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Guyz great news new adventure of fairy tail story is out the 100yrs quest for lebih details check this link


new awaited Manga u can read the Manga from this link


i hope u enjoy telah diposkan ·22 hari lalu
TheLefteris24 dikomen…
Those are some great news. Fairy Tail has always been one of my kegemaran Series in keseluruhan so I'm certainly hyped !!!! ·11 hari lalu
i wonder when they will make this an Anime well it wont be soon maybe just maybe end of 2019 atau 2020 i guess.........bcz they dnt have enough materials yet and 2ndly they have to complete fairy tail Anime first.......waiting for fairy tail 2018......then mashima will collect lebih materials and bring out as Anime but we have to wait for a loooong time well for now we have to deal with Manga i suppose.....he he he ·10 hari lalu
hei Guyz

My Fav Villain of all dragonball Z universe is none other than Broly....i was sad when gohan,goku and goten destroyed broly in broly movie 2.
i thought i will never see him again,,.........and what a surprise he is back to dominate the world again........
the new upcoming movie u we can see a totally different and epic version of broly check this out telah diposkan ·25 hari lalu
link ·25 hari lalu
im sooooo excited what about u........???? ·25 hari lalu
NagisaFurukawa- berkata …
For anyone who likes Re: Zero. Please sertai the peminat Cub page for it. ----> link telah diposkan ·26 hari lalu
Bratz4life dikomen…
I joined. ·26 hari lalu