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pilihan peminat: western pack
pilihan peminat: Romance
pilihan peminat: Kate
pilihan peminat: Humphery
pilihan peminat: Alpha and Omega
All three of them
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TimberHumphrey berkata …
okay, i know there are a lotta people who're super excited for The Last Knight, so before anda jump my keldai for hating the movie, i wanna let y'all know: it's just my opinion. i don't mean to offend atau insult anybody who likes these movies, and if anda like The Last Knight, awesome. lebih power to you, have fun watching it. i - personally - couldn't stand it atau any of the other sequels, but again, that's just my take telah diposkan ·23 jam lalu
Alphawolfben dikomen…
I always Cinta the films I agree they can be stupid but I Cinta em and also I watch the TV shows etc so certain things like Unicron which My mom will know nothing about but I do makes it lebih fun since I know the lore for Transformers also Bumblebee is my fav Transformer so It may not be as good as I hope I am seeing it at 2:20 today but I'm sure there will be some good scenes I Cinta ·2 jam lalu
TimberHumphrey berkata …
just got back from watching Transformers: The Last Knight........ oh sweet Jesus! that was..... not only is it on par with Age of Extinction, but it's tied with Fifty Shades Darker as the worst movie i've seen so far this year! no joke, no sarcasm. it was really that fucking awful! telah diposkan ·23 jam lalu
TimberHumphrey dikomen…
other than the great special effects and solid cinematography, i can't come up with ANYTHING good to say about The Last Knight. it was a 2 and half jam DISASTER! ·23 jam lalu
Wolfire14 berkata …
I couldn't find any information about alpha and omega 9 I guess I tunjuk message the voice actors at Twitter telah diposkan satu hari lalu
Wolfire14 dikomen…
I ment should instead of tunjuk satu hari lalu