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pilihan peminat: The Lion King
The Lion King
Alpha and Omega
pilihan peminat: I wouldn't care
I wouldn&# 39; t care
pilihan peminat: 2
pilihan peminat: Garth
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ben15delas berkata …
Check out this guy on YouTube named Dr.shaym. He's funny. telah diposkan ·22 jam lalu
ben15delas dikomen…
Also check out my Stop-motion project called "The Endless Elevator" It's Great! ·8 jam lalu
ben15delas dikomen…
link ·8 jam lalu
SentinelPrime89 berkata …
Confession time- I don't like The Lion Guard. It even has it's own Brent. telah diposkan satu hari lalu
shawnroberts dikomen…
I Dont think its even a secret to say anda dislike the Lion Guard, i so one episode sejak accident one hari and straight out i knew this tunjuk sucked. satu hari lalu
SentinelPrime89 dikomen…
Yeah it's bad. Big continuity errors just like with just about any straight-to-store/TV sequel atau spin-off. And because it's preschool Disney, it has that habit of screwing around with past characters and not in a good way. satu hari lalu
SentinelPrime89 dikomen…
^ Well, they did have a son at the end of the first movie. But that was followed up with all this stuff about how they once had a son named Kopa, whether that's canon atau just fanfiction. ·8 jam lalu
shawnroberts berkata …
What if they made a remake of the Lady and the Tramp called Lady and the Trump, would anda ppl watch it? I sure would, especial if it had all of Trumps iconic sayings! I can imagine him be like; Trump: "why are these meat balls touching the spaghetti? We should build a dinding to keep all the meat balls out of this dish and make this dish great again!. What do anda think Ivanka, i mean Lady". telah diposkan satu hari lalu