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  • Favorite TV Show: Sonny With A Chance
    Favorite Movie: Too Many
    Favorite Musician: Dolly Parton
    Favorite Book or Author: The Age Of Miracles
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Lifeisafairytal berkata tentang Filem Barbie
I really miss the Barbie dreamhouse adventures series, thought they were heading in the right direction and had a really good thing going on. It felt family orientated and comforting. I wish they could have combined the other Barbie from It Takes Two into the tunjuk instead of completely making a new one. It Takes Two feels very typical and predictable with some of the characters and I don’t even think Barbie would chase fame knowing how unimportant it is and how cold the industry can be. telah diposkan ·29 hari lalu
XTinkerBellx dikomen…
I agree with everything anda said. I wish Dreamhouse Adventures would return too, but I'm looking ke hadapan to the new upcoming shows. They sound like they'll be fun and exciting. ·23 hari lalu
Genevievebarbie memberikan saya prop untuk my images
Lovely profil pic telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
Lifeisafairytal berkata tentang Filem Barbie
Haven’t been on here in such a long time but I recognise a lot of users and hope everyone is doing well. So nostalgic to come back here and see what is going on. telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
XTinkerBellx dikomen…
Hope you've been doing well, too! I miss when this place was busy hampir setahun yang lalu
barbieboonchit dikomen…
This club is such a big part of my childhood memories. I have beeb here since 2009. Lot of memories here hampir setahun yang lalu