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I dont even have to say it because we all know what this is about. I truely do NOT think Kristen cheated on Rob and let me tell anda why. For one thing the girl in these pictures there trying to call 'proof' doesnt even look like Kristen. She has different face feautures. Shes definitly a look alike though. I dont really think Kristen publicly apologized to Rob and her peminat-peminat because there is no video for proof, theres only words that could have been writen sejak anyone. I dont think that Rupert apologized either, once again theres no video to prove it...theres only words that could have been written...
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 Kristen Stewart plays a soldier assigned to Guantanamo in "Camp X-Ray".
Kristen Stewart plays a soldier assigned to Guantanamo in "Camp X-Ray".
The Gotham Group is in the pre-production stage on the upcoming feature film "Camp X-Ray" and the Primetime Emmy Award winning casting director for the movie is holding auditions for lead, co-starring, and supporting roles. The extras, foto doubles, and stand-ins for the film's stars will be cast closer to the start of shooting. Production is set to take place in Los Angeles, CA and will begin principal Fotografi on July 15, 2013. "Camp X-Ray" tells the story of a female soldier who is assigned to the temporary detention facility at the Guantanamo bay detention camp of Joint Task Force Guantanamo...
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Lizzie stars Chloë Sevigny, Kristen Stewart, Kim Dickens, Fiona Shaw, Denis O'Hare, Jeff Perry and Jamey Sheridan, and premieres September 18.
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