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19 tahun old kressida violet was barely a toddler when her family sent her to live with her aunt keeping up the age-old-tradition of their clan. Now, in her teens, Kressie is lebih than excited to return to her unfathomable, mysterious, yet unknown-to-the world hometown- STEADSWELL. She makes new friends, discovers her new life and is baffled sejak the terrifying secret one of her classmates is keeping.

But little does Kressie realize that her dreams and aspirations could turn into nightmares overnight in the land of Steadswell where she is drawn deeper and deeper into the chilling atmosphere of mystery, darkness and evil. Embarking on a cloak-and-dagger journey Kressie finds her herself in the midst of HUMANS who seem to have an uncanny connection to her.

atau MAYBE NOT HUMANS AT ALL...................
Old B&W short film from France. full movie: 8.51
jean painleve
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I am Mrs.Vani, my job is to murder any vampire that comes my way. I was raised to do this, murder off any vampire I see. They murder humans with no hati, tengah-tengah no soul! They are evil, and do not deserve to be on this earth.

It is a cold dark night. I am wearing my V-neck sweater. This way I can atract some un-desired attention to my neck. The stars are barly showing. "Hi!" Gotcha! I turn is a vampire I can tell immideatly because they smell like blood, and are very pale, I am trained to tell the differce between pale humans, and dead-skin white vampires. "Hello..." I drag off. I pull...
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Chapter 1: Something strange
“Did anda hear?”
“I can’t believe it!”
“I’m scared!”
That’s what everyone’s been hearing and saying for about the past month.
I’m daisy BTW, just your average 7th grade girl living in a not so average town.
I’m guessing anda wanna know what happened, well just read on!
It was a dark and stormy night, midnight….
Hahaha just kidding, here’s the real story.
It was a warm, but dark summer night. So Ms. Katie Banks decided to take a walk.
She should have thought it over.
In her backyard are some woods, and that’s where this...
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