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posted by wildchild_rids1
Listen up Directioners!!
So, Lou is feeling a bit down at the time, because he knows that he is the least favorited member in One Direction(i know, wth?!). He just deals with it, and pretends like it's nothing, but us who is REAL Directioners and absolutely DON'T accept the fact that Lou is down couse he thinks he's not liked.
So there's only ONE way out of this...
March 31st, we are going to selebrate Louis!! This is how the hari is being selenraited:
1. Wear Louis' kind of clothes atau something that shows anda Cinta Louis.
2. Write:'LOUIS TOMLINSON DAY' on you'r wrist....
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A tahun after the prom, zayn and I dated about 19 times .Zayn picked me up for school . When we walk in there was no students .I asked Zayn "Where is everyone ". "Idk I think I saw something like a letter on the door " he replied.At the door it berkata adarmaris and Zayn please go to the theater . Zayn berkata "come on , adarmaris , let go to the theater ". As I walked I thought I saw a maple holding dozen of balloons .Zayn asked me to wait out side of the door. I waited 3min until Zayn came out and berkata "adarmaris sorry but I can't go in with anda right now ". "It's ok " but I lied. When I opened...
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It was Tuesday morning. The ball rang. I went inside and putted my buku in my locker. My best friend ,maple,shoved a poster saying there was a prom on Thursday ..she berkata she was going with her boyfriend harry .i didn't know who to go with. At lunch I sat beside maple and harry. They berkata " anda know zayn want to go with you, adarmaris " . 10 saat later zayn sat in front of me. maple and harry blurted out " adarmaris want to go to the dance with you, Zayn". Zayn and me blushed. A saat later Niall,Louis, and Liam sat seterusnya to zayn . Niall asked "Zayn why are anda blushing is it because adarmaris...
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posted by Brittany6655
Is it true that Zayn Malik dyed his hair again now?!

Zayn Malik dyed his hair in the color merah jambu (and of course the bottom roots are menunjukkan in the color black.It is berkata that he did just in time for Valentine's hari to happen.His girlfriend Gigi Hadid didn't say anything about it yet.

He dyed his hair soooo many times and now he did it again.Some people think that hopefully this hair be his last hair dye.

Tell me what your thoughts in the komen-komen section and tell me whether anda think his new hair dye looks cool atau not.
posted by swathizayn
zayn i just cant think of life without you!! the reason im living today is you. i Cinta anda zayn.
u hv no idea how much i cried after anda got engaged 2 perrie edwards. it was such a happy hari for u, but the most sad hari for me. not just me but all ur female peminat followin.
zayn plsss!!!!!!!!! read this
I Cinta anda lebih THAN ANYTHIN IN THIS WORLD . I REALLY Cinta YOU!! ♥!!!!!!!!

this is somethin ive written for u
lets fly on an aeroplane
atau get on a tain
lets go to spain!!!♥
lets walk in the rain
down a little lane
Cinta to do all these with zayn!!!!♥!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!

Cinta anda ZAYN
i take my laptop
i do a research about u
i look for the things
i hve in me that wil influence u
i get addict to keep on getting information about u

but at the end

i think the dreams i was building where never going to come true
and y would u leave perrie for me(LOL)
and i just wish i get a partner just as loving and handsome as u.

i wish zayn, u read this and we talk but maybe in the world there r lebih peminat-peminat of urs that r lebih caring for u

hope u read it :)

zayn i read this thing about u that berkata u once berkata that although u wil tarikh a famous girl but marry one of my fans
i really wana talk to u zayn
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz read it
and the quote is:
why would a person leave heaven for hell
The One Direction bintang reveals the truth about his relationship with X Factor beauty Perrie Edwards.

There's been a Mix up! Zayn Malik denies dating Perrie Edwards

Another day, another One Direction bintang linked to a member of Little Mix.

There have long been rumours that Zayn Malik has been close to blonde beauty Perrie Edwards and showbiz expert Dan Wooton was keen to get the bottom of the story for Now magazine.

He asked Zayn what was really going on with Perrie and the heartthrob replied: “We’re texting and talking.”

Oooh sounds promising. Sadly, he then added: “But we’re just really...
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posted by rusher29
 Zayn <33
Zayn <33
*Sorry for mistakes!*

“There comes a hari when anda realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because anda realize there's so much lebih to the book than the page anda were stuck on.”

“This is for girls who have the tendency to stay up at night listening to Muzik that reminds them of their current situation. Who hide their fears, hurt, pain and tears under the smiles, laughs and giggles on a daily basis. The girls who wear their hati, tengah-tengah on their sleeve. The girls who pray that things will work out just once and they'll be satisfied. The girls who scream and cry to their pillows...
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-Before I start, let me say that I own none of this, all rights to Seventeen Magazine. Interview sejak Ashley Mateo.-

Zayn, 19, says he lives sejak the moto ''Don't worry about other people; do what makes you happy.'' But he remains super-loyal to the other guys in the band, his girlfriend and, of course, his values.

17: You've got a rep as the ''bad boy'' in the band. How does that make anda feel?

Zayn Malik: I like to use the term misunderstood. But I am a bit of a bad boy. I have Tatu and I mess around. That's part of my image, so it's cool.

17: anda recently went public with your girlfriend. Was...
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Zayn Malik has quit Twitter after receiving continual abuse from 'fans' about his relationship with Perrie Edwards.

The couple {both 19, who met on set of The X Factor in 2010} have been dating since December last year, but have recently come under api, kebakaran after Zayn was targeted sejak cheating rumours.

Perez Hilton telah diposkan a video which showed Zayn apparently hitting on a female peminat inside a hotel, telling her to "come back in half an hour" before asking how old she was.

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine," Zayn told a friend on social messenger Kik. "I just deleted my account because of all the hate...
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The 'One Thing' bintang bares all on his brand new profil picture.

One Directions' Zayn Malik has telah diposkan a topless picture of himself on Twitter.

The 'One Thing' singer has started using the image, which anda can see below, as his profil foto on his personal Twitter account.

The signed foto shows Zayn posing for the camera and appears to have been signed sejak a fan.

Meanwhile, the singer's One Direction band mate Liam Payne has taken to Twitter to pay tribute to the group's fans.

In a series of messages on Twitter, the 'Gotta Be You' bintang apologised on behalf on the band for appearing distant in baru-baru ini days, but blamed their busy schedule for keeping them off Twitter.
posted by liene11
zayn zayn zayn are anda here !
yea mum i am here.
i have to tell anda something
zayn sit down please
zayn anda have to look for a girlfriend.
but i am very busy with one direction and stuff
yea anda can anda not do one direction and look for a girlfriend.
yes i can do that.
oke anda have to look but i not want somebody like parrie from little mix
the seterusnya hari
i was on the beach
and there were lots of girls
one girl comes to me and asks
are anda zayn from one direction.
yea i am zayn.
oke can i make a picture.
yea of course.
thank anda do want to come sit with me and my friends.
yes i like that o wait whats...
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posted by Progatozona
Zayn Malik's horoscope is same as Louis Tomlinson

December 22-January 19

Element and ruling planet:Earth and Saturn.

Strengths:Sure footed, reserved, seek security, acquisitive, cautious, discipline and determine.

Weakness:Pessimistic, gets pulled into depression, undue materialism, conservative.

Symbol:The Goat- The goat is sure footed as it finds its way through and climbs up bukit of success.

Matching sign:Cancer.

Magical Birthstone:Garnet- attracts popularity high esteem and true love
 Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik
posted by lois4
Secret X Factor romance revealed: One Direction's Zain Malik and Belle Amie's Geneva Lane go public after tunjuk finale
They have been keeping the secret under wraps for weeks under Simon Cowell's strict Cinta ban.
But after the X Factor finale tunjuk ended last night, One Direction's Zain Malik and Belle Amie's Geneva Lane promptly went public with their romance.
The pair kissed and held hands in front of photographers as they left the studios together for the last time.
Going public: One Direction's Zain Malik puckers up to Belle Amie's Geneva Lane after the X Factor finale.
Despite his group getting...
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Here's a senarai of facts about Zayn Malik, if anda have anymore fun facts please share them in a comment!

❀ Zayn Malik is a member in the popular British Band One Direction.

❀ His middle name is Javadd.

❀ He was born on 12th January 1993.

❀ His bintang sign is Capricorn.

❀ He was born in Saint Luke's hospital in Bradford, England.

❀ Zayn's name is originally spelt 'Zain', however he prefers 'Zayn'.

❀ 'Zayn' means 'Beautiful' in Arabic.

❀ Zayn is a Muslim.

❀ His shoe size is 8½.

❀ Zayn first appeared on X-Factor as a solo artist.

❀ Zayn has his left ear pierced.

❀ His father is from Pakistan.

❀ He has light brown eyes.

❀ Zayn has one older sister and two younger sisters.

❀ He prefers his iPhone 4 to his BlackBerry.

❀ Zayn suffers from Acrophobia, which is the fear of heights
posted by angeleyez14
#1 Zayn was born and raised in Bradford.
#2 He has a secret man crush on Justin Timberlake.
#3 Harry Potter is his kegemaran book.
#4 He has a soft spot for intelligent girls.
#5 His name is actually spelt "Zain" but changed it to "Zayn" and is used as his stage name.
#6Zayn is addicted to cigarettes but wants to give up smoking in 2013.
#7His current girlfriend is Little Mix sing Perrie Edwards.
#8Zayn means "beautiful" in Arabic and Malik means "king."
#9Zayn's first Ciuman was with a girl named Sophie Kirk when he was ten.
#10 If he had to wear one color for the rest of his life it would be black.
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One way atau another, I'm gonna find ya'
I'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya'
One way atau another, I'm gonna win ya'
I'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya'
One way atau another, I'm gonna see ya'
I'm gonna meet ya', meet ya', meet ya', meet ya'
One hari maybe seterusnya week, I'm gonna meet ya'
I'm gonna meet ya', I'll meet ya'

I will drive past your house and if the lights are all down
I'll see who's around

Let's go!

One way atau another, I'm gonna find ya'
I'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya'
One way atau another, I'm gonna win ya'
I'll get ya', I'll get ya'

One way atau another, I'm gonna see ya'
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posted by kirahm22
maybe late to write about this but zayn got caught with an asturlian girl (this isnt true me and zayn talked he told me)but he loves perrie and i absalutly Cinta zerrie and zayn told me he didnt take a video of him with her and on harrys birthday(harry got stripped)he left the party early cuz of the rumors and harry got mad at him so i told zayn to go to his house which he took my Nasihat and did it and now there back to being BFFS so that rumor IS NOT TRUE!

thanks for ya time im kirahm22 coming to anda for late and new info on zayn malik,zerrie,harry,louis and eleanor,liam and dannielle,niall runs away to nanados,and all of 1D