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Before anything, shameless self promotion part just because I can:
Twitter: NoBodyOwnsYou_ and my very own Damon and Elena fanfic, Going downhill from here – Summary: College student Elena Gilbert, meets Damon Salvatore in a rather unfamiliar situation. Sparks fly higher than usual but she knows it can't end well from hari one. AH/AU (M Rating)
My name on FF.Net is DElenaLover4Ever

Now onto lebih fanfics ;)…

(T Rating)

If & Only If sejak Florenci7 – Summary: Post-5x22. Damon and Bonnie are dead and everyone is struggling with the loss. But not everyone is ready to let go. Damon/Elena, Jeremy/Bonnie,...
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hei guys, this is just a little something I would Cinta to see happen in S5. Hope anda like it.

Damon POV

"Honey, I'm home." I say as I walk through the door chuckling. Sigh I amuse myself. Hmmmm no Elena jumping into my arms? My mind begins going into overdrive, what could have happened to my little danger magnent? What fresh hell could be causing chaos to my otherwise blissfilled summer oh my God Zombies! It has to be what else could be left in the Supernatural realm for us to deal with? I begin making a check senarai of things we will need bats, shotguns, good Tenis shoes...
"Caroline, please...
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Okay so I am an emotional mess right now so please forgive me if I have failed to organize my thoughts in a cognizant manner!
Ever since the hari when Elena n Damon both lay on his katil awaiting for death to take him over, Elena giving a tender goodbye Ciuman and confessing that she likes him just way he is, have I waited for the three magic words. And today my hati, tengah-tengah attained content and peace.

Elena (4x10): ‘I didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond. I slept with Damon because I am in Cinta with him. Being with Damon makes me happy. Its unpredictable, I feel free.’

Elena is an extremely...
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The very first episode of the Vampire Diaries that I saw was the saat episode of the first season. I did not ship Delena the minit I saw them together. I shipped Stelena first. I was shipping Stelena first because I thought Stefan was a perfect fit. He was good for Elena. And Damon was the bad boy come to town to destroy his little brother's life and try to steal his girl. I kept that opinion of Damon until the episodes Blood Brothers and Isobel premired. Then in the season one finale I found myself cheering when I thought Damon kissed Elena.

To me I found Stefan and Elena's relationship...
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