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applebear123 berkata …
i dont read shokugeki no soma manga...
in episode10 of season 3, many people dikomen that there is a deviation from the Manga but no one mentioned what it is.....
so what was the deviation about? telah diposkan ·5 hari lalu
SpengSkod dikomen…
Nothing really, just "fans" being "fans". jalang, perempuan jalang about how things went downhill while still consuming it. ·2 hari lalu
applebear123 dikomen…
ohh i see ·2 hari lalu
mnemonicplague berkata …
Check out my interview with FUNimation Voice Actor: Megan Shipman

https://youtu.be/jCuOwrXWlUA telah diposkan ·6 hari lalu
mstarmmail berkata …
[MAJOR SPOILER] Dragon Ball Super Episode 118!! Universe 6 atau Universe 2 which will Get Erased ?!
Watch Full Detailed Video
Link https://youtu.be/DtgiBrFiGt0 telah diposkan ·17 hari lalu