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Edward's pov

We where almost at home,when suddenly Alice was missing.She was way behind us,with closed eyes,stand very still.Jasper huged her"Alice what's wrong?"-he said.In Alice's mind pictures moved really fast,I couldn't catch a long minit pass and Alice finally open her eyes and then I saw it all:Bella was taken sejak Amber to Italy!!!What!!-I screamed-"Why,she didn't do anything that would interest the Volturi.Why"-I stared to think.Carlisle though that they just want to know is Bella still a human."Yeah,but why would they kiddnap her.It doesn't make sence!"-I yelled it.Alice was pissed of for not seeing this coming."How I didn't see this!I supposed to see if they were sending someone.I would SEE that.I was waiting whole this time for that.""I know Alice,I know,it isn't your fault,maybe they were planing this all along"-Esme said."they better not hurt Bella atau else..."-I didn't finish the line.Emmett was laughing,he couldn't wait to fight,Jasper was looking ke hadapan to,Rosalie took a deep breath,Alice was still mad,Esme was worried and Carlise didn't like the idea.But I didn't care,nothing would stand in my way to get my beloved back.The seterusnya hour,Alice and I were at the airport waiting for a plane to arrive.Emmett and Jasper will catch the seterusnya plane for a back up.I was so nerves,this was thanking to long."Calm down Edward,your not helping me."-Alice said-"I'm truing to see what are they doing."Sorry Alice,I just can't stand when Bella is far away from me.Try to understand me,Alice, I m going criminaly insane here!" "Okay,okay,I understand at least the part of insane part,like your not insane already."-she laugh a bit."Thank anda Alice for all your support,it really means to me."-I Ciuman her on her cheek and for now I was calm,but in my though,I was with Bella,hoping that she's okay and unharmed.

Bella's pov

I was with Aro.He just looked at me for a wile now straight in my eyes,trying to catch my one though,I guess.We were in very large room,with big window's,chocolate brown wall's,and two king size chairs,for Aro and me,with a meja, jadual with frute.Guess they were in to vitamin's Makanan these days."Please sit down Bella,make yourself at home."-he said.For some reason he was very amused to see me."How are anda Bella,I didn't see for quite a long time,don't anda think."-he berkata with a smile.I just couldn't say a word."You probably know why I want to talk to anda Bella.You see,situation is very clear Bella,time is passed and your still a human,and that's,my dear,not good,for you,that is."-he said.My hati, tengah-tengah starts to beat fast.I started to sweat,it was a cold sweat.I knew this will have a bad ending,I just knew it.
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