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posted by KatRox1
*Please leave a komen on what anda thin should happen next, any suggestions, of just plain old comments!!*

I paced back and forth through the hallway. My hati, tengah-tengah was beating almost out of my chest. A thousand thoughts raced through my head. I had finally figured it out. The symbols on their costume, they actually meant something. My guess was that they were heroes, they didn't seem to be looking for a fight, but there just happened to be one. Also, after Zero had Jocelyn come pick us up, there was a whole news lapor about how some guy named Bane had robbed a bank.
But I couldn't tell Miles, he'd just blab about it to everyone, and that wouldn't be good because this mission was supposed to be bahagian, atas secret. And I couldn't tell Zero until I had proof, if I didn't, he would api, kebakaran me. I glanced at my wristwatch, 10:15 pm. I wasn't even tired.
The large door with the 'Authorized Personnel' sign opened just a crack, and Zach, the lab techie, slipped out. His glasses were large and circular, and the pocket of his lab kot was lined perfectly with all sorts of gizmos. "Are they awake?" I berkata calmly. He looked away. "Well can I see them?" I tried to walk sejak him into the lab, but his hand immediately shot out, blocking my way. "Authorized personnel only." He berkata in a stern voice. "But-" He cut me off. "Authorized personnel only." He repeated. "This is ridiculous!" I said, and pushed him out of the way and walked in. Before he could get security, I hacked into the system, locked all doors, and cut off every way of getting to me in the lab. My eyes widened in disbelief, and I gasped. They were all there, screaming in pain. Why didn't I notice this when I first walked in?! They were connected to some kind of machine, it was cracking with electricity. My first instinct was to run, to run and leave. But I fought the urge and ran to the control board. It was just hundreds of buttons. There was a blue one to my left labeled 'Virtual Energizer'. I slammed my fist down on it. As if it was one of those hero-action movies, the machine came to a halt. A sigh of relief came from the group. They were still strapped in. "Oh look! Its the unwelcome wagon!" berkata a teen wearing a bright yellow and orange suit. I laughed quietly, even though it wasn't funny. "Yeah, I'm sorry about....before. I just need some answers."
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 I was sleeping in Robin`s bed?
I was sleeping in Robin`s bed?
I woke up in robins room did I sleepwalk here?
Robin was awake but he did`nt want to disturb me in my sleep.
Robin did I sleep here?
"Um. yeah pretty much anda came in the middle of the night shaking cause there were thunderstorms"
Ohh.Well lets get ready long hari ahed of us.
I got up from the katil and got ready I headed down stairs and opened a portal to Mt.Justice Robin followed.

Recognized Robin B02 FireBlaster B07
Hi guys,everything okay here?
"yeah!come on we have to pick out everything all the details givem to me!"Inquired M`gann.
Hold on anda guys know atau did Robin tell you?
everyone was quiet.
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posted by Candy77019
 "Ah, Erica Richards, the Avatar. It's a pleasure to meet you."
"Ah, Erica Richards, the Avatar. It's a pleasure to meet you."
After what seemed like forever, a tall brownish tower appeared into the night. I guess it was the Tower of Babel, according to what Batman had berkata earlier.
He landed the plane amid some bushes, then climbed out.
We snuck behind a few trees. "Erica, anda do exactly what I tell anda to do, when I tell anda to do it. No buts. Understand?"
"Umm, yeah?" Not really.
He nodded, then raced into the greenery with me close behind him.
It took a while for us to climb the tower without me flying, but we managed to make it work.
My hands were clutched onto the stone ledge, praying that I wouldn't slip with...
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I have learned to like this song, but I Cinta the video.
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posted by emilypenguin55
If anda know me, the author, anda will know that I have a strong disliking towards him, now if anda don’t know me, anda are most likely wondering why I hate him. Well it is simply because HE IS A TROLL! (Please see foto A down at the bottom) Please continue Membaca if anda wish to understand his trollness and my hatred towards that troll.
    I will start off sejak telling anda about his physical appearance. A vague huraian of him would go like this: red hair, freckles, green eyes, medium teenage height, kind of on the husky side, and peachy skin tone. If anda are thinking that...
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 "Did anda know...?"
"Did you know...?"
I flew back through the window, finding the team asleep on the floor.
"Guys?" I kneeled down beside Aqualad, and tapped him lightly.
He woke with a startle. "Jeannette? Did anda catch Cheshire?"
I nodded. "Yeah, she's in jail now. Did anda know...?" Should I tell them about the baby?
"Never mind," I berkata quickly. "You guys could go home. I'll stay and patrol the city."
The rest of the team woke up and headed for the bioship, while I locked all the doors to the suite.
Before I flew out the window, I quickly latched it, drawing the curtains.
I knew I was tired, but I couldn't keep the image...
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posted by Skittles98
I flapped my wings a couple times to dry them. Hey, damp is better then goopy, that’s for sure! My laptop bleeped. I looked on the screen. It was my MSN. It berkata I had four new messages. I looked at them. They were all friend requests. I could tell sejak their names it was the team. The first one was Green Girl, the saat was Speeding bullet, seterusnya was Master->Archer, and finally, only Bird Brain was left. Green Girl and Bird Brain were on. I click on Green Girl.
Alex :) says:
Hey Megan! What’s up?
Green Girl says:
Hey Alex! Nm u?
Alex :) says:
Nm. How anda feeling?
Green Girl says:
Good. A bit...
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Source: Artemis & Kid Flash
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Made sejak YouTube user zmikey08z. The song is "Animal" sejak Neon Trees. Enjoy!! :D
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
AUTHOR'S NOTE! I'm sorry about the not-so-creative title. If anda want to sugesst one I'll give anda props!! LOVEEEEE

The team was called the mission room.
"A scientist is the seterusnya target for The Shadows. The Leaugue will take him to be protected. Your mission is to aquire his daughter Lily Dasha. Who is also your new team member. Dr.Dasha genetically altered her to be a "Super Human". She a shape-shifter. That's why the Shadows will be after her as well." BatMan instrcted.
The team headed to the bio-ship and fly a short distance. The girl seemed around Robin's age when they found her. short....
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posted by Skittles98
I got out of the hospital katil and winced in pain. My ribs still hurt, but my arm was a bit better. In the hall, soalan and Huntress were waiting for me.
“Where is everyone?” I asked
“They all went home” Huntress said, getting up.
“Then why are anda still here?” I pondered
“The least we could do is give anda a ride home” Huntress smiled
“So, how are we getting there?” I asked. They walked out to the parking lot up to a blue vintage looking car.
“This, is how we’re getting anda home” soalan said, opening the door. I hopped in the back seat, while Huntress and soalan got...
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posted by Skittles98
I ran towards my bike. The silent alarm on the bank had just been tripped. I jumped on and rode quickly to the bank. I stopped outside and heard fighting going on inside. I ran in, my disc’s ready. I found an archer in red beating up a crook with his bow. One of them was about to perahu nelayan kecil, pukulan him upside the head with a gagak bar. I threw my disc, hitting it out of his hand. I leaned against the door frame. The archer got punched, then thrown to the ground. I threw a net at the last crook and tied them up. I helped the archer up. He rubbed his stomach where he got punched.
“Are anda supposed to be...
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