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pilihan peminat: 5. 1x21 'Three Stories' (rated 9.6/10)
pilihan peminat: House & Cuddy
pilihan peminat: i don't hate him
pilihan peminat: Huddy
pilihan peminat: Huddy
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Hughmygod berkata …
Im waching Birthmarks, House and Wilson is going to House's dads funural. When they get stopped sejak the police Wilson gets arrested, the policeman says Wilsons full name, James Devon Wilson. I have seen his name spelled as James E. Wilson. Is it a mistake, atau is his his name James E. Devon Wilson atau something? telah diposkan ·10 bulan lalu
misanthrope86 dikomen…
His middle name is Evan, so perhaps it just sounded like Devon? I can't find a video to double check, but I'm pretty sure the episode confirms his middle name is Evan. ·10 bulan lalu
monmolina berkata …
I'm getting depressed I watched house md for the third time and I can't moved on that it's really over :( telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
misanthrope86 dikomen…
I feel ya. It has taken me pretty much two years to re-watch the whole tunjuk because I kept stalling, wanting to delay the emotional turmoil! I am currently about half-way through season 8... hampir setahun yang lalu
ImAnEasel berkata …
I've set up some discussion topics in the forums, if anyone is bored and wants to talk about House. =^^= I'm advertising them here because forum don't appear on people's updates, atau perhaps my kemaskini are just glitched atau something... telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu