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 The Host Chapter 4 Behind the Surface promo pics
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The Vampire Diaries
peminat fiction
the host
chapter 4 behind the surface
may 10 2012
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This foto contains potret, headshot, closeup, and headshot closeup.

Caroline rushed into the hospital to the reception room. “Where’s Elena?”
The woman looked up. “Can I help you?” she asked calm.
“Where’ my friend? Elena Gilbert?” Caroline repeated agitated. “She’s supposed to be here. She overdosed”
The woman looked through her files. “Elena Gilbert” she mumbled in herself. “Oh” she berkata when she found the file she was looking for. She looked up at Caroline. “Maybe it’s best if anda talk to the doctor first”
But Caroline had no interest in talking to any doctor. She leaned ke hadapan and pierced her stare into the woman’s...
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Cramps in her stomach and something wet and sticky on the sheets made Elena wake up groaning. She got out of bed, her hands on her stomach. She turned around and screamed. Both of the Salvatore brothers came rushing to her room, but as soon as they saw the blood, Damon pushed Stefan aside and locked himself in, the moment Stefan’s face turned. “Oh, come on, dick!” Stefan moped, basikal berenjin as his face changed back.
Damon walked to Elena. “Are anda alright?” he asked feeling awkward. Elena heavily shook her head. “No, I’m sick. My stomach hurts and I’m bleeding” she looked up. “I’m dying,...
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Shagrat ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. He could hear the sounds of the Men gaining on him, and he wished for all it was worth that he was just a bit bigger, atau faster, like his brother. His brother! Of course! Isthey would save him. Isthey always saved him. atau his mother did. Surely this was no different.

"Isthey! Help me!" Shagrat cried as he went up over the small hill…

…And found himself running straight at another group of Men, just as large and fierce as the ones chasing him. He let out a shrill cry of alarm.

"Mama!" Shagrat cried as the two groups closed in on him, preventing...
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Twilight took over the day. Bonnie was in Caroline’s room. She was lucky her friend had been so kind to offer her a place to stay now that her house was ruined. Bonnie had tried to call Elena, but the line had been busy all day. She just wanted a chance to say she was sorry, but she realized at this point it was too much to ask.
So when her phone rang and she saw it was Elena calling she hastily picked up. “Elena?”
“Bonnie, are anda alone?”
“Yes” Bonnie said. “Elena, I’m so glad anda called. I’ve tried to reach you, but anda were busy. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. I just want...
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Elena was in the kitchen, making dinner, when Jeremy sat down on a chair, his head leaning on his hands. “What’s wrong?” Elena asked. Jeremy looked up so Elena noticed the eye bags. “What happened to you? anda look like a mess. When’s the last time anda had a good sleep?” Jeremy laughed scornful. “It’s been a while” “Is it because of Jenna?” Elena asked compassionate. Jeremy played with his fingers while he thought of a good reason. He knew Elena would want to know what was going on, but he didn’t want her to get involved in his mess. He believed she had enough going on...
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chapter1 THE Ciuman Spyro had been looking for Cynder all morning then he found her at the lake '' oh cynder finaly I found anda ive been lookin everywere'' ''why were anda looking for me spyro?'' well... there's somthin i wanna ask you...but i couldnt find the courage'' '' its ok spyro u can ask me any thing'' ''.... ok here gose cynder i admire anda very much but in a different way ya see when i first saw yure real form i thought that u were very atractive... so wat i wanna ask is...'' '' wat spyro'' ''I Cinta anda CYDNER WITH ALL MY MIGHT will anda be my mate please'' ''(gasp) spyro u Cinta ''me'' u want ''me'' as yur mate'' ohh she dosent Cinta me'' thought spyro then he looked to see cynder kissin him on the lips and said''spyro no one has loved me like that be4 and i Cinta u too'' they then shared the deep loving Ciuman then spyro berkata '' hei cynder follow me to the cliffside'' ''ok'' cynder said
Elena scribbled up. Damon’s voice had faded away and she tried to find it back.
Elena’s breath went faster and she started walking when something was holding her back. She looked down and saw how twigs of Ros wind around her legs, thorns stinging in her flesh.
Elena grabbed the twigs, ignoring the pain and tried to break them. But they were too strong.
Knowing Damon needed her gave Elena some extra strength and she let herself fall down on the ground. She pulled the twigs that grew bigger and bigger and winded around her body. Before she was completely immobilized...
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Damon carried Elena over the doorstep, like a bride and kicked the door with his foot, in an attempt to shut Bonnie outside. However, she just in time stopped the door from locking and she entered the Gilbert house.
“I’ll take her to bed” Bonnie berkata authoritative. But Elena groaned sleepy and clung on Damon’s neck. Damon ignored Bonnie and carried Elena upstairs to her bedroom. He opened her door, walked her to her katil and gently lay her down.
Bonnie stood in the doorway, looking sharp at the bed. Damon sat at the end, taking off Elena’s shoes. He felt Bonnies stare piercing on him...
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Sheriff Forbes was standing above the corps lying in the shag. A rope was lying loosely around its cervix and he had two small holes in his neck. He was drained from blood. Liz let out a deep sigh and startled as her daughter appeared in front of her. “Caroline! You’re not supposed to be here, this is a crime scene” she berkata reproachful. Caroline didn’t react, but ducked to have a closer look at the corpse. “Vampires” she whispered. Liz nodded. “Yeah, I know” she said. “Caroline?” No answer. “Caroline” Liz now berkata a bit harder. Caroline looked up. “Caroline, I need...
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Here is chapter 2 of my story please komen and rate & and check out my other work on my profil Thankyou for menunjukkan intrest in my work I REALLY APRECIATE it...x

I woke to an annoying beeping sound.
“Uhg,” I knew where I was. I was in Carlisle’s miniature ‘hospital’. “Jacob? Mum? Dad?” I questioned groggily.
“Were right here sweetie,” I heard mums wind chime voice tingle “um... anda passed out.” She mumbled, sounding nervous. That was strange, mum NEVER sounded nervous.
“How long have I been sleeping?” I groaned.
“17hours,” Dad berkata smiling...
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I tried to be differnt, and it worked.
All my life I have always blended into the atmosphere and the people around me. I was nothing special. I was ordinary.
My chance to be different and my chance to be free came with a cost... one I was sure I was willing to take.

"Turn away from the past, and follow me." were the words I recieved.

"Do anda want to be different?" He asked me, and of course what sliped out of my mouth was a simple,
"Yes." But was I going to follow through with what he had in store for me?

Based on the hit series Twilight comes a new romantic twist...
One Way atau Another
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'well wat r u watin for gaul bring it' cynder berkata 'ur gonna regret ever coming in to the world' gaul berkata then gaul brought out his swords and smashed the groundtryin to hit spyro and cynder he missed couple of times but hit spyro once then gaul stood there and caught his breath then spyro and cynder attacked then cynder berkata 'hahahaha take that u filthy ape' then he groweld and pounced on cynder then spyro berkata ' get off my love!!!!!' cynder just berkata 'wat' then spyro turned black he was darkspyro now then he rose up and used his dark fury even stronger than the one he used in the eternall night and then he berkata in dark form 'never touch my Cinta again' and destroyed gaul forever and then spyro turnd purple again and cynder berkata ' u really Cinta me?' ' forever and for always'
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Source: homeofthenutty+picnik
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Source: homeofthenutty+picnik
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Source: homeofthenutty+picnik
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Source: homeofthenutty+picnik