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Three days are all that remain. God has died, and the barrier between Heaven, Hell, and the earth are thin, ready to tear. Those that do not seek punishment in their hearts, those with hearts not burdened by guilt, shall attain paradise. However, those ridden with guilt, those desiring even a fraction of punishment, are doomed to a fate of everlasting torment on the scorched remains of the earth. The demons will arrive, and the angels of Heaven will abandon the remaining humans to their fate. The ones on earth will become immortal. They will not die. They will never die. They will resurrect, and face death from their tormentors once again. Every human had hoped to seek a way to fight off the demons, to survive and to claim the earth as theirs again. But nothing works. Now they have a new goal set: Find a way to die forever.

The only way to attain Heaven is to remove the weight of guilt in your heart, to accept your fate, and hopefully, come to peace. But there is no easy way for that to be obtained. But there are said to be strange travelers that roam the lands in portable machinery. Be they remnants of the world before or by they otherworldly beings, they are said to give a contract to those that have the will to fight and the will to make a great choice. Seven survivors are given seven weapons by seven strange maidens. Depending on who you are, your choices can make a world for the humans, for the demons, or for Heaven. The choice is yours

The Weapons of Divinity
Virtue (Taken)
Honor (Taken)

The first five characters to appear can claim the weapons

Your character must have some guilt of some kind. Be it minor or a huge part of their character
You can kill other characters. They come back regardless. However, a human killed with a Weapon of Divinity is permanently dead. Same goes for demons
Only Seven people can hold the Weapons of Divinity. No one can pick up the weapon. When they die, the weapon goes with them, so it is impossible to pick up from their original corpse
If you die, you can find your original corpse around in the world somewhere
Some demons are violent, with their threat level varying. Others are just rude, but won't attack. But none of them are friendly or want to help humans
The world is also filled with the undead, original souls of hell. They can vary from friendly, rude, or straight out violent.
Characters can have real named, but they are unnecessary. Most go by nicknames in the world now

Add whatever details to your character you see fit
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hampir setahun yang lalu Windwakerguy430 said…
~Three Days Remaining~

Character: Helter Skelter
Age: 28
Occupation: Freelance worker
Personality: Kindhearted, but mostly quiet. Helpful, understanding, but quiet about his past
Bio: A regular traveller, he is always moving, never staying in one place and always trying to help, if for personal reasons
Weapon of Divinity: Virtue
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hampir setahun yang lalu cosmic_fusions said…
the weapons of divinity or the elements of friendship xD
hampir setahun yang lalu Windwakerguy430 said…
In a sense only the opposite
Like, the user for Courage is a huge coward. And the user of Generous is a con artist
Interested in having an Element of Harmony
hampir setahun yang lalu Windwakerguy430 said…
*A young man sat on a train in the big city, many of the people sitting in an uncomfortable manner, some too nervous to move, but there were those that remained clam, just playing on their phones or reading newspapers. The young man kept his eyes on the window as the train passed over the city. From atop the sky, he could see the sun, black and red by some strange event. It was the sight of the sun that caused many people to become worried. It had been going on for a month now, but nothing more has happened than that. He just kept his eyes on the city, hoping to ignore the strange occurrence that was going on. But it was nigh impossible not to ignore. He gazed his eyes over to the newspaper's headlines, which discussed the sun. How it was the same all over the world. Whatever it was, it was no eclipse.*
*Music cue*
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