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A funny video on the song Gay Bar..Watch till the end for a Batman surprise! :)
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wally gay bar
electric six
kid flash
black canary
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"Where's my tie?" Robin ran around the house throwing clothes in the air. Bruce entered the room an ironed tie in his hand.
"Alfred was ironing it as anda asked" Robin gave a sigh of relief and snatched the tie off his mentor. He fixed his kolar and pulled his jaket on.
"Would anda mind sparing me 20 bucks?" the teenager asked putting his hand out.
"Why?" Bruce began to take out his wallet.
"Just canteen food" Bruce put his wallet back in his pocket.
"Oh! What gives?!" Robin cried. He looked at the clock. "Come on just 20 bucks. Please atau I'll be late!" he put out his hand again.
"Where are anda really...
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I just got this image from Batman under the Red hud, hood because i couldn't find one in Young Justice. >>>>>>>

The Dark knight carried the young teenager into Mount Justice and he set him down onto his bed. Green Arrow and Zatanna approached them.
"Is he okay?" Green Arrow asked, breaking up the silence. Batman looked at him. "Look at him! Do anda think hes alright?" An emotion of sadness grew over the Dark knight. He hasn't felt such sadness in a long time. Zatanna put her hands on her unconscious boyfriend's chest. She began to cry. She then hit his chest with both hands repeatedly....
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A group of cosplayers Berlakon out life in the cave.
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fun time
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