Tyler Posey TV Review: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 1.11 - 'Formality'

Howareya22 posted on Aug 09, 2011 at 07:09PM
Written By: Monica Macer

Directed By: Russell Mulcahy

Original Airdate: 8 August 2011

In This Episode...

Scott is failing a couple classes. Rather than being taken off the lacrosse team, he is banned from the dance. But Scott still has to go, to protect Alison from Peter. Scott gets Jackson to take her ("as friends") but he gets plastered the moment they roll up, so he is of no help. Scott watches from the corner of the gym, until Coach sees him. Scott grabs another guy and dances with him, so when Coach starts yelling that Scott can't be here, everyone thinks Coach is a homophobe and he backs off.

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