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pilihan peminat: Flamethrower
Flameth- rower
Medieval Torture
pilihan peminat: Kate+Humphrey
Kate+ Humphrey
Garth+ Lilly
pilihan peminat: Alpha
pilihan peminat: *comment please*
* komen please*
None of them.
pilihan peminat: Winston
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SentinelPrime89 berkata …
Alpha and Omega is better than The Emoji Movie, 100%. telah diposkan satu jam lalu
Bobsheaux dikomen…
Yeah, but that's like saying breathing is better than NOT breathing. LOL ·55 minit lalu
SentinelPrime89 berkata …
Kate could've done better than Humphrey with a whole plateau of Alphas for her to choose from. Hell, she and Garth would have been the perfect power couple with their techniques combined. 100% hunts successful. telah diposkan ·8 jam lalu
Bobsheaux dikomen…
But no... she goes with Humphrey, and the entire valley somehow falls into such disarray that her entire extended pack just... disappears. O_o We see the occasional cameo sejak Humphrey's fellow omegas, but... where did the rest of their pack go? ·50 minit lalu
SentinelPrime89 dikomen…
Shakey never makes ONE appearance after the original. Neither do most of the background characters like the two Omegas that Salty failed with, atau the female of the two Easterns who butchered Kate’s hunt. ·25 minit lalu
SentinelPrime89 berkata …
With all honesty, I think Kate married Humphrey out of pity and for the sake of her sister because her hati, tengah-tengah had been broken enough. I don't even think the thought of kids even got into Kate's head until after she and Humphrey made Cinta LOL telah diposkan ·8 jam lalu
QueenWhiskey dikomen…
I Think He Raped Her In Her Sleep atau Something. Lol. ·7 jam lalu
Kishin_Kira dikomen…
Humphrey always reminded me of those kids in high school who thought they were such hard asses but in reality they got their keldai handed to them sejak everyone. ·3 jam lalu
Bobsheaux dikomen…
Okay, fine, Kate was seduced sejak Humphrey's sexy howling... When does that infatuation wear off and how does she decide that he'd make for a decent father? ·55 minit lalu
HumphreyWolfMan dikomen…
I think Kate married Humphrey because of the howl and saving thing. Which sounds like a nice way. ·30 minit lalu