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The Little Mermaid
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The seterusnya morning Minnie was sitting at her table, drinking cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. When she answered it, daisy was standing in the doorway holding a newspaper pointing to the headline, “Oh my gosh Minnie! You’ve gotta read this morning’s paper! We made the front page!”

“Oh my goodness! Really?!” Minnie exclaimed, “Come on in, and have some coffee with me and we can read it together.”

“Oh and sejak the way, congrats on getting to be the new pageant director.” daisy berkata after they were seated. “I am so jealous.”

Meanwhile across town Scrooge was enjoying a...
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 Marsupilami tajuk
Marsupilami Title
Marsupilami is an 90's Disney cartoon character. He was introduced on Disney's Raw Toonage back in 1992. Marsupilami is yellow, spotted. long-tail marsupial who lives in the jungle with his gorilla friend, Maurice. Maurice is a silent purple gorilla in a merah jambu baju who always grunts and burps. Even though Maurice does not speak, His visual effects are sejak Jim Cummings. Their main villain is Norman. Also, Marsupilami does speak (and does not only say "HOUBA!") The thing is I think Marsupilami is lebih fun than "Wander Over Yonder", atau Timon and Pumbaa. BTW, Marsupilami will always be my 90's Disney Icon. Because he is so awesome, Especially his tail. I Cinta how he can do anything with his tail.
 Thank You, Steve Mackall for giving us the voice of Marsupilami.
Thank You, Steve Mackall for giving us the voice of Marsupilami.
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