*

Director Kakuzawa: Are our guests to arrive soon?

Kurama: No sir, though they are about 20 miles away from here.

Director Kakuzawa: Excellent....

Kurama: Lord Kakuzawa, who are our guests and what business do they have at this facility?

Director Kakuzawa: Well...that is classified.

Kurama: I don’t think this is a very good idea.

Director Kakuzawa: *Shakes head* Do not be alarmed, they shall help us to our goal...

*Diclonius Chamber*

Lucy: *Trying to free herself*

Unknown Man: Stop fussing! *Whips Lucy*

Lucy: *Stops moving*

*Facility Desk*

Shirakawa: *Reading...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Plot: After freeing a hybrid fox girl, Nick and his Friends most sertai the Autobots to battle a looming threat.


Nick Darby

Lilly Vixen

Kasey Lace

Faith Kells

Silas Strikerburgh

Novos Jumpcable

Lady Strikerburgh


Optimus Prime

Rodimus Prime

Ultra Magnus










MECH Decepticons:



Barrage Drones

Venom Drones

Ransack Drones

Chop kedai Drones



Remaining Traxes

Remaining KSI Bosses

Remaining Two Heads
posted by Nicki-was-here
In the 2007 live-action movie, Barricade is a Decepticon that transforms into a Saleen S281E police car, making him similar in appearance to the Generation 1 Autobot Prowl, who was actually in the first draft of the movie treatment before the writers thought that a Decepticon police car would be a better idea. He appears to be the rival of Bumblebee, standing at nearly the same height. He is a hunter/scout of the Decepticons, choosing his vehicle mode to easily hide among the humans as a symbol of authority. His persona appears to be that of the cliché "bad cop", as he fiercely interrogates...
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posted by Nicki-was-here
Bumblebee makes an appearance as one of the Autobots in the 2007 live-action film Transformers. The cautious but Brave Bumblebee also appears in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Instead of a Volkswagen Beetle, he is a Chevrolet Camaro (the model tahun of which is upgraded in the movie). Due to a battle injury, he is rendered effectively mute, and communicates through use of selected playback of radio and Televisyen signals. Though his original voice is restored at the end of the first Transformers film, he communicates solely through his radio in Revenge of the Fallen. The biography for...
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posted by Nicki-was-here
 the real optimus car
the real optimus car
Human characters:

Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky, a young descendant of an Arctic explorer who stumbled on a big secret, which becomes the last hope for Earth.
Megan fox as Mikaela Banes, a classmate of Sam, who assists Sam in his mission using skills she learned as a juvenile car thief.
Josh Duhamel as Captain William Lennox, the captain of a special operations team based at the SOCCENT base in Qatar.
Tyrese Gibson as USAF Combat Controller Technical Sergeant Robert Epps, a member of Captain Lennox's team.
John Turturro as Agent Reggie Simmons, a member of Sector 7.
Rachael Taylor as Maggie Madsen,...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2: New Recruits

(Europe, England, Autobot City)

Nick: Optimus, my name is Nick, commander of 51st Legion.

Optimus: I see, and who are these?

Nick: These are my Autobots.

Wingblade: My name is Wingblade, Air Commander of 51st Legion.

Hot Spot: I am Hot Spot, 1st Doctor of 51st Legion.

Red Alert: Hello! I am Red Alert, 2nd Medic of 51st Legion.

Swerve: I am Swerve.

Cliffjumper: Nice to see anda guys again!

Springer: I am Springer.

Optimus: anda have some interesting troops, Nick.

Nick: Optimus, did anda read the info that Signal Flare sent us?

Optimus: The Deceptions Ship being attacked, i know.

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posted by Fairstepshaven
 Shift's vehicle mode
Shift's vehicle mode
Shift is a rambunctious- atau so to say- young warrior with a high interest in swordplay. He loves battling Decepticons with his blades, and then coming at them with a whirlwind of fists. He doesnt use his Pistol much, maybe because he doesnt even have any! His weapons are two retractable five foot blades on each arm, and an axe he can rip out anytime. He prefers one-on-one fist fights than firefights, because he has no cannons. Hes learned to master the blade from Sideswipe, and the element of surprise Suits him well. Hes usually in the thick of the battle, beating Decepticon after Decepticon...
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posted by Nicki-was-here
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a 2009 American science fiction action film directed sejak Michael bay and produced sejak Steven Spielberg. It is the sequel to Transformers (2007) and the saat film in the live-action Transformers trilogy. The plot revolves around Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), the human caught in the war between two factions of alien robots, the Autobots and Decepticons. Sam is having visions of Cybertronian symbols, and being hunted sejak the Decepticons under the orders of their long-trapped leader, The Fallen, who seeks to get revenge on Earth sejak finding and activating a machine...
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Faction: Decepticon

Bio: Terradive enjoys using underhanded tactics in battle. Especially when his friend Jetblade is near him. So when Terradive and Jetblade hide in Paris, Terradive sees the slow moving Autobot Tomahawk, he can't help but attack!

Tech Specs:

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 8
Endurance: 8
Rank: 6
Courage: 5
Fireblast: 5
Skill: 7

Vehicle Mode: Sukhoi Su-47
Weapons: Energon Trident
Allies: Jetblade
Enemies: Tomahawk


Faction: Decepticon

Bio: Jetblade met Terradive while hiding in Paris. They quickly became friends. Now, they are battling the Autobot Tomahawk!

Tech Specs:...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Brave Mission 1: Autobot Bodyguards!

Mirage: *scouting for Decpticons*

Nick: *sees Mirage* Hi Mirage!

Mirage: Hi Nick! How are anda today?

Nick: I am actually really happy!

Mirage: Oh? Why?

Nick: A Girl named Lotte asked me out on a date!

Mirage: A Date? Isn't that a fruit?

Nick: A tarikh is when a Girl and Boy hang out together!

Mirage: Oh i see...

Nick: What?

Mirage: Oh nothing!

*3 Vehicron Drones drive past Mirage*

Mirage: Well, i gotta go, see ya! *drives after the drones*

Nick: Bye! *walks to Lotte's house*

Lotte: *sees me* Hi Nick!

Nick: Hello Lotte!

Lotte: *holds Nick's hand* Are anda ready Nick?

Nick: *blushes...
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