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pilihan peminat: Kristoff
Prince Naveen
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Prince Eric
pilihan peminat: Prince Phillip
Prince Phillip
Prince Florian
pilihan peminat: 3. Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)
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1 peminat telah menjawab soalan ini
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beautybeastfan2 berkata …
Ever wondered what it would be like to become your kegemaran Disney character? Well, now anda can find out!
We are a brand new Disney RP who's goal is to create a magical and friendly environment for everyone who's ever wanted to discover what happens to their kegemaran characters after Happily Ever After! https://puredisneyrp.tumblr.com/ telah diposkan ·26 hari lalu
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Angelpup101 berkata …
If your a peminat of Angel from Lady and the Tramp 2 (one of the better direct to DVD movies) anda might want to sertai my club. There's a link on my profile! telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
ApplesauceDoctr berkata …
Hi Disney club! A few days lalu I made a club dedicated to the Disney revival era, and I wanted to share the link in case anyone is curious. There's also an opportunity to Rekaan a banner for the club for any artists out there. Thanks and see anda around! link telah diposkan ·4 bulan lalu
Renegade1765 dikomen…
Hi! It took me hours, but I managed to wrote down my kegemaran Disney Filem from the Revival Era. Here: linkIf anda have time, please read it, and tell your thoughts about it. ·4 bulan lalu
cherl12345 dikomen…
Wow ·3 bulan lalu