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pilihan peminat: Viserion
pilihan peminat: Khal Drogo was overrated and I'm glad that he died
pilihan peminat: I Cinta watching Tyrion slap Joffrey
pilihan peminat: I find what Yoren did for Arya after Ned died extremely honorable & selfless
pilihan peminat: The dynamic between Tyrion & Jon is one of my Kegemaran in the tunjuk
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drewjoana berkata …
Richard Dormer spot:

link telah diposkan ·14 hari lalu
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NCISLuverjk93 berkata …
Officially decided to go as Sansa this Halloween! :D Originally I wanted to go as Margaery, but lord it's impossible to find an outfit for her - that isn't custom made and hundreds of dollars. I'm really happy with my costume though! telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
Articuno224 dikomen…
Haha xD Margaery tend to wear the most expensive/extreme dresses anda could possibly wear ;) satu bulan lalu
EddyStark1996 berkata …
What is your kegemaran death throughout the whole of the GoT series? komen below ! Mine is defo Viserys Targaryen.... telah diposkan ·9 bulan lalu
khaleesi54 dikomen…
I have two favorites, Walder Frey killed sejak Arya and Ramsay Bolton sejak his own hounds! ·7 bulan lalu
JAlanaE dikomen…
Ned, Joffrey, Ygritte and Tywin - those were the most powerful scenes to me. ·3 bulan lalu
TheHound1 dikomen…
Definitely Oberyn Martell. What a way to go... Ramsay was also good, as was Joffrey. ·3 bulan lalu