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Reasons why I hate 'TORI VEGA'

just to make everything clear here, i don't hate victoria justice i just hate her character and this is just my opinions =)

let me start episode sejak episode .

- in this episode i hate it when she was rubbing the coffee off of beck's baju , cuz she was seriously flirting with beck , how did i say so? well she was smiling while looking directly at beck's eyes while she was rubbing his baju and the way she kisses beck infront of jade not acceptable .. even if she wants revenge , i mean come on Ciuman someones boyfriend infront of his girlfriend thats just...
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Just Some Character Information!!!!
Tori Vega:A teenage girl,that is enrolled in "Holly wood Arts"High school after filling in for her older sister.Younger sister of Trina Vega.Her talent:Singing.

Andre Harris:A Teenage boy that is Friends with Tori Vega.He LOVES to play music!

Jade West:A teenage girl,that is always mad.And dosen't like anyone but her boyfriend Beck(at times)
Talent:Singing(i guess?).

Beck Oliver:A teenage boy,That loves to act!He also loves Jade,his girlfriend

Cat Valentine:A red head,Overly Excited,teenage girl,That is best Friends with Tori Vega.
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First off, I'm still sad. Just so anda all know that but I haven't stopped loving the tunjuk yet. It still gets a lot of my attention. Recently I've been Penulisan reviews (I've telah diposkan one under video on here) and I've only uploaded one of them due to internet issues.

But as I rewatch the episodes, I'm seeing some things I didn't before. Maybe it's my imagination, atau maybe in some cases, the writers were being clever.

First off, I'm very proud of the way this tunjuk ended, intentionally atau not. Beck and Jade WERE back together, and I will address my issues with Beck later in the artikel but I was...
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Lots of people say that Robbie and Cat should be together. I like Cabbie but I think Tribbie is cuter.

1. They have kissed twice. Robbie and Cat has only kissed passionately once.
2. Robbie is infatuated with Trina.
3. Robbie listens to Trina when she tells him to leave Rex.
4. In the audition, Robbie is happy with the kiss, he forgets his lines.
5. Both Robbie and Trina are considered bad actors.
6. Trina doesn't push away when Robbie kisses her.
7. Robbie wanted Trina to convert to Judaism. This may mean that Robbie wants a serious relationship with her.
8. The girl Trina was sitting...
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I'm not really sure where I should put this, so I just wrote it as another article. Perhaps it should be under soalan but oh well, the moderaters atau what ever can remove it if it ticks them off. I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed how oddly mean Jade was to Cat in Terror on cupcake, kek cawan jalan (Now one of my kegemaran episodes EVER)? Normally Jade has cheeky ways of dealing with Cat and it's one of my kegemaran things about the show. I almost died laughing when Jade pushed cerial in Cat's mouth, atau even in this episode she let her play with her keys. But oddly I've never seen Jade scream...
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