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Siri-siri Twilight

I was wondering, after Breaking Dawn, the Cullen's would have to alih soon. What would Jacob and Renesmee do? They can't live without each other but, La Push is Jacob's land.

4 answers | my answer: That is a good question. I think that Jacob would m...
Siri-siri Twilight

I wonder if maybe stephenie meyer wants to continue midnight sun. What do anda think?

9 answers | my answer: I hope that she does but I think that she is angere...
Siri-siri Twilight

if anda have seen twilight the movie which i am sure anda have why when emmett and rosalie walk in emmett is carrying a bag of eggs seriously WTF

9 answers | my answer: LOL that is funny... hmm maybe to use as a "prop" s...
Siri-siri Twilight

Does anyone know when Twilight The Official Guide is comming out???

2 answers | my answer: I thought that I saw it at Barnes and Noble Last we...
Siri-siri Twilight

how do u think they will make bella " lebih beautiful " in breaking dawn when she becomes a vampire ?

9 answers | my answer: They won't have to do much. Kristen Stewart is real...
Siri-siri Twilight

If anda can't say Edward, which Cullen would anda choose to bite you???

131 answers | my answer: Carlisle, he's in control and pretty cute too lol.....
Siri-siri Twilight

Do u think the casted all the characters perfectly ? if u dont which character do u think they mis cast and who would u have prefered to play their character

7 answers | my answer: I am probably going to get bad balas for this one...

Ummm this may sound stupid but whats 'dusk' is it another book in the twilight saga atau is it a different name for one of the books??

2 answers | my answer: Hi! There is no such thing as a stupid soalan :)...