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anifanfreak posted on Jun 06, 2016 at 11:06AM
After the two world of Humans and Monsters had finally become one again The Undertale Crew had begun to live normal lives once again, however shunned by Most Humans, a few slowly came to accept them, others Ignore them and act as if they don't exist, as most humans do to one another, and some go out of their way to insult and try to drive monsters back, going so far as to attack them. Take your Part in this story, pick up where Toby Fox left off and continue the Adventures of Undertale in your own way!


Generally I have no rules in my RP, go ahead and Swear but keep it under control if someone is easily offended by such language, act respectfully, and have fun.

But here are a few specifics:

-Try not to offend someone repeatedly, so no bullying someone.

-Respect others grammar or other vocabulary hindrances, some people may not have the kind of work bank you do.

-If you're not here to RP try not to interfere with the Role Players

-If you are going to roleplay, please take it seriously, don't screw around and annoy others because you're bored.

-Use some detail so your posts don't confuse others, nothings worse than a story falling apart because of one missing element.


You may take the Roll of any character you want or you may create your own! Here's a List of Who's who! (You're also welcome to request anyone I may have Missed on the list!)







Mettaton (EX)






So Sorry


(W.D. Gaster is NOT Up for grabs, Sorry!)

If you want to make your OWN Character please Follow this Format!!




Species: (Monster/Human)

Profession: (If they have a Job)

Opinion: (If Human, Pro-Monsters, Netural, Anti-Monster) (If Monster, Pro-Human, Neutral, Anti-Monster) ... ... ... (If Flowey, Anti-EVERYTHING)





Bio: (Optional)

Extra Info: (Optional)


Remember, this will follow the TRUE PACIFIST Storyline where everyone survives, but Sans also knows about the GENOCIDE storyline, it's okay if your character have mysterious abilities like Sans but they MUST be a Monster and have been like or with Sans at SOME point.

A few more things I want to point out:

Be creative, if you're unsure about something ask someone's opinion, we're all here to help!

If you're being bullied on the RP please reach out, I (anifanfreak) will listen, and so with some others, I'm sure.

Please READ BACK on things you may have missed while off the Role Play, try to find anything that may be Key to a story you're a part of.

Please try not to leave ANYONE in the dust and post a whole story that would include their character, if you have their okay it's fine.
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hampir setahun yang lalu ImAnEasel said…
... Can I be the river person? :3
AmyLeeTheKid commented…
If I was the owner I would say yes but I can't sorry 😨😥 hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu anifanfreak said…
(Sure thing. But if you can try to make an OC for the sake of adding originality to the RP. Also, I'm not going to be officially opening the RP until there are at least 3 people who have at least some time throughout the week, (Daily if possible) to post and moderate here.)
hampir setahun yang lalu anifanfreak said…
(By the way, if anyone would like to be a moderator for this RP please make a formal request with a post then send me a direct message giving a short explanation why I should entrust you with enforcing the rules of the RP. Thank you.)
hampir setahun yang lalu ImAnEasel said…
Actually, I won't be the river person. I'll just think of an OC... Maybe a vulkin. :3
hampir setahun yang lalu LunaShay said…
Can I be Sans?
hampir setahun yang lalu SmolKitten said…
Napstablook?? XD
 Napstablook?? XD
hampir setahun yang lalu InvaderEleanor said…
hampir setahun yang lalu InvaderEleanor said…
also my oc Nellie (read article)
 also my oc Nellie (read article)