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Queen Tatiana

"Queen" is the tajuk telah diberi to a female royal who passes all three royal tests and wins the Monarch elections. Tatiana marina Ivashkov is the Queen of the Moroi Court. She belongs to one of the royal families.


"Queen" is the tajuk telah diberi to a female royal who passes all three royal tests and wins the Monarch elections. Tatiana marina Ivashkov is the Queen of the Moroi Court. She belongs to one of the royal families.
anda took part in “Vampire Academy”. The blockbuster which will be released very soon. What are your impressions from the American film production?
It is a powerful industry, professional and very talented. This is one of the superpowers in the cinema world. Americans produce a tremendous amount of good films and TV series every year. But half of them doesn’t reach us, unfortunately. The experience was, for me, not simple in many aspects because it was still my first role in English. I relaxed only when i was alone at the hotel. But I had to prepare for the seterusnya hari of filming. Our shooting lasted for twelve, sometimes fourteen hours a hari for a few months. But it was an absolutely amazing experience in all aspects: in the professional sense and in dealing with wonderful actors and filmmakers.


Alchemists are humans charged with helping Moroi and dhampirs keeping their existence discreet. Alchemists have an elaborate Rekaan of Bunga and leaves tattooed in emas on their lower left cheeks. These Tatu are made from emas and Moroi blood Charmed with earth and water. Their Charmed tattoo acts as a reward, allowing them to lead longer lives and stops them from becoming ill. The charm also prevents them from speaking about the Supernatural world in a way that would expose it. Like dhampirs, the Alchemist “career” is somewhat compulsory and passed down through family. Alchemists’...
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A nazar atau evil eye stone (Turkish: nazar boncuğu ) is an amulet that is meant to protect against the evil eye.

It is usually seen in the form of a flattened bead atau hanging ornament, made sejak hand from coloured glass, and used as a necklace, atau attached to bracelets atau anklets. Typically it is composed of concentric circles atau droplet shapes – from inside out: dark blue (or black), white, light blue (or yellow), and dark blue – and is sometimes referred to as blue eye.

Jet Steele

“Jet,” berkata Adrian. I nearly groaned. For inexplicable reasons, “Jet Steele” was a pseudonym Adrian really liked using. In our rehearsal today, he was supposed to be called Brian.


Jet Steele

“Jet,” berkata Adrian. I nearly groaned. For inexplicable reasons, “Jet Steele” was a pseudonym Adrian really liked using. In our rehearsal today, he was supposed to be called Brian.

posted by forbiddenLURVE
Well there's been debates whether Vampire Academy and Twilight is better. Well in my opinion Vampire Academy is way better. (Even the person who wrote that in the image below in a Border's bathroom agrees!!) Note: I still like Twilight but I like Vampire Academy more! and this is not meant to critise anyone atau people.and also without the help of other Vampire Academy peminat-peminat and resources I wouldn't have been able to write this article.

1. Richelle Mead was into Penulisan for her entire life (so give her a chance, Stephenie Meyer only began Penulisan because she had a cool dream and wrote it down until...
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posted by RoseBelikov27
Whoo! Its out. And it is awesome !! I Cinta it. i like the way the did Rose and Lissa AND...DIMITRI!! But have to say the cover is kinda bad on his behalf but when anda start Membaca it and seeing how they portrayed all the characters and they stuck to the storyline which was cool..Yum !! DIMITRI BELIKOV..did I mention him?? He is hott!!

All in all it is awesome and if anda can get your Vampire Academy Addicted mitts on the it anda will never look back. Some of anda may have a different opinon than i but it is awesome from where I am and that's cool I can't make anda all Cinta it.

Read it and then think and the write to me and see what anda think I would see what others think about it.

Deuces Chucked up.
Peace ! :D
Okay so I have written a story about Dimitri Belikov being so much better than Edward Cullen when really I should have written about Richelle being better than Stephanie as a writer. Which is 100% TRUE!

We as readers want to read a story about Cinta that is worth being fought for ,sure Twilight was a beautiful story but one that came from an over night dream over a story written sejak a woman who has been Penulisan her whoe life.

Yes Stepahnie wrote Edward in a a way where no woman could resist him but Dimitri and Ros Cinta is one worth being fought for. When Edward left in New moon Bella turned...
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posted by morganmayhem12
Richelle mead has not released who is going to bintang in the spin off series because she doesn't want to give away who lives atau dies atau who gets together. She did say that there will be 6 buku in the spin off series just like there are 6 buku in this series.

As for Spirit Bound mead berkata that if your a big Adrian peminat then anda will Cinta that book because he will be in there alot. And that its not as dark as Blood Promise but it does have its sad moments.

Most of anda have probably already read the first chapter of Spirit Bound, but if your looking for lebih anda can hear her read another part of her book on YouTube that has to do with being kicked out of the royal court because she back talked the Queen atau something and gets her fortune read again with the tarot cards.
posted by lunajrv

Yeva Belikova is a dhampir and the mother of Olena Belikova. She was Guardian for some time, but returned utama to raise her family, as she believes all dhampir women should. She is the maternal grandmother of Karolina, Dimitri, Sonja and Viktoria Belikov(a), and the great grandmother of Paul and Zoya Belikov(a) and Sonja's newborn baby.
In Blood Promise, when Rose Hathaway and Yeva first meet, she pretends that she can't speak nor understand English, however, it is later revealed that is was merely an act. She has a "gift" of being able to supposedly see the future, which Rose is very skeptical of. She is disappointed in Rose for staying in Baia so long and tells her she needs to leave and find Dimitri, like she came to do in the first place.

Xander Badica

Xander Badica is a royal Moroi boy and a student at St. Vladimir’s Academy. He asks Rose what it was like when she let Lissa feed off her and claims that Danielle Szelsky let him bite her once. Xander wants to know if Rose liked it and says that he wants to bite Rose to see what dhampirs taste like. Lissa gets angry and tells him to leave her alone. Rose tells Xander that she'd have to hit him and that it would be a waste because he was pretty. Xander is offended because he thinks he is lebih than pretty and when Carly doesn't agree with him, he forgets Rose because he has to defend his honor.


Wards are placed on the outskirts of important buildings and homes. The ward is made with four of the elements: fire, air, earth, and water. A ward keeps out the undead Strigoi and ghosts. Wards can be broken with an Enchanted silver stake. Strigoi cannot touch a silver stake but throughout the series, the guardians learn that humans are working for the Strigoi in hopes of one hari being turned. The humans can touch silver stakes, and when a silver stake is driven into the ground where the ward is, the ward is broken and the undead are able to enter the area that was once shielded with a ward. St. Vladimir’s Academy and the Royal Court are protected with wards.


A human who willingly donates blood to a Moroi. Feeders usually become addicted to the drug-like endorphins in a vampire’s saliva, which give intense pleasure when bitten.


Known Moroi Feeders
Alice (in Shadow Kiss)
Dorothy (in Bloodlines Series)

Strigoi Forced Feedings in Frostbite
When Rosemarie Hathaway, Mason Ashford, Eddie Castile, Mia Rinaldi, and Christian Ozera were captured and held captive sejak Strigoi Isaiah and Elena, Isaiah would stop sejak every so often and take a drink from Eddie. Eddie was left scarred sejak the incident and blames himself for everything.
Strigoi Forced Feedings...
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posted by DaniKatZ
~+*+~ PROLOGUE ~+*+~
"Moroi are born. Strigoi are made."
- Rose Hathaway (Blood Promise)

~+*+~ ONE ~+*+~

"Still, I appreciated my body’s early warning system and was relieved my stalker tonight wasn’t an insanely fast, insanely vicious vampire. I’d fought enough of those recently and kind of wanted a night off."
- Rose Hathaway (Blood Promise)

"All this time, I’d been thinking Moroi men would be the best way to go to get information about a village of dhampirs and blood whores—but what better way to locate this place than sejak asking an actual blood whore?"
- Rose Hathaway (Blood Promise)

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posted by DaniKatZ
~+*+~ CHAPTER ONE ~+*+*~
"Some coherent part of me immediately realized what was happening—and boy, was it pissed off."
- Rose Hathaway (Shadow Kiss)

"This wouldn't have been a problem if the two of them had been in katil like normal people-and sejak "being in bed," I mean "asleep.""
- Rose Hathaway (Shadow Kiss)

"She didn't understand what it was like to be filled with a Cinta so strong that it made your chest ache-a Cinta anda could only feel and not express."
- Rose Hathaway (Shadow Kiss)

"Keeping Cinta buried was a lot like keeping anger pent up, I'd learned. It just ate anda up inside until anda wanted...
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posted by SaphyriBelikov
 Alex Pettyfer
Alex Pettyfer
okay guys, before anda even think about saying " No, No way in hell, he's not play Adrian!" Well have a look at this link: and then come back and see me..


That guy anda just saw is the guy on the Facebook: official Vampire Academy Movie is who they are getting to play our lovely Adrian Ivashkov... :D
he sounds like a fag and he doesn't even have Green Eyes ! And no one knows who he is...

Now, if anda look at Alex..He has beautiful NATURAL green eyes and if anda look at alot of the roles he has played . He plays the spoilt, cocky, arrogant, rich kid who always get what he wants..and who do we know who is like that....?? Hmm??

Okay guys, i'm gonna put up a tinjauan and please vote for who anda think should play Adrian Ivashkov
1. Victor dahskov( ew a creepy old man! ew and not mention a creepy old man!)
2 Ralf Voda( who ever thinks he's hot has serious problems)
3 Jesse zeklos(we get carried away sejak his annoying nature we can't see his true beauty cause he doesn't have any!)
4. Aaron. ( he's too up him self to be hot)
5. ambrose( nm he's okay but not as good looking as some of the other guys)
6. Nikoloi( he so cute!)( ppl's he's viktori'a friend and has a giant crush on her)
7. adrian ivaskov( how can we resist this naughty boy!)
8 Christian ( sexy Emo power!)
9. nhte hottest of them all Dimitri Belikov the tall sexy mysterious Russian guy, we are all in Cinta with him but only one girl can have him which is Rose)

Tell me your points of view
posted by DaniKatZ
~+*+~ CHAPTER ONE ~+*+~
"One of the few downsides to being awakened is that we no longer require sleep; therefore we also no longer dream. It's a shame, because if I could dream, I know I'd dream about you."
- Dimitri Belikov (Spirit Bound)

I had to be pretty distracted to not notice her, and if ever there was a distraction, it was someone wanting to kill me."
- Rose Hathaway (Spirit Bound)

Lissa: "Alberta thinks there's a good chance we can stay together--that you'll still be my guardian."
Rose: "I think Alberta was saying that to keep me in school. I think Alberta knows the only way they'd let...
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Elle Fanning....? Dakota Fanning.....? Amanda Seyfried.....? Diana Aragon.....? and Laura Ramsey.....?????? These women and...girls are who some people want to play our beautiful Vasilisa. Really? Would anda want a 12 tahun old girl to play a 17 tahun old Moroi Princess(Slash Queen).......really come on guys maybe Mia but that's as far as it should go and not to mention the others they should just stay in Red Riding hud, hood and Glee. ..L....

But have a look at Babydoll aka Emily Browning (SuckerPunch) I'm sure you'll see a bit of Vasilisa in her. She has the innocence of Lissa and she is just beautiful the way Lissa should be. Shes a good representation of this character.

So think about it, juggle it in your head before anda push that 'No' button okay :D
posted by Starvire
As this says it's all a matter of opinion feel free to disagree because it really doesn't matter but I like getting my opinion out there so here it goes.

Rose Hathaway - Lyndsy Fonseca
If anda have watched Nikita atau anything she has been in anda know she can act not to mention Lyndsy has an edge

Dimitri - Ben Barnes
Well I don't care who dimitri is to be honest but Ben seems like he has good potential

Lissa - Amanda Seyfried
Ok this one I can't really explain but all the Filem I have seen her in she just reminds me of Lissa alot.

Mason - Jackson Rathbone
Not a twilight peminat but Jackson has the curlyish...
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