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savvas14 berkata tentang The Flintstones
also... I want everyones help to bring back The Flintstones in The FIRST CLASS. I am doing that because I want to do a Live-Action TvSeries with The Flintstones and the movie sets will be real and it will be like hotel appartments and blogs where people can live there and if they wont, they could fill a paper and take (a little) part in the tunjuk while they are in The Flintstones Universe. What do anda think???? telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
savvas14 berkata tentang The Flintstones
I am from Cyprus a small island near Greece and I am a peminat of The Flintstones too. I am 15 years old for at least 13 years I am in Cinta with The Flintstones, but as years pass The Flintstones loses their identity. I am seing that because my youngest cousins, they did't know anything about The Flintstone (not even the name Fred) that's too shame, because for 40 years The Flintstones was the best tunjuk of all the other. In the 90's and 00' everyone knew about The Flintstones, now NONE. telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu