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pilihan peminat: Yes, it's very annoying. :P
Yes, it&# 39; s very annoying. : P
No, it&# 39; s great! :)
pilihan peminat: female
pilihan peminat: Fanpop!!!
pilihan peminat: Yes I am, but I haven't got the guts to tell them.
Yes I am, but I haven&# 39; t got...
No, not anymore/ never was
pilihan peminat: No
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luvneopets berkata …
Hi all, i'm new... please add me. telah diposkan ·9 hari lalu
supardana berkata …
Facebook is one of the best social media I think.I using Facebook around 7 years.With Facebook I could interaction with other people from different country and also different culture.I usually just see people's posts atau sometime comment,but I rarely create post sejak myself. telah diposkan ·10 bulan lalu
fansfunsz berkata …
i have got been stayed here only just 4 for a year(when i was 15 16 17 years old)in 3rd superior school(but the good thing is that in here fb(face)i have had got met know my favourite dub voices(ita)of my favourites cartoons(and Others in on YouTube too also)accidently with surprise(i discovered find out this that)the 1rst(i used)thanks to my cousins(older than me)it is was theyr fault(and i see saw the ugly girl of my cousin)-.-i hate her since that hari telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu