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alicia386 posted on Aug 25, 2012 at 11:17PM
Welcome! There are some new categories and new information and NEW EVERYTHING. Please take the time to vote or atleast read the nominees listed below!

Best Novel Nominees: A Life of Survival, Change or Be Changed, Stones of Aramis, Absolutely Wicked, and Love Science

Best Novelist Nominees: 1999jacko, LadyEmzy, TheEvilHoodie and Dhampies

Best New Novelist Nominees(members that recently joined and posted a novel): SilverFanGirl, TheEvilHoodie

Most Intriguing Novels Nominees (this needed a whole other category, you will understand once you read the nominees): How The Dinosaurs Met Their End, Thanks for the Memories, Hunter, Untitled but atleast I Even Wrote It at all,

shoutouts to- SilverFanGirl (because i really found your novel interesting), Problematic129 (for atleast thinking of making a sequel of Girl Code: The Pamela Jones Way), and LadyEmzy (for her wonderfully fantastic novel, Stones of Aramis)

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hampir setahun yang lalu alicia386 said…
big smile
best novel: Change or Be Changes
best novelist: TheEvilHoodie
best new novelist: SilverFanGirl
most intriguing novels: Thanks for the Memories (even if it was a bit dramatic)
hampir setahun yang lalu sadiebugz00 said…
best novel: Absolutely Wicked
best novelist: TheEvilHoodie
best new novelist: TheEvilHoodie
most intriguing novel: How the Dinosaurs Met Their End.
hampir setahun yang lalu sawfan13 said…
Best Novel:Absolutely Wicked

Best Novelist:1999jacko

Best New Novelist: TheEvilHoodie

Most Intriguing: Thanks for the Memories
hampir setahun yang lalu TheEvilHoodie said…
big smile
Best Novel: Love Science

Best Novelist: Dhampires

Best new novelist: Didn't want to vote for this one

Most Intruiging: Hunter
hampir setahun yang lalu alicia386 said…
Thanks for voting!
hampir setahun yang lalu rory2011 said…
I really want to vote but I can't till I read those stories and catch up what I missed , it's very late here so I can't read everything ... maybe tomorrow
how much time do I have till this poll close ?
last edited hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu alicia386 said…
Next Saturday or Sunday
hampir setahun yang lalu rory2011 said…
Best Novel Nominees : change or be changed
Best Novelist Nominees : shit .. this is hard I really like all of them and each one of them wrote a very great novels .. this time I'll give my vote for Dhampies , I really want to pick the others too ( sorry guys )
Best New Novelist Nominees :TheEvilHoodie
Most Intriguing Novels Nominees : Hunter ( I love action novels and the writer have a pretty great style with writing this novel )
hampir setahun yang lalu alicia386 said…
Thanks for voting! We need more voters!
hampir setahun yang lalu 1999jacko said…
Best novel: Stones of aramis
Best novelist:Theevilehoodie
Best new novelist: Silverfangirl
Most intriguing novel: Untitled
hampir setahun yang lalu alicia386 said…
We have less voters then we have ever had. I will give it a few more days but please vote!