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pilihan peminat: Hufflepuff
pilihan peminat: Gryffindor
pilihan peminat: alkinza
pilihan peminat: yes
pilihan peminat: yes
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vetetpony berkata …
Ok so I have assignment at school and basically I'm Penulisan a Harry Potter story but I'm wanting to go back in time and write about when Harry's parents were at school but I'm finding it really hard to decide who my main character should be I was hoping anda guys could help me decide.

These are my options:

1. James Potter
2. Severus Snape
3. Lily Evans
4. Sirius Black
5. Remus Lupin telah diposkan ·6 hari lalu
Moonlight05 berkata …
Does anyone agree there should be a book called "Harry Potter and the Battle of the Time-Turners"? Where they get flinged back in time and forget everything that happened, who they are, who their Friends are and why are they at Hogwarts! telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
Harryfirstfan dikomen…
No that would be boring satu bulan lalu
Moonlight05 berkata …
XD Cinta and I mean Cinta Harry Potter! Me and some of my Friends do a rp about it! So amazing!! ^.~ telah diposkan satu bulan lalu