And if I only could... I'd make a deal with God

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  • Female, 32 years old
  • Brazil
  • Favorite TV Show: Hellsing ❙ The Vampires Diaries ❙ Dexter ❙ House M.D. ❙ FRINGE ❙ Bewitched ❙ The Big Bang Theory ❙ Supernatural ❙ Futurama ❙ Bleach.
    Favorite Movie: Gone With the Wind ❙ A Streetcar Named Desire ❙ The Godfather ❙ Psychosis ❙ Ben-Hur ❙ Scarface ❙ Matrix ❙ Constantine.
    Favorite Musician: Elvis Presley ❙ The Beatles ❙ Kate belukar, bush ❙ Pistol N' Ros ❙ Nirvana ❙ Metallica ❙ Iron Maiden ❙ Led Zeppelin ❙ Queen.
    Favorite Book or Author: Gone With The Wind ❙ The Golden Book of Mythology ❙ Murder on the Orient Express ❙ David Copperfield ❙ Wuthering Heights ❙ Praise of Folly
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