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Aznr ran down the bukit to the edge of the cliff. fallen trees scattered the ground and there was no sign of life. Aznr's hair blew back in the wind and memories of the past filled his head...


Aznr heard a scream that rang through the forest.
Airellion! he thought, immediately recognizing his voice.
'Aznr! LightWater!' he heard the scream again.
This time he ran through the forest towards him. Aznr burst into the clearing and saw Airellion. He had an Arrow in his throat and one in his arm. He was surrounded sejak an army of goblins, all heavily armed.
'Airellion!' called Aznr.
Aznr raised...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1

Our story begins in San Fransisco, California. It was raining hard for three days, and twenty tahun old half red panda, half human woman named Maria Ride was walking back to her mansion.

"This rain is so depressing...I wish it would just stop..." Maria thought to herself.

Suddenly, Maria heard two gunshots from an alley nearby.

"What was that????" Maria exclaimed as she ran down the alley.

What Maria saw was lebih than disturbing. She saw two dead adults, one of them a male human, about age 40, and the other being a female anthro wolf, about age 38.

"I have to call the police!" Maria told...
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posted by alicia386

The preps have got on my nerves for the last time. They decides to expose my crush on Kyle. How dare they? Who do they think they are? Their leader was like we all know that Laurie likes Kyle. U was all like please, I so don't. Then we got into this huge argument. Jennifer, L. J, and Tammie had my back though. Jennifer started trash talking their leader, Carly Louis, and they rest of her desperate followers. Kyle interjected and berkata that if I liked him then it wasn't any of their business. This is why I like the boy so much. After school when I was walking him from school, Kyle caught up with me. He told me that he thought those girls were cruel and should stay in their own business. I couldn't agree more. He whirled around suddenly and kissed me! I was utterly speechless. He started stuttering and then sprinted off in the other direction before I could say anything. Yep, that Ciuman was everything that I had imagined it would be but why do I feel like it was so wrong.
I'm back and better than ever! My brief hiatus has allowed me to prepare spoilers for the Shadow Trilogy for you. Remember, nothing leaves this website.
Eden, its inhabitants, and the Shadow Trilogy buku copyright © 2013 Johanna Glass. Do not use without permission.

A few months ago, I gave anda the full first chapter if Hope in the Strangest Places. At the end of the chapter, Twera reveals that she and Thunderhawk are siblings. BUT, there is a story behind them. WHY was Thunderhawk apprehensive about seeing Twera? WHY was he thinking what he was?
The story all starts with Siik and Fynd. Their...
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Note: to those who are Membaca this and like it, I will take requests, as long as:
1) It doesn't interfere with what I've already written
2) It doesn't create a new character

Sometimes I hate school so frigging much. Actually, I wouldn’t mind it so much, except for no one really likes me. See, I’m real social. So when the only people I have to talk to is a budding juvenile delinquent, a geek with freckles and braces, a hyper redheaded girl, and a sarcastic blond (Quin can get really sarcastic sometimes), anda can understand why I feel like that.
    Don’t get me wrong....
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posted by sadiebugz00
Chapter 2 (BTW, I'm just copying and pasting from Word, so it may look like I don't have paragraphs, but I do)

Derek’s Perspective

A while later I call Jesse over so we could discuss Carter’s situation.
Jesse is quite attractive; she has ocean-blue eyes and long, flowy, bleached blonde hair, and looks much like a Barbie. However, she can be very fickle, so if I use the correct wording I could be able to keep Carter. But, if she’s in one of her “moods” there’s no way on Earth that I’ll be able to keep him.
I hear a pounding hard knocking on my door.
Great… I think. She’s...
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We all have that shy kid in class who keeps to themselves and doesn't utter a word. They never raise their hand to answer a soalan and they need try to socialize with others. Well, one hari anda might decide to go up to that shy kid and start a conversation. anda immediately ask them their name, how old they are, and what is their interest. That shy kid isn't participating. They answer your soalan in one word and never tunjuk emotion. anda feel uncomfortable so anda leave. anda leave the shy kid sejak themselves and anda go and talk to your band of friends.
Half way through the school year,...
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posted by Problematic129
Chapter 6
        Opposing and spoiled opinions
    The website made chills run down my back for the whole hari and everything, it was…in other words, extremely creepy. The website was in the form of some kind of creepy old wallpaper, and anda can immediately tell it was created sejak the crazies. anda could just see the scent of craziness all over it, and I didn’t feel that excited to read on, but I did.
    More victims, lebih confusions, the one person in this town to befuddle our police men, either that atau their losing...
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"no" Kyle said. "I'm so sorry."
"What for? anda were always there for us, what else could anda have done?" James said.
"I could've been lebih of a brother, instead of your leader." Kyle berkata and looked at his brother.
"But then what would I have gotten angry at anda for then?" James berkata they smiled at each other.
"Take care of them.Kyle said, " Kyle croaked, "Please?" James nodded "I will." James wanted to say dont go atau something, but he knew it was time. "I'll be watching you, hot-head." he said.
James looked down and didn't speak.
"I wish it were different to." Kyle told him. James hugged Kyle tightly, "Say hi to mum for me"
"I will, bye" Kyle cried on James' shoulder and he cried on Kyle's. "To let anda know, I do need you."
"Your a funny kind of brother, aren't you!?" Kyle whispered. "Goodbye." berkata James.
"Look under my bed, remember Sheila" his eyelids growing heavy. "James. anda couldn't have stopped this"
"What do I do without you?" James asked.
"Live on"
After the war was finally finished, three years, seven months and twenty weeks, people waited at the hospital. Hoping, praying for their loved ones to be found. Kyle Goodman's Foster Dad; Angus, his two sisters; Tiffany and Mariah, brother James and girlfriend, Summer Thorn waited. Their friend, Katherine Dreamwhisper. They called her Katie for short, had finished her shift, working as the nurse and went to sertai them. "They'll find him" she said. Nobody spoke, they just sat there. Three hours past and it was getting cold, the night air was coming and the warmth from the sun disappeared. Katie...
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posted by Problematic129
Chapter 4
    The saat day
    “The saat hari of school and already gossip flows like a waterfall,” Beth says, shaking her head.
    I nod as we walk through the front doors into the school entrance, it was in the parking lot where people pointed at us and horribly trying to whisper, though we can hear the words clearly. Of course about Ali’s luscious slap, to jerk and still is lovelies, Chad Holder, who according to Ali had some relationships problems.
    I smiled and waved at Grey, who was sejak our lockers,...
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Thank anda the people Membaca my work, it is encouraging to have anda read + comment. ;)


    The Story of Zerokenum:

"Zeus anda can't do this. I'm supposed to be king and ruler of the stars and solar system; anda can't just take that away from me!"
"Zerokenum we see dark in your heart, anda have been practicing forbidden black magic and human alchemy. Someone who is ruler of our galaxies should be trustworthy and pure. As of now I will run all the skies and anda are to be banished to earth as an esse mortal." Zeus I hope anda take great care of yourself because I’ll be...
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The night was cool and dark. anda can’t even see three feet in front of you. It is a good thing I want them to see me. Otherwise I would have fell over a hundred times because of those stupid pokok roots. And above all I have the worst possible luck because my flashlight is dying. It flickered once twice three times and I am now left in the dark. I threw aside my disappointing flashlight and picked a good pokok and started to climb.

I was almost half way up the pokok batang when I heard barking. Is that a dog? Then I saw a blinding light in the darkness. Then I heard them two voices having an argument...
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posted by 1999jacko
3 miles away

Gemini woke from his sleep, his wand in his hand with an old brown tendril half out of it as though he had been fighting someone. He slowly berkata under his breath," samantanes," his voice rough and gravely from a thousand years of unconscious, after a saat of waiting a huge water hand shot from his body clearing his way backup to the surface. He grabbed the wand and jumped up onto the surface as 18 of his ( former) captors came towards him tendrils flying everywhere. He could see the fiery robes of his worst enemy Virgo at the front, but as they ran ke hadapan Gemini saw the flabby...
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posted by 1999jacko

Walter Duncan sat down on his giant blue beanbag, his newest book 'The Black Wizard' tightly clutched in his hand. As soon as he sat he opened the book and started to read, that is until one small hand appeared through the page and tightened around his neck," MUM HELP MEEEEEE!" he managed to shout out before he was pulled into the page.

He suddenly dropped through the other end of the page into a large, velvet lined room with 1 door and a small man in the center. With a very dull and bored voice he said," welcome to the entrance between worlds." Strangely after he berkata this his head spun...
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It's time to rock the floor,
Break out all your dance moves like never before,
And let all of your worries vanish away,
Vanish away.

Isn't it just easy
To eat the whole Chocolate cake?
Just creep over to the table
And get your face filled with sweet heaven

No, no, go over to the floor
And tunjuk me all your moves
Cuz I got DJ replaying "Party Rock Anthem"
Tonight, on this glorious night, tonight

It's time to rock the floor
Get a partner and hayun, swing them across
Show them you're workin your mojo
Tonight, tonight, tonight

It's your night
So get up everybody and dance,
Like anda don't care about another thing
Just dance,...
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Chapter 1
October, 1964

I lied awake on my bed.

I couldn’t sleep.

My mind was wandering, racing to different topics at the same time. I couldn’t stay on one subject in my mind for lebih than ten seconds. I was restless.

Just then, out of nowhere, I remembered something that I particularly didn’t want to remember. But I did anyway. It was something that I hated thinking about, and something that I thought about all the time. I got up, clad in only a pair of jeans, and walked over to my closet and turned on the light. I pulled down old, dusty boxes and yellowed papers off of the closet’s...
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Chapter (17):
"Glad anda came dude" berkata Josh, "Yeah" replied Noah "Aren't anda three going to sit down atau wait to be invited?" asked Bonnie, Noah stalked away from Abbie and Leo, and settled himself seterusnya to Bonnie, Abbie and Leo sat in the two remaining chairs side sejak side, "Your Noah's sister Abbie right?" asked Josh, Abbie noticed that Bonnie and Josh weren't pale haired but there hair was deep golden blonde like their mother, "Yes, your Susie's cousin right?" she asked, "Yeah, I am do anda know her?" he answered with a ghost of a smile, "Yes, we go to the same school and she's in few of my...
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Chapter 2

Twera sat on the ledge outside her cave, thinking. Like all dragons, she knewthe king's name. She had seen King Parthurnax on a few occasions. He was clearly noble and a great ruler. The prince was a mystery. As far as she knew, she had never even seen him. She didn't even know his name.

Twera looked off to the west, where an empty valley lay. No Naga had coaxed caves from the steep mountainsides there. Further in the distance, the palace scraped te clouds like a towered and turreted mountain. Few...
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