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There is this new guy at my friend's school, and it was perhaps a bulan lalu now that she asked him if he wanted to go out with a group of my friend's Friends to the park, and he accepted. I did not go because we have different sets of friends, and I didn't know all of them; only several. Anyway, she had told me about him a week before and I just thought he was a really sweet guy. When she was out with him and on her way to her friend's house, she asked me to ring her and so I did. He didn't know me at that point, and I didn't like him LIKE HIM at that point either. Anyway, she was talking to him in the background when we were on the phone and he was making me laugh. But, even when we berkata goodbye, she texted me perhaps a half jam later and we were texting when this Rawak 'hello' popped up, although it was misspelled. I ignored it, and at that point, I was talking about him and didn't realise until she replied saying that he didn't know how to use a blackberry and therefore couldn't type on it that he was Membaca the texts. I panicked, but I was laughing in the same moment. So I carried on texting her, and the Rawak messages continued to pop up, and she eventually told me that it was this boy because he was replying to the texts I was sending. I laughed again, and decided that it didn't really matter. Eventually, she just handed over her phone to him and we texted.
Later that evening, I rang my friend and she was telling me about what he was doing whilst texting me that day. Apparently, he was holding the phone in his hand the entire time, waiting for a reply which I thought was really sweet as - according to my friend - he evidently wanted to talk to me. And she then told me that he had seen a picture of me, and when he asked her if the picture was of me, he had smiled and nodded. She later concluded that he thought I was pretty - I am not being big-headed; my friend's words, as I do not think I am pretty in the slightest - and that he liked me. I felt almost fla
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