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This Siri-siri Twilight foto might contain mata air, air pancut, lubang kemuliaan, lazaretto, and glory hole.

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I must say I came up with most of those symtoms! When I first started this list, it contained only 50 reasons, but each day, I added five atau 6 new. Today this post has 200+2! (I have to say that after a while I thought this senarai could be really long! It would be good if I could add lebih reasons, so I found a forum here and added some of the fan’s opinions).
I hope you’ll enjoy this!

200+2 Symtoms of the Obsessive Twilight Disorder!

1) Always looking out the window for a rabbit, silver Volvo, red Jeep atau a yellow Porsche!
2) anda like telling to Rawak people who much anda Cinta Twilight!
3) “Googling”...
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I would like to start this chapter off with yet, another apology. I havn't been Penulisan for a while, at a writers block. So i went back and read the twilight seris once more. I now have new, exciting ideas. And since anda have responded to the different point of papar i will Definintly keep that in mind when Penulisan more! (: I hope anda enjoy this chapter! Again, any ideas , komen-komen atau soalan inbox, atau comment!

CHAPTER 14: To save a life.
Renesmee's POV (point of view)

I decided to call Jacob, I should probaly check up on him. I...
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Just as Emmett wanted we killed the sophmore's in football, no thanks to me. I couldn't quit thinking about Bella. I know I didn't need to, but I worried about her.
She wouldn't be riding utama with me today. Alice was taking her sejak the Newton's Sporting Goods, then to the Doctor's office. Alice would take care of her. She loved her too.
"Dude!" Emmett yelled at me from across the feild. "Throw it back!"
I had forgotten about the baseball in my glove.
I hitched my leg and threw him a speed ball, and it hit in his sarung tangan with a crack. "Are anda okay man?" He asked throwing it back, overhanded....
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12. Miracles Within Curses

Heram berkata the Volturi would cover any sign of guarding their new "weapons." What did this mean? I stared out the window while a flirty flight attendant tried to unlock my thoughts. She could try talking to Edward. She just thought I was cute. She came over the seventh time before I decided to start talking.
"Look, lady, I'm getting married as soon as I meet my girlfriend," I berkata in a low voice as I showed her my ring. She stared at it with wide eyes and turned around. She didn't bother me after that. Edward came over.
"Jacob, now she's wondering why all the good...
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Jasper Whitlock was a major in the Confederate Army in Texas until he was turned into a vampire one dark night sejak Maria and two other Vampires who were later killed sejak Jasper and Maria when they became of no use and were planning to defeat them and take over.

Jasper trained and comanded Maria' s New Born Army that participated in the Southern Vampire Wars. After almost a century of fighting and killing, he left Maria's New Born Army and ran with Peter and Charlotte. A few years later he left their company because he was unable to continue feeding on humans due to the reasons of being able to...
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"Helluva way to spend your birthday, Ness," Emmett joked. WHAT?!!! It's Renesmee's BIRTHDAY?
"I'm surprised," Edward whipered across the room to me.
"I was busy!" I yelled back. Renesmee looked at us as though we were going crazy. I got up from the corner I was in and sat seterusnya to Renesmee. I looked at Edward warily.
"Hey, at least you're not Mark," he said. I laughed and kissed Nessie's nose.
"Okay, we need to figure out how much this vortex'll grow until Mark returns," Heram berkata as he flew back into the room. "Cullens, follow me."
Nessie started to get up. I grabbed her wrist.
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My face sank into my hands as i thought about my Bella, Why did i leave her? Why? How? How could i? i couldn't believe it, i was practically a murderer. Pain shot through my hati, tengah-tengah as i realised i would never see her sweet blush again. I would never feel her soft lips against mine again. I had to be with her, There was only one way. Thats why i was on my way to Volterra.
I groaned as i read my neighbours thoughts in mine, "IM SO EXCITED, I HAVEN'T SEEN HIM IN MONTHS, LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS AINT MY THING... BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE" she had thought, before visualising a long,...
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As soon as Edward heard this, he rushed to Jasper’s side and helped him up. On Jasper’s other side was Emmett, who was now helping his brother up too. A tear rolled down Alice’s cheek. I never knew Vampires atau Supernatural creatures could cry. This meant that something was really wrong. I put my arm around Alice.
“Get Jasper upstairs as fast as anda can,” Carlisle said.
Emmett and Edward nodded and rushed Jasper upstairs to Edward’s room. Alice pulled my arm away and started heading toward the stairs. Carlisle stopped her.
“You four stay here,” he said. I knew he was referring...
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