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 I Cinta anda Taeyeon! <333
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posted by Curlymckay_
hei everybody, anda may atau may not remember me, but I was apart of the club about a tahun lalu and then all of a sudden I left. So I just wanted to say that I should be back again but I won't be as active as I was last time. Last time I made a bunch of forum games and I'll probably do one atau two this time.

If you're wondering why I left in the first place, I was young(er) and I was so shocked sejak the amount of Tiffany hate that I got really mad and just never when on again and when I would go on I wouldn't post, just look at the new tinjauan-tinjauan and stuff.

So just wanted to tell anda people so I wouldn't feel awkward just suddenly appearing again. Yeah, that's it. Thanks for Membaca :D
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posted by shiraz97
1-her blood type is a

2. She loves eating Goguma (Sweet potatoes).

3. She and Yoona are childhood friends.

4. She hates hamburgers.

5. She once brainwashed Taeyeon into watching Keroro.

6. She loves watching Keroro and Nodame Cantabile.

7. She once had a nickname "Kkuk Kkuk ee" during Horror Movie Factory because she doesn't get angry.

8. She once cried because their manager oppa promised her that he would quit smoking if they won a MMA award but he smoked in front of her.

9. She once Lost her shoe in performing Tell Me Your Wish live.

10. She can imitate alarm clocks.

11. Her ideal man is Johnny Depp....
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posted by milli893
It's been a while since I wrote an artikel so,I'm little nervous,I really want to say these things out,I can't digest them,I need to take it out somewhere and I'm taking it out here,huh,long breath,let's start the artikel with 'Catch Me If anda Can' MV

As first,I really don't like the song,I think it sounds weird but at the saat time,I wanna scream out,the choreography was great,the song's catchy and the lyrics were awesome,but there is one thing I am little sad about,the main dancers getting so many lines,although almost all of the sones are happy about it,I am not.My bias is just starting...
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