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 She stabbed me and keeped stabbing me against a wall.
She stabbed me and keeped stabbing me against a wall.
We were at the mission room Batman was debreefing:
In the Carribean sea there is an island named Puerto Rico,There have been reports that something is killing people and destroying mountains.
Wally had a horrified expresion:
If it destroys mountains can`t anda send the league?
Wally,you wanted a mission they gave anda one now don`t complain.
"Like FireBlaster said,here are the coordinates do`nt fail."
We headed towards the bio-ship and boarded I sat seterusnya to wally to see if he would calm down.
But sadly I made it worse.

We are here."
Great,now lets find that thing.
anda know in the Kartun that anda see the exclamation arrows well thats what happened when I looked back everyone was huddled together with horrified expresions.
Guys your superheros there is nothing to be afraid of!
We keeped walking in utter darkness Wally got scared and nearly ripped my skirt when he heard a sound.
Wally for the 100th time!there is nothing to be afraid of!
But he stil held onto my belt.
After a while of walking we reached a destoyed little village in the mountain.
Wally stared at me:
Dude anda have cat ears!
Yeah so?"I`ve never seen them."
Aqualad started questioning me again.
"Why did they pop out all of a sudden?"
Because im on alert when they pop out my senses highten I can smell 50 dead boddies and something is drinking blood.
"awww come on!'
Wally sush!we need the elemnt of surprise.
I activated my cape which was just like M`gann`s
Wally hid under my cape hugging me.
I could feel Robin glaring at Wally with an I`m gonna kill anda later look.

A woman came out full of Blood,she was saying:
Kill me,Kill me please!
No we are gonna save you!
She laughed like a demon a child was crawling to survive since it had been hurt she took the child and snapped him and drank his blood.
anda sick twisted freak!!
I drew out tetsaiga and used the wind scar but she dogded it.
My name is Bloody Mary not sick twisted freak!
Im sorry did I hit a nerve?!
Rahhhhhh!she came charging but not at me it was at Robin!
She had a pisau she was gonna stab him!
I stood infront and stoped her but winded up getting hurt sehthrew me against a dinding a keepted stabbing me until M`gann made a force field around her and keeped her paralized.
"You can`t stop me!!!"
Wally was about to faint when he saw the blood,
Wally im fine don`t look if anda can`t handdle the blood.
"Your not fine we need to radio the league and get anda to an emergecy room now!"
Wally roared at me
Wally,I took my baju of where she had stabbed me and the cuts had closed all there was is blood.
"But she stabbed you!"
Wally im fine the cuts did`nt penetrate to much just enough for blood.
M`gann!I pushed her Bloody Mary esaped she was about to stab M`gann.
"I should have been lebih attentive."
Don`t worry.
Lets keep going and see if we menyeberang, cross paths again.

We reached a little shed.
"Woah this place is old!"
Wally not to loud it could collapse right on bahagian, atas of you.
"Sorry im whelmed."
Noooo!!She cut Robin and Wally!!!! with the pisau and it was poisoned!!!
"Now feel my pain!"
Robin Kid Flash are anda okay?!
They could`nt move!Robin I whispered Wally....
"They will die!but anda can save one of them The Bird boy atau the big mouthed one.
Which is it?"
I`ll make a deal with you.
Since anda want me dead save them both and I will kill myself right here right now.
Robin managed to say:N-N-No do`nt do it i-i`ll be f-f-fine.
Robin anda and KF will die if I don`t do anything.
anda must swear on your soul that when I die they will be cured AND leave this world never to come back.
She grinned and sayed:Deal at the same time.
I Bent over and kissed both Wally and Robin on the forhead and put my gun on my head............
 I put the gun on my head.........
I put the gun on my head.........
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 Revenche Costume
Revenche Costume
Need to know about this OC for a future article. ;)

Name: Jackie Barton (Unrevealed)
Alias: Revenche
Occupation: hero; student
Powers: Demon fire, speed, agility, block mind from telepaths, force fields, martial arts, weaponry, endurance
History: Jackie was born as the secret daughter of Hawkeye and Mockingbird. When she was young, Jackie was taken sejak a demon called Belasco. He trained her in the mystic arts in his limbo and gifted her with the power of fire. He also taught her martial arts. Jackie became a fierce fighter, learning lebih about the mystic arts. She had an extensive training in weaponry....
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Just a little song fic. Song is Awake and Alive sejak Skillet. Uh, yeah... so enjoy... and stuff. Most of this is based off of like, baru-baru ini dinding events, Delta/Toxic/Shawdowa and all that.

I'm at war with the world and they're
Trying to pull me into the dark

Fin screamed. All her focus was here, now. She couldn't leave the fight, she wouldn't leave Delta there to die. She had to stay, had to fight back, but it was all just sheer pain. She felt like she could be the greek titan Atlas, the sky and world, her world, rested entirely in her hands at this moment, and she couldn't handle it. The lights...
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The bio ship flew through the air in camoflauge mode, Meagan flew the ship in silence. Willow sat in her kerusi, tempat duduk tears still coming from her eyes, Becca touched her shoulder, making Willow look up. Eclipse looked at Willow she was in shock. " Willow... are anda alright.." Eclipse asked. Willow looked at her fighting the tears and shook her head no and threw her head in her hands, " its all my fault... if i didnt hit that ship none of this would hvae happened... Wally would still be here..." Willow mumlbed in shaken words, " dear its not your fault..." Eclipse said, Willow didnt answer she just...
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First off, happy late birthday to Dick Grayson.
Secondly, the story...

Barbara opened her locker only for it to be shut again sejak her best friend, Dick Grayson. With a heavy sigh she glared at him and proceeded to open her locker once more.
"Do anda know what hari it is?" Dick asked her with a hint of hope in his voice.
"December fourth. Why?" Barbara replied as she fiddled around in the confines of her locker for her textbook.
"It's three days after my birthday and..." Dick started.
"And you're wondering when anda will get your present from me," Barbara finished for him along with the slam of her locker...
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vigilante told this song to shadow once when hes down he sing/plays gitar this song
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