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 I mean look at him he's MY OBBSESSION!!!!
I mean look at him he's MY OBBSESSION!!!!
hei Fanpop Viewers out there so as anda can tell sejak the tajuk of this artikel i want your opinion on whether atau not Ross Lynch should be in Sexiest Man Alive 2017!

So here is one word to describe Ross: Adorable!!!! anda heard me, he is so cute and funny!! I am like his biggest peminat in the world to prove it check out my 75 facts about Ross lynch article!!! And here are a few reasons on why Ross lynch should be Sexiest Man of 2017

1. He was born to pose

2. He has the most perfect hair in the whole universe

3. He has the cutest eyes ever

4. He has the most perfect shape body


(P.s I will do anything to meet Ross literally ANYTHING!!!!! I <3 u Ross!!!)

So komen on ure opinion if u think Ross should be sexiest man of 2017!!!
 Rossometer: HIGH
Rossometer: HIGH
 Rossometer: OFF THE SCALE
Rossometer: OFF THE SCALE
posted by axemnas
 Joker Meme
Joker Meme
Character sheets? I know your probably wondering why I'm bringing up character sheets in a creative Penulisan area. The fact is character sheets can be an important tool to your writing.

If anda Outline atau came up with a character that anda don't think quite fits in your current story, a sheet is a good tool to you.
Character sheets are a good way to keep track of your characters. Their growth as anda go; It helps anda work out little quirks in their personality like for example 'Twitch bites his nails when he doesn't have his twin nearby'. Every little bit helps with keeping things in mind and expanding...
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posted by para-scence
I know the Columbine Massacre anniversary was Friday, so I decided to put up a story I wrote about it. I wrote this a couple months lalu from the viewpoint of Craig Scott. Please komen and let me know what anda think.

“Craig! Get up! We’re going to be late!“ My sister Rachel pounded her fist on my door. I reluctantly opened my eyes to look at the clock. I had only ten minit to get ready. I cursed under my breath and got dressed quickly, not bothering to grab anything to eat. I got to Rachel’s car just before she was about to ditch me. I tried to catch up on my algebra homework on the...
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posted by mitchie19
What's the first thing on your mind when anda hear the word love? A child might say Hearts, many people will say, two people in love.

For me, Cinta makes the world go around. I don't know what that means but, it does. A lot of people say it. Wherever anda go, whatever place you've been, there's always love.
It's also not just feelings but emotions. Your emotions draws anda to that person, and sometimes we hope that that person likes us back too right?

Love is hard. We always want love. I don't know why a lot of people want Cinta so much. When I see a couple somewhere, I get jealous. I tell myself:...
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posted by StarStorm
The Fay
The fay is a menyeberang, cross between a demon and an angle.
They are very very powerful and are now hunted, but
a fay can take the form of any living organism, so the few that are left are in hiding. And this is the story of one human who finds out that all the myths and legends about angles and demons are all very very true.

Suizanna Gentry is a average girl. She lives in a small apartment with her mom and dad, she has two Kucing and a overexcited
dog. She goes to a good school. Makes average grades. Has
four best friends. And is plain. But one hari she wakes
up to hear her parents arguing with...
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posted by Firewriter
This is a new book I've been working on to help channel my PTSD. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Chapter One

"Get back up to South Sector now!" A man's gruff voice boomed from the walkie-talkies clipped to the belts of the grey and zaitun green camouflage uniforms of the handful of guards. The harsh command reverberated in the deathly silent area as an individual stealthily crept through the heap of lifeless corpses which gazed emptily at him as he reached for one guard's static walkie-talkie. Sighing heavily in exhaustion from the fight he had to put up, he kicked at...
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 Watch out guys for 21!
Watch out guys for 21!
By:Android_21 How there became a Mirai Android 21
Chapter I:The Androids Attack!!!
____________________Android 21's P.O.V.________________________
It was just like any normal day,except that I was made of metal
and an Android.I had cybernetics placed in my body when I
was 20 sejak Dr.Gero,a crazy lunitic with issues.He did the same
to my brother and sister only I'm stronger and have special
abilities.I heard 17 laugh,18 sigh,and I just rolled my
eyes."Really bro.?Did anda have to kill him when I berkata I would
spare his life?" I asked, and he just shrugged and laughed.18
sighed again,and...
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posted by darkwave
I had a dream that was not at all a dream

The splendid sun was extinguished, and the stars

Roamed the dark eternal space,

No rays atau script, and the icy earth

Revolved and blind negrejante the moonless air;

It came and went in the morning - came and brought no day;

And men forgot their passions in the horror

This desolation, and the hearts cooled

A selfish prayer implored light:

And they lived around the fire, and the thrones,

The palaces of crowned kings, the huts,

Addresses, finally, the genre that was,

In flames gave light; Cities is consumed

And the men gathered at the homes igneous

To look once again...
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posted by sawfan13
Early in the afternoon. All of my sisters and her Friends are so excited about this trip to an actual wild forested area in Africa. I'm kinda on the fence about it, and I'm trying to start my own pool to see if my sister and her Friends will spaz out before they set foot on real jungle grass. He he. It's going to be so hilarious watching these spoiled rich brats take a look at a place without electricity, room-service, houses, pluming, and money usage. It's a high-heel free zone, and they're still wearing those screaming sequined death traps that their so-called "natural born perfected" feet...
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One date...One tarikh will not hurt me Brian thought muttering to himself inside of his dimly lit room. His room was darkened sejak picures of obscure creatures, that he hand drew, he is an outstanding aritist, all of his work is so detailed, if he drew a indow, with scenery behind it, you'd actually think it was one, anda might make a fool out of yourself sejak tring to open it atau clean it....but thats how good he was. He can't get her off his mind. Luna and Brian were about to go on there first (planned) date. Suprising, Brian, being a Demon of the Dark,was nervous. Nervous? How can I be NERVOUS?...
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posted by sexiitreysongz
10 years lalu I Lost both my parents in a car crash. I've been living on my own for about 8 years, I lived with my grandmother for a while untill I got a job and found an apartment for real cheep. I never realized what it was like to lose your parents and feel this bad. I never knew my self would be in this postion. Alone, no true family, a baby on the way. How do these girls deal with kind of stuff. They act like everything is so easy,and they have nothing to worry about. Maybe becasue they have moms and grandmothers to help them out. I have no body. My grandmother kicked me out after...
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posted by MagicalMadness
I've always wanted to be a mermaid! I recently found this spell and I've already got some of the side effects! I know that not all spells work for everybody but I hope this one works for you;)
First the side effects: (are some of the side effects I got)
-itchy legs and back
-singing a lot
-crossing legs a lot

What anda will need:
-water(warm atau cold doesn't matter)
-tea spoon
-belief that the spell will work
-10 pm-11
-a symbol (necklace, bracelet)

What anda need to do:
1.fill the cup/bowl halfway with water
2.put a teh spoon of salt into the water and stir
3.drop your...
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posted by ZekiYuro
When anda Have To Choose Between 2 Possibilities:

1.Take your time.The most important thing is not to make a decision in a hurry.

2.Make a senarai of the positive and negative points for both opinions.Then decide which points are most important and compare the two lists.

3.If anda ask other people for their advice,don't ask lebih than 1 atau 2.If anda ask a lot of people,this will probably confuse you.

4.Use your imagination to help you.Imagine yourself in both situations.How do anda feel?Relaxed atau stressed?

5.When you've made a decision,wait a bit before anda tell other people,to see how anda feel.If anda feel comfortable with your decision after an hour,you have probably made the right decision.

6.Finally,remember that anda can't have everything.Choosing one of two possibilities always means that anda can't have the one anda didn't choose.And it's impossible to always make the right decision!
Here is a selection of true stories from around the world last week.
1.Price of the week.
James Bolton,who is unemployed,was very excited when he won first prize in a raffle last week.The prize was a weekend for two at a hotel in Bournemouth on the south coast of England.Unfortunately,he was less excited when he saw the name of the hotel.It was the hotel where he had worked as a porter the sebelumnya month.He had Lost his job there.

2.Mistake of the week
A 33-year-old Norwegian man came utama one night from the pub and got into katil seterusnya to his wife.The woman immediately woke up,screamed,and jumped...
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posted by CullenProperty
"I'd like a room please," Nick tells the front meja clerk. The old lady give both of us a look over and dompet, beg tangan her lips then rolls her eyes.
"ID please," she tells us, "both of you," she looks at me.
"Mine's in the car, I'll be right back," I tell Nick, smiling at the lady.
I come back and the lady is defeated, she really didn't think I had one, but I showed her! She gives my drivers license back with a roll of the eyes and watches me as Nick fills out the paperwork.
"What's the license plate, Grace?" he asks.
My mouth drops and my eyes nearly fall out of my head. I turn around so the lady...
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Mick Jagger went back to his old school recently-for the first time since he left in 1961.He was invited to the school to open the 'Mick Jagger Performing Arts centre',a new Muzik and drama department at Dartford Grammar School.

Jagger berkata that he was 'honoured' that the centre was name after him.But in a newspaper interview 2 days before he told the journalist that in fact he hated school and that he used to be a rebel.

He didn't use to do the homework-'there was far too much'-and he was continually at war with the teachers.He used to break the rules all the time,especially rules he thought...
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posted by ZekiYuro
It's offical-British children are getting fatter.According to a survey published in the British Medical Journal in 2001,nearly 16 per cent of two-year-olds are overweight and lebih than 20 per cent of four-year-olds are overweight.And since 2001,the problem has got worse.The government's latest health survey found out that today about 30 per cent of al children are overweight.

Children watch too much television,and they see ten Makanan advertisements for every jam of TV they watch.They do less excersise,play less sport,and spend lebih time watching video atau playing computer games than they...
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If anda were hiking in the North American Wilderness and anda saw a menanggung, bear coming slowly towards you,what would anda do?
a)"I'd talk to it quietly"
b)"I'd walk away slowly"
c)I'd try not to look at it"
d)"I'd make a loud noise"
e)"I'd run"
f)"I'd climb a tree"
g)"I'd pretend to be dead"
h)"I'd spray pepper in its eyes"
i)"I'd try to fight it"

Well,all of these are possible-the best thing to do depends on the mood that the menanggung, bear is in.If it comes towards anda slowly,experts say anda should talk to it quietly,walk away as slowly as possible,and don't look the menanggung, bear in the eye.It's possible that it will lose interest....
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posted by zutaraforever
It was five o’ clock in the afternoon and I was listening, singing, and dancing to music. It was at that moment that my parents came into my room.

“Yuko, I am afraid we have some bad news,” she berkata in a sad tone of voice.

So I stopped what I was doing and listened. My parents sat down with me.

“Yuko, I know that anda like it here in Jepun and so do we. But I am afraid we have to alih somewhere else.”

My stomach sank and my hati, tengah-tengah broke. I have started to cry. I was devastated.

“B-But we can’t move. What about my friends?”

“I’m sorry, Yuko, but we can’t afford to continue living...
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posted by problematic124
****Thanks for the comments. I own all rights to this story****
Chapter 2
Friends and school
I woke up real early seterusnya morning. Dreading the hari ahead of me. Noel drove us to school on the way to work. We memorized our classes the hari before. Just wanted to keep anda awake.But the school was pretty nice. It occupied a long acre of rumput and trees. So on a hot hari the trees will shade us from the heat.
The office was the main building a bit larger than the cafeteria and the first first building you'll see.
You'd keep walking straight to glass double doors that lead outside to lush green rumput and...
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