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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow lay on her katil locked in her room crying her eyes out in her pillow, her and Wally just had a yelling spree and they broke up. Willow wiped away her tears as a knock was heard at her door, " Willow its Phoebe why are anda crying?" Phoebe yelled through the door, " cause my hearts broken!" Willow screamed in to her bantal as lebih tears came, Phoebe opened the door and closed it behind her, Becca was out crime fighting with Robin for the night and it looked as though she had to be Willows " Becca" this time. " I feel as though im nothing to Wally.. all he does is flirt with every girl on...
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Okay, so I've learned most of these from experience, so if anda REALLY want to get on Batman's bad side, do all of the below. If anda want to live without the fear of a batty death, do NOT do any of the below. There's your warning.

1) Poke him constantly in the face going "P-p-p-poker face, p-p-p-poker face".

2) Tell Wonder Woman anda saw Catwoman making out with Batman, and that she needs to have 'The Talk' with him.

3) Paint all of his uniforms bright pink.

4) Tie him up and tunjuk him pictures his own baby pictures.

5) Throw an exploding can of Pepsi out of a helicopter right above him...
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“Since the nine of anda are determined to stay on air and make a good tunjuk anda will do it on Cartoon networks terms. They have volunteered to mengiklankan the tunjuk and keep it on their channel. The producers will make the show, and I will be in charge of your airing scheduele and tunjuk times”
“Real showtimes?” Robin asked
‘Yes but only Saturday and on cable”
Branden vetti walked up and spoke up.
“The producers will take care of the obvious stuff. There’s a reason we have offices and wear the business suits” he berkata pointing to all the meja with piles of work on it and his suit.
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posted by SilverWings13
Never Alone part II- Stakeout

SilverWings kept her eyes trained on the warehouse. It was blazing hot, and she had long abandoned her leather jacket, hiding it in the tall grasses. Her eyes flickered to her partner, who squatted patiently in the weeds, keeping eyes on their target.
Silver sighed, frustrated sejak the empty silence, "Looks abandoned."
"Another dead-end?" Thirteen wondered.
"Gordon Tin, third name on the list," Silver said. "This is the address from the data-base." She felt her spirit dampen. The first two names on the senarai had led to empty apartments. She was certain she had memorized...
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posted by YJTTFAN
“Checked all controls?” “All systems checked everything’s a go,” “Time configured?” “Time is on control panel, just need anda to check the time configuration disk,” “You-” “DAD! It’s fine!” The girl huffed pushing back her fire-red hair, glaring her sparkling zamrud, emerald green eyes and her soft features crating a annoyed look. She was the spitting image of the man in front of her. The man sighed “You shouldn't do this,” He berkata pleading for her to stay “Dad anda know I have to retrieve it!” The girl was getting annoyed that her dad was all ways tying to get her...
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Chapter 26-

"Well, yo certainly aren't who I was expecting Mr.Grant." Cheshire said, leaning on her sword.

Revenge growled and leaped at the Asian assassin. She dodged, but Revenge grabbed his mask and slid it on.

"Someone's insecure." Cheshire said.

Revenge growled and leapt at her again.


Holly paced her room.

"He berkata he'd keep anda safe." she told herself.

"But what if he can't stop them?" she reprimanded herself. "What if they-"

She gulped, unable to complete the sentence.


Revenge stumbled...
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posted by NekoTheif
tundra raced through the mountains forest with the grace that no mere human could run. The wind blew through the long strands of hair that was as white as the snow that had come the earlier months. The snow haired girl was a legend of the woods. A warning to travelers and hunters alike. She was something of a myth. She could disappear and appear with out anda known. Only did those who were not a target and did spot her saw the girl laughing.

Laughing in the winter's blizzard were the howling wind covered her joy. No one could track her and no one could quit prove she was real. They called her...
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The night was cold and brisk, a sharp contrast to the sunny warmth of earlier that day. The vast yard was empty, the bushes rustling in the wind, the rumput alive with the melody of crickets. Inside the house, the man was moving from room to room, the thick carpeting in the long hallways muffling the creaking of the floorboards under his feet. He was a well-dressed man, although age had not been kind to his skin, leaving him with a fair share of wrinkles. His presence was so gentle, his demeanor so kindly, that he was beloved sejak all of the children residing within the rooms that he was visiting....
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I created these rules for protection, I learned these the hard way

1. Robin's utility tali pinggang is not a toy.

(He has tons of fun things in there)

(expecially his grappling hook)

(it was hilarious watching peoples expressions when I came out of nowhere)

(Until I got stuck)

2. Don`t switch Wally`s chips for halipenio.

(The poor kid didn`t know what hit him)

(Artemis and Robn thought it was funny when he spazzed out)

(Wally, not so much)

3. Packing peauts are not food


(just because it shares its name with a nut doesn`t mean it tastes like one)

4. Don`t play the 'guess what I`m thinking...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Douglas stood in the night, he stood in the middle of the dark forest. Though he had told the team he had people to see and he had places to go which he did. Douglas smiled deviously and put down a golden ring in the middle of a four way path. he stood in the middle as a emas sort of patern appeared around him. " Now time to get the team together...." Douglas berkata evily, he put his hand out, but was stopped when from behind he heard Robins bombs, arrows, and head sized rocks come straight at him, he turned around and blocked it with a purple sheild, the one Phoebe used so often. " Thats the...
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posted by 66Dragons
Act Three:

Reaper grinned as he pulled the trigger. 

The grin quickly faded from his face as he felt a booted foot slam into his cheek, knocking his bullet off course and him to the ground.

"Run, Grant!" Nightbird yelled.

Nightbird's costume fit her like a glove. The skin-tight black bodysuit outlined her curves and figure. The blue utility tali pinggang hang loosely to one side of her body. The blue bird emblem on her chest stood out brightly, matching her knee-high boots. A cape went down to her waist. Black on the outside and blue on the inside. Her mask covered the bahagian, atas half of her head, leaving a slit...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
Even your bestfriends don't know everything right?
Leia stepped into the courtyard of the procegous Gotham Acdemy. Leia-Beth Coles(Most people just called her Leia) seemed so typical; so ordinary. She had brunette layered hair and bangs that covred her forehead. Deep brown eyes. All around pretty and smart. No one was prepared for the secret she tried to keep...

She was soon greeted sejak her classmates and best friends. Barabra Gordon, and Dick Grayson. Dick was indulged in God knows what on his iPhone. 
 Students were scattered  around the area. The majority were stuck up brats with...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Two-

Alexa slipped through the dinding into the tiny jail cell. Making sure no guards were around, she tapped Joker on the shoulder.

"Alexa my darling!" Joker said.

"Shh!" Alexa said. "I've come to get anda out."

"Oh, but they were already doing that." Joker said, indicating the group sejak the door.

"And who would this be?" a voice with a thick Russian accent asked from the dark.

"The darling I was talking to anda about earlier." Joker replied, cackling.

"Count Vertigo." Alexa said, bowing as the figure stepped forth from the shadows.

"It is nice to be addressed correctly for once. anda may rise."...
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Ok guys, I know that we have had some pretty dramatic things happen in the past few hours... but STOP IT!! anda guys are being so melodramatic!! This is just a website, i know. But anda guys have really grown on me and I hate to see it just all fall apart!!

To all anda people who are saying anda are stopping artikel-artikel atau killing off characters, please!! DON"T do it!!

I was always told when I was younger (like 3 and 4 years old), that words are the most powerful thing in the world, and believe me they are. I have written 14 books, all at least 100 pages long... Characters really do grow on you.....
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posted by Mclovin_69
The man stood there, stood learking in the shadows infront of his monotoring computers, a laugh came to him, he liked to see their pain, their misery even. His evil thoughts and laughter were stopped when a boy came in, " they are being shocked and tunjuk signs of being seperated sejak their connection to eachother" he said, "excellent... after this experiment i want to test the project Q7 on them.." the man replied to the boy, the boy laughed evily at the plan and walked out of the room, the man sat their looking at the monitors once more, a monitor that was in one of the boys room, a boy sat on...
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Chapter Twelve-

Venice, Italy
18:28 CET December 19

Wally stumbled into the lab, screeching to a halt at the sight of a ragged woman tied to a board above a pit of acid.

Artemis ran in behind him, cutting her fussing short at the site of her mother.

"Artemis! Run! It's a trap!" Artemis's mother replied.

"I knew that." Artemis said, swinging her bow up at a barely noticeable shadowy figure. "Come out Cheshire."

The young assassin stepped out of the shadows, her infamous mask shining in the harsh light of the lab.

"Hey there, Artemis." Cheshire sneered.

Wally slowly backed up.

"Get out of the way." Artemis...
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Ooh! Almost forgot to post a new chapter!

Chapter Two
The Watchtower-

Batman walked into the empty cafeteria. He sat down with Green Arrow, Red Tornado, and Black Canary. 

"He's menunjukkan his face too much." Batman began.

"He has a right to publicity." Green Arrow said.

"He's a member of the Justice League, he does what ordered. There's a much bigger picture here. The Team is not dumb. They know we know what they don't. They know someone is out there helping them, they don't know who."

"Why not just tell them?" Black Canary asked. "They have a right to know."

"No," Batman replied. "They can not find...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
SOoo Young Justice.

it's a Robin costume and mask. an-I'd make out with that mask..
I have no idea what tonight's episode is gunna be about. Like NO IDEA! I'm pumped for this episode. And in my lovely time zone it's almost 5 so for me only an jam and and half til YOUNG JUSTICE!!!!! Cept...I might not be hear cuz they asked me to come help with hair for the Jr.High Musical tonight...yeahh but that's okay cuz im recording it later so i can watch it and not have to yell at Robin to fix to the TV when it goes to a commerical

Any guesses atau actual info...comment. atau don't and if anda don't Robin is gonna get YOUUUUUUUUU
posted by Robin_Love
“But he would have died! I had no other-”
“You should have let him die! One less human to deal with. And one lebih Angel we bring under! We've used this code for several centuries and anda broke the chain. Because anda saved a human.”
“I had no choice!”
“No but anda had other options! No human is worth saving Devin!”
“But he's my brother!!”
Devin bit her lip until it bled as the look in her Sensai's eyes went from surprised to downright deadly. And it was then that Devin noticed her angelic magic had been taken, changing her hair from brown to black. Her wings were gone as was her...
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I jumped out of the way of the first serpent's fangs, nearly tripping over a api, kebakaran hydrant in the process. I couldn't think of a time in my life that I was lebih terrified; my feet were rooted to the ground, unable to move.
The other snake however, had its eyes on Robin and Mr. Freeze. They both dodged its feverish attempts to kill them, but Nora was left unguarded.
This would've been a waste if Nora was kidnapped again, my subconscious told me.
I rolled my eyes. "Whatever." Consciously, I took hold of a piece of skin from the snake that tried attacking me, and leaped over it. Ignoring the sliminess...
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