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anda saw Jane and Brittany Volturi. anda froze.
Emmett: Babe who is it?
Jane: Evening __________ and Emmett we are doing our rounds and checking on everything may we come in?
You: Yeah I will be right back.
anda ran upstairs and checke on Sabrina and then wrote her a little letter and she nodded. anda ran back out the door and downstairs and saw the whole Cullen family.
Jane: Is everything okay ________?
You: Yes it is Jane.
Brittany: Okay so we are glad to inform anda that the masters will be visiting in about a bulan atau so for the wedding.
Emmett: That is good to know.
Alice: The lebih the merrier.
Carlisle: We can't wait to see old friends.
Jane: Thank you. I will let Master Aro know. *walks off with Brittny.*

im sorry u guys im just have to much things on my mind right now so the seterusnya couple of chapters aren't going to be long. again im very very sorry.
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Heres part Three. Hope anda like it

“I......My mum....” I couldn’t even speak anymore. Jack, the chief of police, ran over putting his hands on my shoulders. “Your house Heidi?” I managed to nod. We got into his vehicle and drove full speed to my house. “The paramedics’ are coming too. That’s what anda wanted right?” I nodded tears still spilling over. “Heidi, it will be ok. I promise.” Reaching my garden I heard one of the paramedics’ let out a low whistle which just made me cry harder. “Go wait in the kitchen” Jack berkata pushing me in that direction. I saw Ben get...
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I'm Penulisan to introduce anda to Kamakan The Vampire Slug. Its my kids book and live stage show.

Kamakan is a particularly evil monster who kidnaps two children and takes them to his lair at the bottom of a huge hole in Peru. The story follows the kids as they try to escape.

Its written in rhyme and is very original, funny and popular with everyone who reads it.

There's a cool website at and a clip of the tunjuk on anda Tube if anda cari Kamakan The Vampire Slug Live.

I hope anda can take a look and let me know what anda think. Its becoming quite successful now and I hope it will become well know worldwide soon.

All the best!

The Author
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Here it is.Chapter three.Special thanks to RosalieLillian who helped my writers block.Thanks so much to everyone for Membaca and being supportive of Painful Memories.Hope anda like this chapter :D

xoxo bree xoxo


Painful Memories

Chapter Three

Alice POV

"Alice what's wrong?What did anda see?" Edward asked me.I knew he would freak if he saw my vision.I quickly started sing Brick sejak Boring Brick sejak Paramore in my head.That was my kegemaran song sejak Paramore.

"Edward, It was about Rosalie" I turned to face the rest of my family and Bella."I'll tell...
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jacob is so cute . i bet when they do the alih new moon . he will be hotter then ever.bella in eclips getts on .omg edward cullen is getting hotter and hotter .I swaer i going to melt.butany way he is cute. ok i haft to it mit jacobe a hotte. god help me i have ocd the o is for (obssive ) c is for (cullen )d is for(distor) i have a dissese. I Cinta twlight soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much litsin for lebih at YouTube batman,spider and the i
ncretbal hulk at got nothing on edward cullen hot hot hot hot hot hold on in a hotte brake .jacob is going to be my babys daddy for real i Cinta him he is hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot got to Cinta famous people. they get it Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta who gives a shit LOL bithch i Cinta talor lanter but to way sick. for me i stil Cinta anda thow throw down lovelove Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta Cinta
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Chapter 3:

I paused in a small bakery and stomped my feet in an attempt to stimulate the circulation of blood through to my Frozen toes. I headed toward the counter and ordered a French baguette, which I always did before going over to Martin’s for makan malam, majlis makan malam because his mother loved them so much. As I waited for the overly tanned baker to finish wrapping up my baguette, I stared out of the window. February in Seattle was one of the dreariest months of the year, especially when it was raining. As if the heavens were listening to my thoughts, a few drops clattered onto the sidewalk. Wonderful....
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it's soooooo great!!!! OME!!!
New Moon
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