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genyva posted on Dec 29, 2009 at 02:51AM
Hey every one, I need help. One I have this awesome story that I am writing and aside from needing fans, I need faces for all of my characters.
Life Worthless is my story about a girl who has problems needless to say what they are she goes to a boarding school where she meet people who have problems as well. So please, you can read the story or not, you can answer the picks or not, I just need faces. Its to much of a hassle to get Actors and Actress that could take over the parts but if I have users then I can get to know you and add your personality to him or her. So here is the form link . The website in under major construction, well I mean the writing is, I started it 6 months ago and well in has a lot of editing problems. In case you wanted read it, fair warning. here is the form to all the cast and there abilities, some already have personality type thing write and but it wont stick if you want to can help build the character with me. :D
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