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whatsupbugs memberikan saya prop untuk my comments
My July 4th was a bit so-so. Had to hear a bunch of loud firework stuff when trying to sleep. Also, had a weird dream involving Robert De Niro. However, I really appreciate your kindness and for being so thoughtful to me. telah diposkan satu hari lalu
UNMe4ever1 dikomen…
Sorry to hear it, but at least you've seen (and heard!) the fireworks loud and clear. Your dream reminds me of that famous song made sejak Bananarama. I would make a song about meeting Robert Redford instead, but that was way before my time anyway. Hope your dream was a pleasant one, my friend. Did he take anda out for a dinner? Did anda two dance together? satu hari lalu
whatsupbugs dikomen…
I'm afraid it wasn't a good dream. I dreamt I was back in school, which was bad enough, but Robert De Niro was my substitute teacher and he was giving me a hard time and kept telling me what a bad student I am. satu hari lalu
whatsupbugs memberikan saya prop untuk my comments
Thank anda for your props. It was a wonderful surprise. What anda wrote was really touching and meant a lot to me. Your positivity is greatly welcomed and Fanpop is made great sejak people like you. telah diposkan satu hari lalu
UNMe4ever1 dikomen…
^_^ <33 satu hari lalu
UNMe4ever1 berkata tentang Amerika Syarikat
Happy Independence hari everyone! I know it was yesterday, but I'm late as usual. I wasn't on this site yesterday. Sorry for missing your biggest national holiday sejak a day. :( Hope anda all had a great time and a lots of fun yesterday, on Independence Day, all hari long. :) telah diposkan satu hari lalu