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pilihan peminat: Emma Watson
pilihan peminat: Yay! I'm excited!
pilihan peminat: I always wonder what happened to Beast’s kingdom. Who is he the prince of?
pilihan peminat: Ballroom at the Prince/Kit's istana, istana, castle
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big smile
Starfox2000 berkata …
I've just watched the Beauty and the Beast remake, and what can I say? It was pretty good. Thought isn't a masterpiece as the animated film but it was a nice adaption. The Muzik was nostalgic, the actors - with a few exception - were great, and I also liked we know a bit lebih of Belle's and Beast's past. Though the movie had its weaknesses - but I don't want to waste word for them, they don't deserve it XD
Overall, it's oncewatchable, but the original is the BEST <3 telah diposkan ·21 jam lalu
wavesurf dikomen…
^Cool. anda came to the same conclusion I did. I only wanted to watch it, the once. I'm not a huge peminat of the original cartoon version, either, instead preferring other renditions/film retellings of B & the B over all of Disney's versions. To each their own. :D ·20 jam lalu
asteriamalfoy dikomen…
What versions of Beauty and the Beast do anda find superior? ·16 jam lalu
wavesurf dikomen…
Well, I tend to ignore what the critics say most of the time...and just watch what I want to watch. And the dubbing is all right. It gets most of what is going on. The dog thingies are sweet to Belle, making her a doll. Well, I'm the flip of the critics. The critics loved Disney's live action B&TB 2017, where they thought Belle and the Beast/prince's relationship was "well explained," while I felt it was "seriously lacking in chemistry most of the time," and there was no reason Watson's Belle was now in love. I just never saw it happening between them. But I did see great chemistry between the leads in the 2014 version. Also, I've found, generally speaking, that American critics don't like French Filem because they aren't "paced" the way most Americans like: constant whiz, well known Pelakon wanita and actors in the leads, and dazzling CGI sets. To me, the American critics want spectacle, and a very thin story. Like I said, to each his own, and this gets all subjective very quickly. ·2 jam lalu
big smile
wavesurf berkata …
This may be old news to some... But they are finally turning Anastasia into a Broad way Musical. Yup. Anya and Dimitri, Vlad, don't know about Pooka...etc. will be a stage musical. I can't say I'm surprised. It just took them, like, FOREVER to decide to do this. But I'm pretty happy that the chance has, at last, come. telah diposkan ·2 hari lalu
deedragongirl dikomen…
Yea, I read about the news, I was a bit intrigued that it keeps delaying and the fact that there will be no Rasputin in it. ·2 hari lalu
asteriamalfoy dikomen…
It's one of my kegemaran films so of anyone watches it (previews opened yesterday) please comment. Also interested in what merchandise they have available. The actress is relatively unknown but I've seen video of her performance and she is superb and so passionate. anda can tell she loves the character so much! satu hari lalu
wavesurf dikomen…
^Yes, I did see a video of Christy Altomare Singing 'Journey To The Past.' She handled it well. So, yes, I'd be interested in watching a video of the Broadway musical, since I grew up with this movie, too. satu hari lalu
UnholyNoise dikomen…
not really a peminat of the movie, but i really like that the animated Filem we grew up with are being taken seriously as a form of entertainment. ·23 jam lalu
deedragongirl berkata …
Hi guys, anda all are not going to believe it, but Beauty and the Beast will be menunjukkan in Malaysia with the gay scene on coincidentally, the 30th of March which is my 29th birthday! But sadly to say, I wouldn't be here to watch it as I'll be in Vietnam! telah diposkan ·4 hari lalu
disnerdtobe dikomen…
Aw that's bittersweet news. But maybe anda can see it after anda get back from Vietnam. I REALLY wanna see BATB but my school workload is killing me. Maybe I'll wait when it comes on netflix lol. Have fun in Vietnam! ·4 hari lalu
deedragongirl dikomen…
^^ Yea, good idea ·4 hari lalu