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Amy Acker talks new season of "The Gifted" 9/6/18

Comic-Con 2018 Official Trailer: THE GIFTED | Season 2 | THE GIFTED

'The Gifted' Stars Tease Season 2 & What's seterusnya After The Fall Of The Mutant Underground | Access

Shoot Panel BTS

Shoot Reunion Panel ClexaCon 2018

Staring Contest | Season 1 | THE GIFTED

Caitlin Strucker Asks Her Brother For Help | Season 1 Ep. 3 | THE GIFTED

"The Gifted" Interview: Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer

Amy Acker 'The Gifted' interview fox 11 Los Angeles

Preview: This Season (Extended) | Season 1 | THE GIFTED

Ruben Dominguez talks The Gifted with Natalie Alyn Lind & Amy Acker

Mutant Case Files: Caitlin | Season 1 | THE GIFTED

Meet the New X-Men Characters in 'The Gifted' | MTV News

Natalie Alyn Lind Amy Acker and Coby loceng live IGN interview

'The Gifted' Cast On Why anda Should Watch Their New Series

Family Is The Ultimate Power | Season 1 | THE GIFTED

Amy Acker - The Gifted (FOX) - San Diego Comic Con 2017 | yael.tv

'The Gifted' SDCC 2017 Interview: Coby Bell, Amy Acker & Stephen Moyer

SDCC 2017: The Gifted - Amy Acker, Stephen Moyer & Coby loceng

THE GIFTED Exclusive: Amy Acker talks X-Men Universe, Marvel, & Bryan Singer

The Gifted Cast Interview | Comic-Con 2017 | TVLine

Amy comic con live

Sneak Peek: Welcome To The Gifted World | Season 1 | THE GIFTED

The Gifted (FOX) Promo - Family is the Ultimate Power

My #SDCC 2017 Interview with 'THE GIFTED' Star, Amy Acker!

Cast of "The Gifted" at Comic Con | Los Angeles Times

THE GIFTED Panel At Comic-Con 2017 | Season 1 | THE GIFTED

Comic-Con 2017 Official Trailer: The Gifted | THE GIFTED

The Gifted (FOX) New Promo

The Gifted (FOX) promo

The Gifted: Official Trailer | THE GIFTED

Marvel's The Gifted: Official Teaser | THE GIFTED

LETV SHCC “Root” Amy Acker interview

Amy Acker 'Home & Family interview' 12/9/16

ClexaCon 2017 (HD). First part of Shoot-panel. Sarah Shahi & Amy Acker. Improv scene.

Amy's family Oscar Party livestream (Chinese)

Amy Acker Fanmeeting Video

MacGyver - pemutar skru (Sneak Peek 2)

MacGyver - pemutar skru (Preview)

MacGyver 1x12 Promo "Screwdriver" (HD) Season 1 Episode 12 Promo

Amy Acker - 'Life's a Party with David Burtka' (HD)

Thank anda Amy Acker

Accessreel Interviews - Amy Acker

Amy Acker Interview - Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing Whedon Acker Fillion

Interview with Amy Acker at New Jersey Comic Expo 2015

Person of Interest: Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker Season 5 Interview - NYCC 2015

Amy Acker - Interview

Amy Acker | The best thing

Rated NA Podcast 133 - Amy Acker Returns!

Rated NA Podcast 81 - Amy Acker

Amy Acker & Sarah Shahi talking about Root and Shaw (Person of Interest) — New York Comic Con 2015

Amy Acker TV Characters // "How deep I go"

Amy Acker Panel at peminat Expo Canada 2015 - Part 2

Amy Acker Panel at peminat Expo Canada 2015 - Part 1

The Women of Whedon: Emma Caulfield, Amy Acker, & Jewel Staite Denver Comic Con 2015

Root | Samantha Groves (Person Of Interest) - Centuries

The Lord of Catan Theatrical Trailer

Amy Acker Person Of Interest I Cut Like A Buffalo

Person of Interest / Root / B3

Amy Acker - Ice Bucket Challenge

Dragon Con 2014 - Amy Acker Panel - Part 5

DragonCon 2014 - Amy Acker Panel - Part 4

DragonCon 2014 - Amy Acker Panel - Part 3

DragonCon 2014 - Amy Acker Panel - Part 2

DragonCon 2014 - Amy Acker Panel - Part 1

Amy Acker "Person of Interest" Panel Paleyfest 2013

Much Ado About Nothing (2012): Beatrice/Benedick "If I Were a Man" Speech

Person of Interest | Root | Retrograde

Root - Person of Interest - I'll Be Good

A Novel Romance Trailer

Angel, Waiting in the Wings - Deleted Scene - Fred Dances

Amy Acker Tribute

Dollhouse: Echo and Claire

Whiskey|Claire // Night Falls, I Fall, and Where Were You?

Amy Acker in "A Near Death Experience"

Supernatural - Andrea Barr

Amy Acker (If U Seek Amy)

the story of Fred and illyria

out of control

the accident trailer

fred/illyria as the big bad

Amy With A Rocket Launcher

Amy Acker Interview