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posted by The_Writer
Yep! I hate to do it, but what's got to be done's got to be done and I don't see no one else doing nothin!

Alrighty, time for a rant about OCs and me to drop the excessive southern accent.

Let me be blunt: TOO MANY!!!! I have a horrible memory and am way too obsessed with my own to give a damn about many others. Look: I know the basic ones: SW, Becca, Willow, GB, I'm assuming Fin is Arty's baby they didn't put up for adoption, I dunno. See, this club is like the Kardashians:

Miss one day, anda know nothing.

Sure, I understand we've all got a creative side (to some varying degree) and we want to express it, but anda don't see any good Filem in Hollywood with ten main characters. There's always one, MAYBE two. Not eighteen atau nineteen atau even a hundred.

It would make life on this club so much simpler if people could their OCs to one atau two main ones the story revolves around and leave the rest as "fillers".

Let's take SilverWing's OCs (not for any generic reason) and set up something.

SilverWings is pretty much the main character of the story SW has developed. Alek is the "co-star" (who appears to have moved off to develop his own "spin off") and the rest of the OCs are "fillers". Easy to follow, simple, etc.

My OCs are slightly different. Okay, vastly different. Revenge literally lives in his own little world. I just chose DC Comics to"boost start" him in. All of the OCs I bring up are a part of a whole nother multiverse not connected to anything else. But to boil it down, Sam is the main bintang with holly as the (heh heh, important) co-star. I know it's easy to just o wild with your creativity, but with no organization, anda aren't going anywhere.

My basic point is this: If I were in charge, I'd say no lebih OCs PERIOD. FINAL. CUT. Wanna add one? Kill two off. Unfortunately I'm not... But that's my rant.


(BTW: RL is doing an excellent job with this club. Big round of applause people! Clap! *army points AK-47s at you, ordering anda to cheer*
posted by XxKFforeverXx
Anyone recongize where I got my inspiration from? If so tell me!

Name: Kenlie Saunders

Alias: Ravenna

Occupation: Villain

Age: hundred of years old but looks 16

Appearance: Jet black hair with bangs, pitch black 14 ft. wings, piercing, seductive red eyes, muscular for a girl, and she's 5'9

Personality: Jealous, arrogant and smart alec attitude, dark.

Powers: Sorcery, flight (wings), uses sorcery to stay youthful

Past: Ravenna's mother put a spell on her daughter to give her youth when she was a young girl, before they were seperated, and the spell could only be broken sejak the farest of them all (beside...
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posted by Robin_Love
Her hati, tengah-tengah froze as she recognized the two males coming towards her. Just perfect! I don't want this. Not now; not ever! She turned on her heels and headed quickly in the other direction. She could feel them, their eyes on her, their mouths probably drooling. She shuddered and headed down an alley, knowing they would follow her. And when they rounded the corner, she pointed her Pistol at their heads.
“Speak fast. Silver bullets. Now.”
One of them smiled while the other answered.
“We were sent to find you. He need of your presence.”
“Tell him I want no part of it.”
“He suspected...
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posted by SilverWingsYJ
soalan I, Princess Ducky the Ninja Rebel, came up with soalan for Loki, A. K. A. Beloved_Robin the Magnificent, to ask Charmante Rio, The Diva. Out of curiosity, I asked SilverWings. Yes, there are 13.

1) If anda could dye your hair any color, what color would it be?
Dark blue with silver streaks! Do they have silver hair dye?
2) How will the world end?
The world's going to end? O_O
3) kegemaran catch-phrase?
I am the guardian of the innocent. (Stop laughing, Nic!)
4) Sports car atau private jet?
Motorcyle! It's harder to crash...
5) Leather atau snake-skin?
Dragon scales!
6) What's anda war cry?
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