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While Corbin faces a tough decision about whether to talk to Siona, Wyatt works up the nerve to share his feelings with Luci...
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Elvira endorsing Coors beer.In 1996 Elvira was the 1st celebrity to market her own beer,but it only lasted a tahun due to the bad reception she received at the Colorado bir Convention:they refused her entry because her neckline was too low!
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coors light bir ad
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Vampires are in these days. It's debatable whether they ever really went out-I mean, who hasn't at least gone through a phase where they were entranced sejak vampires? Vampires are sexy, strong, and forbidden-what could be lebih fascinating than that? And there are so many Vampires worlds to choose from now: Twilight, House of Night, Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries, Vladimir Tod, True Blood, Blue Blood, the van Alen Legacy, Blood Ninja, Blood Coven, and even Buffy and The Lost Boys, who never get old.

It's no wonder so many people want to play in those worlds sejak Penulisan fanfiction. Here are a few...
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