I personally don't like this. except for Tiana's outfit.
Yeah yeah, let's get this on with for the fourth time, now look at the rankings!!!!
Snow White: Nullification
Aurora: Stallling Combat
Cinderella: Time Travelling
Ariel: Water Bending/ Animal Translating
Belle: Teleportation/ Grace Combat
Jasmine: hypnosis/ reflexes
Mulan: Asian Super Combat
Pocahontas: Nature Combat/Wind Bending
Tiana: Illusionist/ Crafting on the Spot
Rapunzel: Healing/ Hair Combat

This is nice!

Also I'm in a bad mood, so be critical in the comments, DON'T DARE to komen on my dinding atau you'll see the exorcist (makes mad face)
I'm also running out of ideas, since i'm posting Fanpop's kegemaran Disney Princesses in December, and i'll be posting my own kegemaran seterusnya time when it get's boring (the artikel section I mean) and also another artikel about a rant on Merida and Cinderella (in their honour) So be happy!!!

10. Snow White

Sorry Snow, but your nullification isn't really helping anyone, except for yourself. Okay now it's 11:47 and I got an artikel to post so hurry this up!!

Story of weakness:

Since Snow's worst Ciuman nightmare is Ciuman a puffer fish, that's not only because if she does it she'll lose her powers...but also because a puffer ikan always puffs up atau as to Snow: "dodges a kiss"
Now, although Nullification is her superpower...
she does always have the main "knockout plan" where she sings "Hellooo....!!!" and when the villain turns around, Rapunzel shows up and knocks him unconscious with a frying pan. Yeah the unlikeliest of Friends is cute :3
(P.S If your too senseless to know this then now anda know that if she ever kisses atau eats a puffer fish- she'll die)
9. Aurora

Aurora stalls by...lust. Yes I berkata Lust, call me horrible but that's the way!!!!!!!!!!! anda see, lust isn't a very good superpower so let's end her place here, PERIOD. But she's actually pretty good at ***** slaps. Yeah I never swore in my life before, so don't ask.

8. Cinderella
Wow...great minds think alike huh?

Sorry but her SUPER POWER of time travelling is very tricky to use. Cinderella has "average" smarts but blame that on her step sisters and step mother 'kay? But how she uses the time traveling is sejak going to the time in past where the crime first happened.

Yes, sometimes they solve murder's atau crimes when they're free of villains. But since time travelling takes big bravery i'll give her pujian for that but anda aren't really saving any children on a train.

7. Ariel
THESE are great!!! I just wish Aurora could tunjuk less body though.

Her water bending can be useful sometimes but when it's not it remains rather useless. Only when the Power Princesses are running out of smarts Ariel squirts the water on the villain till it's blind! But her animal translating is useful when they time travel 'cause the little birdie can tell A LOT.

Heres a story:

"The Power Princesses were trapped in a cave with exits that were covered sejak rocks everywhere. Just then Ariel remembered, she did her position and out of her hand came suirting water, breaking every part of the rocks, to little pieces of sand, so then they all escaped!!!!"

6. Tiana
Not bad...

Wow...I type like 49 words per minit yet i'm only here. Well anyways Tiana is quite the perfectionist when it comes to crafting anything.
First she grabs all the Makanan and makes a million dollars in cash with them IF POSSIBLE, and if it doesn't look real enough then she'll use her illusions, but there's ONE PROBLEM...when the villain touches the suitcase...the million dollars are gone. But at the moment Rapunzel and Snow come- eyes closed.

5. Jasmine

Well melati, jasmine is quite the best when it comes to hypnosis. Yeah anda guessed it, she teams up with Jasmine. (just like Punz/Snow, and Ariel/Cindy) But the trick is to act like Facilier yes, tunjuk the prize and make sure that they keep their eyes on the prize and then....

I sure hope this isn't stereotypical.

Yeah that's basically the plan for everything isn't it? NEXT!!!

4. Rapunzel

Now that the knock outs are gone... time for the action!!! Yeah Rapunzel does stall the villain but when the train that going to the edge of the cliff with no driver is running, ______ & ______
will save the children and if they are injured, BUT SAVED- Rapunzel will save that little boo-boo. Come to think of it, my ikon profil is Boo- come on it's cute is it not? I mean Boo is like the cutest-...whoops. Anyways not only does she do those 2 things she also has super strength in her HAIR!!! Yeah but her super strength hair still can't take over the train... which remains Rapunzel at the bottom of the ACTION chain.

3. Pocahontas
Sorry, but be grateful that this is the only picture on the internet that isn't innappropriate!!

Actually Pocahontas is pretty high because of how her powers can do something for BOTH - stalling AND action. Her wind bending can distract the villains a lot, also she kind of uses it like Shadow Manipulation, except not with force.
Her wind can make the train go slower but not stop.
And she can also jump from pokok to tree, make owls hoot, make falcons caw at any point to make the villains go nuts.
Now the story is still going people!!!

2. Belle

Yes, first let's end the story:
Belle asked herself "I want to go in the present to the train with the kids" and there she was, but in the sky- she can't fly but she was falling, melati, jasmine brought M.C around and Belle took off the rope on the Magic Carpet, and Mulan kept putting every child on the rope, then lastly Mulan came.

Now that that's over let's go on with Belle's story:

She touched the sensible (magic) mirror and it broke in a blink. But when it broke, the smallest part of it's glass went into her finger and became... a part of her. Ever since then she could teleport.

Now location is a big thing when it comes to saving people. anda have to get there on time, and anda don't even know where it is, so teleportation is pretty useful when it comes to saving the citizens. anda probably don't understand a right-brained person's logic. Figures if anda don't.

1. Mulan

YAAAAAAY!!!! Mulan came first, yes she is the leader of the Power Princesses and she always gets the job done with teamwork so there's plenty of lebih reasons anda can Cinta this awesome butt-kicking princess. Mulan is the sole solution for finding the kids, and when there's nobody else to stall- just take the frying pan and go to the train! Again, anda may not agree with anything on this list- BUT SINCE I AM THE CREATOR, I KNOW BEST!!! (Using Gustavo Roque's voice)

Thanks for reading!