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KataraLover posted on Feb 07, 2011 at 10:57PM
What is your favorite young heroines of disney list? I'm very curious and please tell why their where their at. Here's mine to show you exactly what I mean.

1.Melody she's so amazing she's exactly like me in fact she's more like me than Ariel I love her just as much as Ariel

2.Alice she's alot like me she's curious, a dreamer, gets distracted easily she's just amazing

3.Eilonwy I've loved her ever since I first saw her movie I love how she's both mature, fun loving, childish, and playful at the same time I also love how she's not afraid to speak her mind "Girl! Girl! If it weren't for this girl you would still be in The Horned King's dungeon" but she's bland compared to my top 2

4.Lilo I've always enjoyed watching her in all four of her movies and her show she's very fun plus I relate to her because people think I'm weird too because I'm different but I don't love her as much as the others

5.Jenny she's so fun loving and I love her love for animals especially Oliver plus I know how she feels about her parents not being there for her birthday because sometimes my mom wasn't able to come to my birthday but she's kinda bland compared to the others

6.Jane she's so much better than her mother BY MILES unlike her mother she's actually heroic and has a real personality not a weak Mary Sue I relate to her dad going off to war and stop believing in fairty-tales but she's kinda a stick in the mud even though she changes

7.Shanti I love her she's sassy, mature, brave, smart, and a loyal friend but is a scary cat and a stick in the mud

8.Penny I felt sorry for her when she's sad and I like how she wasn't afraid to stand up to the villians and run away but she's bland and I like her but I don't love her

9.Wendy I like her but don't love her she's smart, nice, mature, childish, tells good stories, and a dreamer but she's a mega Mary Sue and a weakling

That's my list and reasons! What's yours?
 What is your kegemaran young heroines of Disney list? I'm very curious and please tell why their where

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hampir setahun yang lalu Gleek4ever said…
1. Wendy. I have always loved Wendy. I think she's beautiful, funny, smart, brave, loving, and kind. I love how she's kind of a mother figure. When I was little, I had a nightgown that was almost exactly like Wendy's. I would love to work at Disney World dressed up as her!!!

2. Alice. She's so much fun!!! I love how she explores Wonderland. She never pauses to freak out, think about what's going on, or become overcome with fear. She just keeps going! I imagine she would be a fun and loyal friend with an active imagination. She's also beautiful and I love her dress! always have :)

3. Shanti. I don't remember much about her but I do remember that she is fun and sassy. Not to mention incredibly beautiful! She's very brave and loyal to her friends.

4. Melody (suprised to see her so high KataraLover? I know I am!) At first I hated her, but once I thought about it a little more. I realize that she's not that bad. She just wants what any girl wants: freedom. It's not fair to criticize her for not taking her life for granted and wanting another life when Ariel, my favorite disney princess, did the same thing. Melody means well, she's a sweet girl with a fun personality. Although not nearly in the same category as her mother, Melody is a good character.

5. Jenny. Such a sweet girl! Very loving and loyal. I imagine that she will grow up to be quite a capable young woman. She's brave and is willing to do anything for the people she loves.

6. Lilo. I haven't seen her movie in forever but I remember not being too thrilled with her. She wasn't bad, just boring in my opinion.

I have not seen the other movies. I desperately want to see The Black Cauldron though!!!!
hampir setahun yang lalu pretty_angel92 said…
1-jane- she's very independent, mature and brave and i totally relate to her. she's one of my favorite disney girls

2-eilonwy-poor eilonwy, so underrated...she's funny, playful and i love to see her with taran, they're so cute together <3

3-melody-ahhh, melody...i don't know why i love her so much...sometimes i find her a little spoiled but then, she can be so brave and smart. i don't think she looks like ariel at all

4-shanti-i like her more in the original movie, she has a very lovely and seductive the sequel she's kinda annoying

5-jenny-meh, i just think she's cute and friendly, i can't say anything more

6-alice-frist, i hated very much but now i'm starting to like her. she's funny, curious and has a lot of imagination

7-penny-boooooriiiiing. gosh, sometimes she reminds me so much of cinderella and that's why i hate both.

8-lilo-first, i hate her movie, second, she's boring and stupid,and third, she doesn't deserve to be in this spot,imo

9-wendy-ughhh i just hate her, she's one of my list favorite disney characters. boring, dumb, annoying, weak...i just hate everything about her.
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hampir setahun yang lalu KataraLover said…
I have updated mine since we now have Penny from Bolt