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Is there an easy way to download video from YouTube onto your computer, and then onto your iPod from iTunes? Thank anda for Membaca and taking the time to answer.

14 answers | my answer: This is what i use, and i haven't had any problems....
Johnny Depp

If anda saw Johnny in front of you, what would your reaction?

28 answers | my answer: oh hey, i haven't seen anda in almost a year!
Johnny Depp

If the door loceng ringed, anda opened the door and anda saw johnny depp at the door step...

19 answers | my answer: Ask him why I haven't seen him in about a year, ask...
Johnny Depp

Has annyone seen Johnny deep in person??????

2 answers | my answer: Yes, I've meet him and spoken with him many times....

When anda have to study atau get work done, what Muzik (if any) do anda put on to help anda concentrate?

28 answers | my answer: usually something with out lyrics, atau lyrics that a...

Any good singers/bands to offer me?

24 answers | my answer: idk what genre you're really looking for, but i'll...

How many songs do anda have on your i-pod?

20 answers | my answer: 13,678 :)

what is your absolute favourite song ever and why?

23 answers | my answer: it's really hard to choose one, but either I Still...

who's anda favoret band?

74 answers | my answer: bloc party

Any good songs that have acoustic gitar in them?

6 answers | my answer: my kegemaran acoustic artists are Alexi Murdoch and...