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Hi everyone, This is IcyClaw speaking.. So... I just found out because I was scrolling on tik tok that there is a new warrior Kucing game coming out in roblox.. Well I think so because a lot of people have been saying this on tik tok lately if anda went to check it out I don't think it will be that good because there still making it but I still recommend to check it out if anda have roblox. Anyway bye stay selamat, peti deposit keselamatan and have a good hari everyone.
Icecloud stared up at Lionblaze, her eyes unblinking and wide. "I- i saw anda kill that badger, and anda didnt even get hurt!" she gasped and her hati, tengah-tengah went into her throat when Lionblaze looked grim. The golden tabby tom got off her and she sat up, licking her bulu down so that it was sleek again. "Well... y'see... i um, have a power that... only Dovewing and Jayfeather know, and its that i cant be hurt in the worst fight." Lionblaze mumbled. Icecloud leapt up, and her bulu bristled, "I knew it!" she snarled and Lionblaze looked taken aback. "I KNEW it! Ever since you, Dovewing and Jayfeather...
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I mean seriously. People think Cinderpelt was Fireheart's mate atau crush at one point. Fireheart was Cinderpelt's mentor before she hurt her leg. They did not like each other in that way. I am going to senarai a few reasons why they could not be together.
1. Fireheart was and is to old for her.
2. Fireheart liked Sandstorm.
3. Cinderpelt became a medicine cat.
So yes, those are some reasons. I hope I did not offend anyone. This is just my opinion.

Please komen if anda agree with me:)

posted by segafan
First Part of Name


Last Part of Name



Now anda can find your perfect Warrior Cat name! Have fun, and enjoy!

Name example: Brambleheart
Reason she became a medicat because of matey issues!
Knew Firepaw for like four months
Really liked him even though he barely spoke to her!
Really visited him from Starclan every time he dreamed , probably trying to make him realize he wanted her!
Was too young to be dead!
Left all worlds being a mary sue and saving Sandstorm out of misplaced 'selflessness'
More like Saltstorm!
When Firepaw came into Clan:
Mocked him as a 'kittypet'
Sided with Dustpaw, who obviously likes her way lebih than Firepaw
When Fireheart became a warrior before her, she was jealous and resentful.
When he...
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So, i was thinking the other hari what to add to my artikel yesterday and some out of the blue theory came up. I berkata in that artikel that faded Kucing go in a endless loop of meamories, and they go from kit to fading, and they keep knowlege from they re real life(and afterlife, like starclan, d f. etc). Well, what if they could make diff choises then before, because they would learn from mistakes right? Like so a dark forest cat could have a secound chance. And also there would be a lot of what ifs. There is litallary no evendise for any of this but, its just fun to think of. Signing out, berrynosestinks(he does!).
posted by berrynosestinks
 Rawak cat image
random cat image
hei everyone, its berrynosestinks and im going to talk about some damn jayfeather ship. right here right now, im going to blow this ship up with 5 missles.
2. Guys, if we be true, he uses the stick for one thing, one thing, and thats for talking with his gf, half moon, so i say ride the half moon jayfeather ship
3.wtf are we talking about jayfeather and stick having kits(im talking to u, the fucken person who made stick kits image
4. the stick got broken and has been laying on the ground for last past decades
5 ship sinks right now, jayfeather does not mate, he iz very oppesed to that do to (spoiler alert) his dead mother, leafpool.

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 it took 5 missles and boom, blew up ship, signing out, berrynosestinks
posted by QuietStream46
I GOT A LETTER FROM ERIN HUNTER!!! I WROTE TO HER A FEW MONTHS lalu AND THEY RESPONDED! Apparently the Warriors Movie screenplay is being written (i asked if there was a warriors movie coming out) and there is a super-edition about SquirrelFlight coming out soon! I AM SO EXITED! I cant believe i actually got a letter from her! I write letters to my role models/companies as a hobby, and Erin Hunter was one of my lebih recents letters. The last paragraph seemed like computer response, but NOT THE FIRST 2! There is no way the first 2 paragraphs were computerized! I also asked about a Warrior Kucing Video Game, but no mention about that.
The Warriors series is good for early teenagers, Especially
Cat fanatics it has Fantasi elements, and something interesting happens each arc.HOWEVER,it's not good for little kids and those who are sensitive to blood, animal death and violence.

Darknightprincess says that it was a great series the grew up on

Goldfish the Furry berkata it should be 13 plus which I disagree

I think this book should be 9 plus.
MisakiBeans berkata that it's ok for teens but to violence for kids.

Binkyhorse berkata that it has good Penulisan the violence is emotional y impactful, depends on the kid.
 "Our little secret"
"Our little secret"
"Goodnight, Barley," berkata Ravenpaw.

"Sweet dreams," berkata Barley.

Ravenpaw drifted off into sleep. He found himself in a strange and dark place. Two glowing eyes were staring at him. A cat walked out that Ravenpaw reconized. That scar, that chip in his ear, that tabby pelt, it was Tigerstar!

"T-Tigerstar, w-what are yo-you doing here?" berkata Ravenpaw.

"Oh, Ravenpaw my kegemaran apprentice," berkata Tigerstar,"Turns out our little secret got out, remember what I told you."

"Y-You told me that anda would kill me if I told," berkata Ravenpaw,"But I didn't tell Bluestar, Firestar did."

"Yes, but someone told Firestar," berkata Tigerstar," And he thought that if he ran away he would get away with it." He unsheathed his claws.

"Y-You can't really hurt me, this is a dream," berkata Ravenpaw.

"Oh, think again," berkata Tigerstar. He jumped on Ravenpaw and pinned him. "Our little secret," he whispered and bit Ravenpaw's neck.
posted by Petalfrost
It has been a moon sense the apprentices learned of their power and something has been keeping silverpaw and petalfrost on edge. "When do anda think it will come" asked silverpaw. "I don't know" berkata petalfrost. "I just hope it doesn't come true" berkata dustclaw as he walked over to them. As they along with oceanpaw sat sejak the river silverpaw looks at the sky. "What is it" asked oceanpaw.

"The foxes" whispered silverpaw. "I see them attacking camp once again" continued silverpaw. Then all the sudden they here yowls and battle cries coming from camp. "Lets go" yelled petalfrost and they ran to camp....
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posted by Petalfrost
The moon shines high in the sky. The sky is filled with the silver pelts of starclan. Moonstar leader of moonclan watches as the four clans set out for the meeting that was held every full moon. She remembers the time when her clan lived with the others in the forest. That was until one hari when a flood happened and moonclans part of the forest was destroyed.

After a moon the clan had found a new area to call utama for their clan. Unfortunately they made an enemy when they came to the new forest. It was utama to warriors for a clan called deathclan. Back at moonclan the warriors are setting...
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posted by Spottedtail139
" Why " Starpaw asked " Do anda not like me as medicine cat?"

" I Cinta anda as medicine cat but, I know StarClan will agree with

me anda will go for SunClan" he berkata wisely.

" Ok Firestar " she said. When she outside Crowpaw was

waiting for her. " Crowpaw my father wants me to go on the

journey with you" she said.

" Really!" he berkata excidedly.

" Yep" she said. They talk until it was time to go.

" Thank anda but, we must go now" Swiftfoot said.

" May StarClan be with you" Firestar said. " My daugher will be

going with anda she is a medicine cat so she will be great help"

" Yes, Firestar" he said...
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My Clan, WaterClan ~ The Rulers of the Ocean, is active and We wouldn't mind lebih company. We're always looking for lebih people! There's RP and soon, we will host Art Challenges and more! It's really fun to sertai and even if anda don't, tell me what else we should do to improve.

{ ^ ^ }. _
/ \ .( (

Thank anda for your time!~ Nya!

~ DoveXTiger <3
posted by Minion_Lover
Thunder Clan

It was a damp,cold morning. Mistystar was out on a walk with Willowfur to think over what to do. " We can all ways…… no it wouldn't work……but it might." berkata Mistystar. "What is it Mistystar?" asked Willowfur. " I was thinking …… we can do what our ancestors did long lalu and the clans can work together and hunt as pairs." replied Mistystar. " Perhaps but-" the Kucing lifted their heads in unison. "Shadow Clan." berkata Willowfur with a growl. " Go get Mudclaw for me, tell him to help wake the the camp,tell Silverpaw...
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posted by Petalfrost
Petalfrost battles the fox while dustclaw goes and hides the apprentices. Petalfrost pounces at it hooking her claws into its back and using all her weight to pull it onto its side. It does fall and as she goes to swipe her claws at it the fox hit her with one paw and she gets knocked back. The fox scraped her side with its paw. Dustclaw then comes and pounces on it back hooking his claw into its back and bit it's neck. The fox yowled when dustclaw did. It knocked dustclaw of its back and of balance.

As it went to attack dustclaw petalfrost got up and went to attack again but it hit her and...
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Okay, for one, i think it was fucken dumb to make Kucing fade. So, anyway, many say reincarnation, many say gone(really only vicky, who is a ass), and still otherz say secound paradise. Well let me tell u what i think. Faded Kucing probally go though a endless loop of meamories. That sounds dumb and no proof, but it makes since, bad Kucing would have to relive thier horrible expirice, while good Kucing get peaceful atau good relives. They also are just gone but reliving, u cant see atau talk to them, but it soundz a just ending for those faded. Oh thats what i think, but if u want to belive something else, go ahead idiot
-You say 'StarClan' instead of 'God'

-You call mean people 'Tigerstars' and tell them they belong in the Dark Forest

-You desperately want to know what it would be like to eat mouse.

-You walk through the woods looking for a tupai for your grandpa.

-You made up a Clan

-You make yourself leader of this Clan

-You make your best friend the deputy of this Clan

-And your other Friends warriors and one friend medicine cat.

-You made a spot on FanPop for your Clan.

-You write Warriors fanfics

-Usually about your Clan

-You "hunt" for stuff

-You want to know all of the warriors in ThunderClan personally

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My name is Thrushpelt. Ever since Bluepaw caught that squirrel, I admired her. When she became the young warrior,Bluefur, I was overjoyed. I became a warrior a week before she was born, and now that we finally shared a den, I had hopes that we would become closer. When Pinestar took her to the Moonstone, i made her nest for her, hoping she'd appreciate it. But when she got back, all she did was murmur a few words to Snowfur and fall asleep.

Every day, she seemed to grow lebih defensive.When Snowfur died, killed on the Thunderpath, the only cat she seemed to care for was her nephew,Whitestorm.Thistleclaw
seemed to hate her, for whatever reason,and she was so wrapped up in hating him back she didn't pay any attention to me....
When dhe realized my feelings for her, she seemed to be trying to avoid me.Then she was haviong Riverclasn kits!
posted by Spottedtail139
Firepaw had just become a warrior, his warrior name was

Fireheart. Beside him he heard a soft whisper "Fireheart" and to

his surprise there was the cat he thought was dead

'Spottedleaf'."Spottedleaf is that really you?" he berkata with wide-


"Yes my love" she whispered

" Oh, Spottedleaf how I've miss you! We must tell Bluestar -"

"No, Fireheart I've come to ask anda something" she said.

" What is it?" his asked.

She stared at the ground, than she berkata in a soft whisper "Will

you run away with me Fireheart?" He was surprised that was

what she wanted to ask him. Than he berkata " Yes, anda know I

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