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posted by GreenLight24
 4444, Desperata Ave.
4444, Desperata Ave.
Author's Note: Well hello faithful readers and Kekasih of Penulisan alike! This is the sequel to the story "Blacktie." on this club. So, if u haven't read it, go ahead a check it out, as this requires some prior knowledge. If u have read it, then awesome! Revenge is a dish best served in a tuxedo! lol.

The nighttime air was calm and the sky was dyed with a deep and reflective blue-black shade. Blacktie was still giddy over the successful trial run of his mental recall technology. He brushed himself off lightly and straightened his bow tie as he began to walk down Meredith jalan towards his final...
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posted by Kachetes
“why does she live in this side of town when anda have a hous- joshua was asking but my glare clearly got to him
“look its not like we dont want her in our house ... She IS married and she didnt want financial help from any one.Lupita is a girl thats loud and proud in a way but Marc is a good guy they're happy I just wish they would...”
I stop we stood in front of a small house and it looked like we missed a good party bir cans and bottles al over the front yard,a few dosen pizza boxes,three Anjing eating the leftovers,and one pretty lady passout on the grass;my aunt Lupita
“do I realy need...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
1. "True Cinta can blind anda but at the same time if anda let it, it can also open your eyes."
2. "Love and electricity are one in the same, my dear. If anda do not feel the jolt in your soul every time a Ciuman is shared, a whisper is spoken, a touch is felt, then you're not really in Cinta at all."
-C.J. Franks
3. "Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius."
-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
4. "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."
5. "I have found the paradox that...
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Best Penulisan Routine Is Simple But Not Easy sejak David Wappel via
posted by Epismatic
anda held up your labu spice finger,

With a playful wink,

Your sweetness saved me several times,

When I was on the brink,

The warmth within your spritely smile,

Allowed me to be real,

Your cinnamon and sugar hugs

They taught me how to feel.

I'd run down to the coffee shop,

So I could see your face.

You've seen me at my happiest,

You've seen me in disgrace.

And though you're always beaming,

Still I feel the need to say,

It's okay if anda have some days,

Where your spice fades away.
posted by Epismatic
A whisper in the cavern that goes unheard,

and a glimmer in the sky that stays unnoticed,

like the start of a brand new life, at the peak

of a mountain never scaled, lies in wait.

It can't be moved sejak any cosmic mover,

so no passing wind atau fog will douse it.

Only your eyes can scratch out the image

atau accept it, the light at the edge of your eyes.

Will anda take hold of the key you're offered?

Stop Singing of freedom; seek it instead?

To become a companion of the new

takes an ever expanding, soaring gaze.

But even sejak taking one step forward,

sejak placing one hand onto the mountain,

as the wind tugs gently at your back,

anda will realize the cage has already been broken.
Your hair is long, wet, and wavy and clings to anda as anda rise from the lake. anda get the sense that the water should be clearer. anda don’t dwell on it though, distracted sejak your own hair. anda don’t remember it being so long. With every motion the string of beads and shells woven into your hair bobs gently with a clicking noise. anda don’t realize that anda are topless until your hair settles against your back. But anda are not ashamed, there is a sense of liberation, anda can better feel what the earth and the wind are telling anda this way. If anda could see behind you, anda would know that...
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The Science Of Screenwriting - Dr. Connie gunting, shears [FULL INTERVIEW] via
posted by BennieBear27

There were at least 100 other children, including my brother, in the room. I saw two girls with light brown hair and green eyes stood a few feet away. One of them was clinging onto the other's arm.

"Jacob," I tugged my twin brothers arm. "Let's go say hi to those girls!" I pointed to them.

He nodded. We walked over to the girls.

"Hi!" Jacob berkata to them. "I'm Jacob! This is my brother, Milo." I smile.

"Hi! I'm Luna." The girl in my right said. Her baju was blue, whereas her sisters was red.

"I'm Kyla..." The girl who was clinging to Luna berkata quietly. She didn't meet our eyes...
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posted by Dhampires
Blood spattered everywhere. From the ground trickles of blood managed to reach my cheek.

I stood horrified tears swelled my eyes, my vision going unfocus the pain hit hard causing me to catch my breath. Tears rolled down my cheeks, the scene I'd witnessed far beyond my believe.

Yet I saw it all eye to eye.

She'd fallen at my feet soaked in her own blood. The imej played over in my head-a deep cut to her side, another to her throat, the final one was a stab just below the heart. I looked away my whole body shaking in fear, outrage and confusion.

I'd miss taken her for dead until I turned...
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posted by NormalcyIsDead
A little girl walked around the open playground, her solid brown eyes looking at the ground, sun shining on her straight auburn hair. It was her first hari of saat Grade at a new school, and she didn’t know anyone there. She much rather liked walking around and looking at all the little bugs and twigs and other stuff she could find, though, instead of playing Tag, atau swinging, atau making necklaces out of dandelions.

As she stooped down beside the tire house to poke at a little colony of ants, she heard a humming noise. She looked up and saw a little boy about her age, sitting on the top...
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As Cierra Fray ran through the cold forest, the scent of blood filled the air.
The stomping of boots behind her became louder and louder as time went on.
"Over here, men!" A loud voice said. "I can smell her blood! Come out, come out wherever anda are!" The voice was the head of Asru, the organization whose prison she escaped from.
The thick brush scraped her bare arms and legs, giving her deep cuts. Poison Ivy nicked her dark skin. Hopefully, Cierra looked up at the night sky for some sign of a way out. All that was there was the moon, mocking her. It was free, and she wasn't. Well, not with...
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posted by darkwave
"I forgave almost unforgivable mistakes ...
I tried to replace irreplaceable and unforgettable people forget ...
I've done things on impulse ...
I've never been disappointed with people when I thought let me down ...
But someone disappointed ...
Already embraced to protect ...
Since I could not laugh when ...
I made Friends for life ...
I loved and was loved ...
But I've been rejected ...
I loved and not loved ...
It screamed and jumped for joy ...
I have lived and made vows of eternal Cinta ...
"I broke the face" many times ...
I cried listening to Muzik and viewing foto-foto ...
Since I called...
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posted by Vampiyaa
   "What's wrong with Raphael?" Amena asked confusedly, entering the dapur in which Linda was preparing dinner. 
   "He's just down about something," Linda said, smiling at Amena. "He'll be out the minit he smells dinner." Amena took the spoon from Linda's hand and smiled.
   "Don't worry, I can finish up here," she berkata warmly. "Why don't anda rest for a while outside, maybe get some fresh air?" The saat Linda left Amena began digging for a pot.
   Raphael may have stolen my first kiss, she thought bitterly. But that doesn't mean that I shouldn't help him out...

Raphael lay there...
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posted by para-scence
"Good mornin'," Micah berkata as he arrived at the park; our usual meeting place. I stopped the hayun, swing just in time before I nearly kicked him in the face. We laughed.

"Sorry," I giggled. "Hey." He smiled and took a kerusi, tempat duduk in the hayun, swing seterusnya to me. My cheeks flushed as I thought over yesterday. I just had to know. "Um, Micah? What'd anda want to tell me yesterday? I mean, before I had to leave." He furrowed his eyebrows, then frowned.

"Huh? Oh... It was nothing."

"Ok," I nodded.

We soon Lost track of time, and were almost late for school. Since we couldn't take the long way, we had to take the faster way,...
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posted by sawfan13
The happy cherished life of Amanda and Karietta Cinta were to be shortened. Amanda was only eleven, when she found out that she had to play the role of "Mother Figure". Mandy and Karrie's mother had died of a rare disease that was very uncommon in this hari of age. It wasn't long before that their grandparents from both sides had died and a horrible tragedy had happened to most of their aunts, uncles, and cousins. Their father called it,"The Cinta Family Curse." Their father was with them, until Mandy turned eighteen and Karrie turned five. No one knows whether he died atau disappeared, but he was...
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posted by samuraibond005
Young Sumiko Yamakawa, a modern samurai in training, and no lebih than 15 years of age. Like most samurai in training she carries around a wooden sword, a bokken, and a dagger, a Tanto. Sumiko’s older brother, Itsuki, was a samurai, one who had recently graduated from the Shinto Ryu School of swordsmanship; not only was he trained to use a sword but a short 4 foot staff as well.
    It was the hari Itsuki was to be promoted to the rank of a samurai, the only thing he ever wanted, naturally his sister Sumiko was able to attend. Sumiko was the youngest of her family, Takashi...
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posted by irena83
Chapter 3: Moments of peace

Jack was handsome man.
His blue eyes were so strident, deep
as a sea.
He was a professor of mathematics.
He loved numbers and logics of knowledge,
but he wasn't patient with children, though.
Ignorance and inattention could break that small dose of humor he had.
What he wanted from children is to pay attention.
Sometimes he would come utama all grouchy.
Dana would leave him be 'till he cheers up.
She was very compassionate.
Peace was very important to her, that peace
inside and she wanted to keep it.
Feeding her baby, watching her while she's sleeping were the most precious moments.
Dana was wonderful mother, very sensitive and caring.
Jack enjoyed in every moment spent with his wife and Gwenny.
posted by ivanaoshea
Please don't mind if i have somewhere a mistake, english isn't my mother language.
i wrote better stories but only this is on english
i hope anda will like it.

In my street, there are many family houses. Some are big and with parking garages and some are living in car on the street. Mine is somewhere in the middle, I have my own room, one bathroom, dad’s room and dapur with living room. We don’t have one lebih floor. In the back yard is pool and house for dog. We actually don’t have a dog and every time when I ask my dad, he’s name is Mark:”When are anda going to buy me a dog? “And...
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