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Fanpop sejak March 2013

  • Female, 24 years old
  • brisbane, Australia
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minahm_goh berkata tentang kimono
kimono's are so cool i Cinta it. i also Cinta the silk shirts they have in japan. Jepun is so cool telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
LidiaIsabel dikomen…
I agree! Japanese traditional clothes are impressive! hampir setahun yang lalu
DarkCruz360 dikomen…
Yeah it really doesn't talk about kimonos all I see is Rukia and bleach. It really doesn't talk about what TYPE of the kimono is. This club is just a duplicated and mind as well call it Anime -_- hampir setahun yang lalu
minahm_goh berkata …
how do i make a club telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
LidiaIsabel dikomen…
Hi! Well anda go to the utama page and then scroll down until anda see a box in the right side with some clubs' categories and there is an option called "create a new club" hampir setahun yang lalu
minahm_goh berkata …
hi everyone telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu